Dryness of the nasal passages: causes and treatment how to moisturize the mucous

What to do if you dried out the nose?

Many people face the problem of drying out the nasopharynx, but not everyone knows what to do if dry nasopharynx. Often no one gives it any attention and let it go.

The problem is that not always the dry nose is not a symptom of a more serious illness. Because you need to be able to distinguish severity of this symptom.

Possible reasons for the drying out

All sorts of causes and treatment of dryness in the nasopharynx are inextricably linked with each other. Exactly knowing the cause, it is possible to choose the right treatment. Among the most frequent reasons are the following:

  1. The body’s response to prolonged medication. If a person struggled with rhinitis with different drugs including vasoconstrictor drops, the body can get used to such treatment, which stopped working function zamorochena. Which leads to dryness of the nasopharynx.
  2. The dryness of the surrounding air. And it speaks not only of the summer dry period, and the whole of the air that people breathe for much of the time of day, apartment, work, etc. During the heating season, the humidity in the room decreases significantly. To cope with this problem, you need to purchase a humidifier, which will make the optimum moisture content of the air in the room. The same situation is with the workspace, but if it is not possible to establish a humidifier, you can periodically drip nose drops for moisture.
  3. Dryness in the nose and throat at night, can be a reason is simple snoring. Often, this problem lies in wait for those people who have nasal congestion. Because of snoring, people breathing mouth, causing nasopharynx dry. As for this problem, you can try to cure a cold, but not the fact that it will help.
  4. Anatomical feature. Because of individual anatomical features, such as curvature of the nasal membranes can dry out and nasopharynx. You need to keep in mind that in such a case, only surgery can rectify the situation and solve the issue.
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In that case, if dry nasal passages, that will inevitably lead to some complications. It all starts with breathing difficult, then people feel the laying one hand. If the situation is at an advanced stage, it may lose the sense of smell. In addition, note the following symptoms:

  • frequent headaches;
  • snoring;
  • cracks in the mucous membrane;
  • cough (in children);
  • frequent colds;
  • dry crust in the nasal passages.

Based on the individual characteristics and case specific symptoms vary.

The treatment of possible illnesses

It is often an acute cold causes dryness in the nose and nasopharynx. Already the initial stage of this disease is dryness and itching. After the throat will be felt com from the nose goes heavy discharge, what is the difficulty in normal breathing. Sometimes there is fever, or a complication of the flu virus.

Of course, the main struggle should be directed solely on the underlying cause – a virus. For the treatment of the nose, you can apply vasoconstrictor drops, but it is important to monitor their use and not to get involved.

Chronic rhinitis. No less unpleasant disease. Chronic stage occurs because of an incorrect or undertreated rhinitis. This problem may be associated with hazardous activities at work, where a lot of dust or smokers.

Symptoms indistinguishable from acute stage. To cure chronic rhinitis, need a set of measures, under the supervision of an otolaryngologist. Keep the room clean and always ventilate him. It is desirable to rinse the nasal passages with saline 3 times a day.

In addition, there are other diseases that are less common, however, among the symptoms will be present and dryness of the nasopharynx. In any case, it is necessary to consult a specialist who will be able to pinpoint the cause.

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Before you can moisturize the nasal mucosa medicines, you can try to humidify your room without the humidifier. Alternatively, it is possible is banal to hang wet curtains, towels and curtains.

For moisturizing you can use steam inhalation together with herbs such as chamomile.

In addition, it is possible to carry out the instillation of olive oil that promotes hydration.
Do not forget about drinking more hot liquids such as herbal teas with honey and lemon. The optimal water balance of the body, will be a great springboard for combating dryness in the nasopharynx.


Very often, when the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx dry, we don’t give this due importance, owing to the pettiness of this problem, but as practice shows, the problem may be more serious than it might seem at first glance.

It is therefore necessary to control the indoor climate where you are and at the first signal, to listen carefully to your body, and if necessary to immediately consult a specialist.