Dysfunction of the auditory tubes — symptoms and treatment

How to identify and treat dysfunction of the auditory tube?

Lately you are concerned about hearing loss? Take this seriously, since this is the first symptom of the disease of the ears. The cause of the loss of hearing acuity may be a violation of the auditory tube. Since problems in this area often leads to conductive hearing loss and other diseases.

And the reason why hearing loss can be the deterioration of the patency of the channels. Therefore, the work and operation of ventilation in the ear and its protection is suspended. In this case, you need to see a specialist for treatment.

About the disease

Inflammation of the auditory or Eustachian tube is considered a dangerous disease. It includes inflammation of the mucous membrane of the auditory tube and of the entire tympanic region.

In the process diseases of oral cavity or ears inflammation goes on the mucous membrane of the Eustachian tube.

Most often it occurs in such diseases as:

  • acute rhinitis;
  • chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the throat;
  • acute or congenital inflammation of the sinuses;
  • inflammation of the tonsils;
  • inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, triggered by infections.

Pay close attention to the state of your health, if you have had nasal polyps, dysfunction of breathing or abnormal anatomy of the nasal septum. In such cases, it may cause dysfunction of the auditory tube.

If an adult is diagnosed with dysfunction of the auditory tube, not associated with inflammatory changes in the respiratory tract requires careful and repeated study in order to exclude a neoplastic process in the nasopharynx.

For the development dysfunction there are a number of reasons:

  • changes in the structure of the nasopharynx;
  • congenital abnormality in the nose or throat;
  • changes in the structure and development of the Eustachian tube;
  • allergic reactions to flowering, food and others;
  • the change in atmospheric pressure.

Determining the cause of the disease, note the symptoms.

Dysfunction Eustachian tube symptoms

The symptoms in all cases unique. But in some stages of the inflammation is accompanied by such signs as:

  1. Pain in the outer and middle ear.
  2. The feeling of congestion.
  3. Loss of sensation of sounds.
  4. Hearing loss.
  5. Snapping, whistling and noise in the ears.
  6. Runny nose.
  7. Strong dizziness.

Keep in mind that in some cases of inflammation, the disease proceeds without symptoms.

For the diagnosis of the disease should consult a doctor-the otolaryngologist.

First pass examination of the external auditory canal, using specialized medical instruments.

It is important to eliminate the possibility of fluid accumulation. It is possible to do with ENT doctor. In case this causes the patient is diagnosed with lack of mobility of the eardrum.

The second step should be a audiometry. With its help it is possible to examine the degree of severity of the sounds and their quality.

Next, you need to go rentgenografiya of the sinuses and to investigate the functioning of the auditory tubes.

You should know that at the time of the disease with a cold or flu in patients observed dysfunction of the auditory tube as complications.

Reduce the sensitivity of the sharpness of the sounds in this moment may not be violated. However, patients complain of severe pain in the ears. Having complete disruption of the auditory tube. Possible even small changes in structure.

If not treated, the disease will become chronic.

Dysfunction of the auditory tube treatment

The most effective treatment of dysfunction of the auditory tube depends on how the time you started to the diagnosis of inflammation and timely to eliminate the causes.

Primarily in the treatment of the patient, it is important the use of drugs, allowing you to quickly and effectively remove puffiness and inflammation on the Eustachian tube. For this, the doctor will prescribe the individual dosage.

Subject to diseases of the upper respiratory tract, is assigned a complex treatment. It includes:

  • anti-inflammatory medicines;
  • drugs, which allows in short time to relieve edema;
  • vasoconstrictor drops;
  • subject to inherent Allergy in the patient, appointed by the antihistamine.

Doctors recommend the following medicines for the recovery of the auditory tube.

Local vasoconstrictor «Cold». Use it strictly following the dosage. For children over the age of six, place two drops in each nasal passage twice a day. The course of treatment should be no more than five days.

Following an effective remedy «Otinum». It possesses analgesic and anti-inflammatory agent. Bury the cure for three drops four times a day.

Effective action has «Drops». Except that it has antiseptic properties, thanks to changes in the composition, the cure local anesthetic and reduces inflammation.

For the application of bury in the outer ear at four drops three times a day. The course of treatment should not be more than 12 days.

Another remedy has antibacterial abilities — «Fenocin». Take it inside 250-500-750 milligrams every 12 hours.

In the process of making medicines, it is important to physical therapy, which includes purging and restoration of the natural ventilation.

Learn the techniques of blowing Valsalva and Politzer balloon. They will help to restore the ventilation in the body.

In rare cases is the application of catheterization of the auditory tube.

At this time the patient is mandatory to prescribe the introduction directly into the ear canal of a steroid hormone drug of nature. This procedure is necessary for the effectiveness in the application of catheterization.


In some cases, the cure of the Eustachian tube is impossible without surgical intervention. Surgery is necessary when changes in the structure of the auditory tube. This provokes the inevitable growth of tumors.

To achieve a favourable outcome is possible, if the pathological changes appeared for the first time. Upon completion of the operation, restores the function and normal condition of the auditory tube.

The risk of formation of new tumors is prone to minimum.

However, the possible formation of tumors and ulcers on the lower wall of the turbinates. In this case, this entails the development of dysfunction of the auditory tube.

In this case, treatment with drugs and drops does not always give positive results and then required a second operation to remove the affected tissue.

Surgical interventions are of two types:

  1. Standard.
  2. Laser.

The second method of operation is possible provided the close proximity of the auditory tube.

The treatment of children

In the diagnosis of dysfunction of the auditory tube in children treatment is similar to adult.

Dysfunction of auditory tubes at children noticed the hearing loss or pain. In this case, it is necessary to examine the child in the office of ENT.

Once the diagnosis is confirmed, and assigned to the same medicines as adults.

However, because of their age, the child may not Express their feelings and symptoms. So parents, it is doubly important to monitor the health of the child every day.


In order to avoid ear disease every day is important to clean the ears and carry out complex exercises. This will help to improve the functioning of the external, middle and inner ear, and to avoid dysfunction of the auditory tube.

Remember that any medication should be taken only after consultation with your doctor. Treatment Eustachian tube should be directed to eliminate the problem, it is important not to disturb the function of the tubes forever.

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