Ear ache: causes and treatment, than to treat in adults

What to do for pain in the ear?

Aching pain in the ear is considered a common symptom and is found in many inflammation. Discomfort may disturb adults and children, regardless of the status of the immune system and the condition of the patient as a whole. The reason, in case of a sharp ear ache, typically originates from inflammation or disease of nearby organs. To correctly identify the root cause, you must consult ENT doctor for diagnosis.

Without a precise definition of inflammation pain in the ear treatment can not be assigned. Therefore, do not self-medicate and when the first signs of adverse process in the ears, consult a specialist.

Causes painful sensations

The ear may ache due to many factors, but the most common cause is inflammation in the ears in the background of a cold or flu. The second is a disease of the nervous system and auditory endings. These pathologies often occur in children up to three years. This is due to the fragile immune system.

Growths can cause severe pain and defeat not only ears, but also blood vessels, brain or other nearby tissues.

Pain can be different — shooting, throbbing, pressing, sharp or harsh. Often unpleasant sensation of pain is accompanied by other symptoms.

Inform the factor of the attending physician. This information is necessary for the decision of correct diagnosis and prescription the correct treatment.

Not always painful sensations in the ears indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process. Maybe the pain was the result of domestic reasons:

  1. Walking in windy weather often cause pain in the ears. When strong gusts of wind in the ear, some bruising may develop, in which the skin turns blue, and becomes especially painful on palpation. Treatment in this case is not necessary, as the inflammation resolves on its own.
  2. Pain can arise from moisture in the ear canal. Most often this symptom can be seen in swimmers. Water, penetrating into the ear canal, softens the skin, which provokes swelling. If water you eliminate immediately, it can cause otitis media.
  3. In some cases, discomfort in the ears appear due to the lack of hygiene. In case of not cleaning the ears of excess sulfur, it accumulates and swells, plugging almost the entire ear canal. When moisture in the sulfur tube, it swells and puts pressure on the ear wall. At this time, the patient feels severe pain.
  4. If you overly often clean the ear, in the ear canal can be formed of sulfur, which also brings discomfort.

Inflammation in the external ear

Ear pain in inflammatory diseases appears as one of the precursors.

The most common reason for discomfort is getting otitis externa.

When this disease affects the Pinna and external auditory meatus. To determine the formation of an external otitis can be due to the following clinical picture:

  1. Painful sensations occur periodically and deliver severe discomfort.
  2. With the course of the disease the patient loses appetite and trouble sleeping.
  3. Formed itching and severe burning.
  4. Body temperature rises.
  5. Redness of the affected area.

Pain continues for several days, but when you receive the proper treatment the symptoms reduced. Sometimes the inflammation affects the function of the auditory ossicles or the tympanic membrane and the patient complains of hearing loss, but after one week, the sensitivity returns.

Keep in mind that painful sensations increase, if the ear is subjected to frequent palpation. Therefore, do not RUB your ears and try to stay in bed.


Acute ear pain may indicate disease of the perichondrium.

This inflammation is called pericentric.

It may be primary: in this case, there is acute inflammation, if it is not chronic form, as well as secondary.

This inflammation is the result of infectious destruction or penetration of microorganisms.

Pericentric localized in the costal cartilages, cartilage of the larynx, or external ear.

In the process of development of inflammation patients complain of not only pain, but itching, redness, change of color of the affected area.

Furuncle of the ear

Pain and other symptoms can be formed as a result of inflammatory process.

Furuncle of the ear, popularly known as bills or a boil.

Inflammation is formed on the skin of the outer part of the ear, but may be formed of and behind the ear.

When you touch the area sore and cause the patient serious discomfort. But despite this squeeze a boil or to carry out any manipulation without a doctor’s permission is strictly prohibited.

Otitis media

The inflammatory process in the region of the middle ear is called otitis media. This inflammation occurs quite often and brings the patient a strong shooting sensations, fever, the formation of purulent secretions and other symptoms.

This pathology is considered to be a serious disease, why inflammation must be treated at the first signs. To notice them is simple: patients often complain of discomfort in the ear.

Otitis media occurs due to injury to the ear or as a result of viral destruction of the body.

Pain increased in the evening and when taking and swallowing food. Strengthening discomfort occurs when you touch the ear passage or pulling on the ear lobe.

Inflammation middle ear area is more common in preschool children and in persons whose professional activity is connected with high sound waves and sometimes the accumulation of dirt and dust.

Often patients complain of not only pain, but also to temporary hearing loss, severe pain in the region of the tympanic membrane that may be caused by its perforation and General malaise.

Internal otitis

Another cause of pain can become inflammation of the labyrinth. A disease of the inner ear piece is considered the most dangerous, as it has many unpleasant symptoms.

Inflammation itself is difficult to treat and dangerous opportunity to lose my hearing forever.

Dysfunction occurs due to complications of flu or colds, and improper treatment of otitis media. The defeat of the bony labyrinth of the dangerous strong dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and imbalance.

Treatment internal otitis media to serious and sustained, held under the supervision of a physician.

The ingress of a foreign body in the ear

If the pain is abrupt is to check the presence of foreign objects in the ears.

Often such a symptom occurs in children in connection with the inexperience. The kids can stick in the ear fine detail, and also to injure the ear, while playing with pens or pencils.

Getting into the ear canal small items form the swelling of the ear canal and provoke the formation of severe pain. Do not attempt to remove a foreign object yourself, because if you’re not careful you can push the object further down the aisle and compromise the integrity of the eardrum.

Pressure change

The change in intracranial pressure due to chronic pathologies or in case of other reasons could seriously disrupt the hearing person and cause sharp pain.

Most often hypertension patients complain of a characteristic pain in the ears and head, as well as the emergence of dizziness and nausea.

To determine the cause of the formation of symptoms it is necessary to measure blood pressure. Help with ear pain should come in a timely manner. In case of strong discomfort, call the team «Ambulance».

How and what to treat

The treatment of inflammation depends on the shape and nature of the disease. Correctly set course of treatments can only a specialized doctor, so the manifestation of ear inflammation seek medical advice.

Often shooting sensations indicate the beginning of the inflammatory process. In this case, the patient is prescribed antibiotic therapy and anti-inflammatory ear drops.

  1. Among the antibiotics demand the following drugs — amoxicillin, Amoxiclav, doxycycline, rovamycin.
  2. Among ear drops there are several types. If the inflammation occurs without pronounced symptoms, patient is prescribed anti-inflammatory drops – Drops, Otinum. If your condition is more serious then combined medicine – Garzon, Otofa, Sofradeks, Normaks, Cipromed.
  3. If the patient was diagnosed with purulent discharge, you must use boric acid and various warm compresses.

Not recommended the use of traditional methods of treatment without the permission of the attending physician. So please be careful.

In the case of acute pain, accompanied by fever, you need to take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen. These medicines will reduce pain and normalize the temperature.

If the body temperature of 37 degrees – enter into the ear canal turundas soaked in a Bourne alcohol for fifteen minutes. Compress it is necessary to fix a warm scarf or hat.

What to do for pain in the ears is absolutely impossible? Do not warm up the ears in case of perforation of the membrane.

Purulent or mucous discharge

In the case of different discharge, the patient must be sent to the medical center.

In this case, the treatment should be more serious, since the ears formed a dangerous process.

It can seriously harm the functions of the organ of hearing.

  1. For the treatment of inflammation of the patient will prescribe antibiotics — Amoxicillin, Azithromycin.
  2. Subsequently the patient must take the painkillers as the disease is painful and can prevent the patient to sleep and eat. Among the resolved preparations in this case include Nise, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen.
  3. You then need to relieve the airway with vasoconstrictor nose drops.

Trauma or burns

If the pain arose as a result of injury to the ear, or sudden changes in pressure to the affected area should be applied cold. It will help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Two days after injury to the ear, you can apply a warming lotion. If pain persists, consult a doctor.

If the pain is there because burn the external ear, you must process the affected area with alcohol previously diluted with water in equal proportion. In the case of bubbles you need to seek medical help.

Often painful are the result of perforation of the tympanic membrane.

In this case, self-treatment is unacceptable, because the situation is quite serious.

Is better to cover the ear canal with a gauze bandage and refer to a specialist.

Sometimes the pain occurs due to sharp sounds, for example, after the concert. The symptoms are stuffiness and pain are held on the second day independently and do not require medical treatment.


Ear pain can arise due to many factors, but to treat the inflammation it is possible only after diagnosis. Cure for ear pain in an adult may only assign the specialist. So don’t risk your health and take him to the clinic at the first factors of the disease.

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