Ear ache: what to do in the home folk remedies

How and what to treat his ear at home when it is sick?

Ear inflammation is the most acute and painful, therefore when cutting or shooting sensations you need to take methods to get rid of unpleasant symptoms. This may help in medication, but increasingly people use folk remedies treatment of ear in adults and children.

However, what can cure ear quite a complicated issue. Largely goals and objectives are from the causes of inflammation that need to find with the help of an experienced physician. Besides, the thoughtless use of roots, herbs and flowers in the home can lead to serious consequences. To avoid many of the unpleasant symptoms, let us examine the question of what to do at home if the sore ear without harm to health.

Causes of pain

Ear can get sick for different reasons. Inflammation can occur due to colds or flu that turned into otitis media. The second common reason is the formation of sulphur deposits and moisture in the ear canal.

Not superfluous will be to check the ear canal on the subject of foreign objects, and consider the outer ear.

Perhaps a person was bitten by an insect that caused ear inflammation.

Often a disease of the ears is triggered by the formation of tumors or cysts.

In this case, treatment should be prolonged, often with the use of surgical therapy.

Other common signs, which can be a pain, include:

  • inflammation of the outer part;
  • otitis media;
  • disease of the labyrinth;
  • fungal inflammation;
  • frequent and prolonged use of headphones or earplugs;
  • the lack of hygiene of the ears or excessive cleaning of the ear canal;
  • trauma.

To notice many factors of formation inflammation a person can own or as a result of a visit to a ear doctor. Often ear cyst or atheroma found in cosmetic procedures.

In any case, in identifying problems it is necessary to take immediate action to cure.

However, before the question mark, how and what to treat, it is necessary to conduct diagnosis of inflammation.

Only an experienced doctor will be able to prescribe a course of treatment, which can be performed both in hospital and at home.

Than drip ear at home

If you have an ear ache and you had a full inspection, identify the cause easy. But without accurate diagnosis, treatment at home can be made properly. Do not risk your health and do not self-medicate.

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Only with the permission of the attending physician assigned to the patient drops and other treatments that can relieve you from the pain.

Ear pain often occurs unexpectedly. In acute pain patients are assigned Drops or Otinum. But not always in this case, the patient has the necessary medication.

At home, for example, if the pain has caught you late at night, you can use safe methods of alternative medicine.


Onion has many beneficial properties. It acts as an analgesic and anti-inflammatory all in one. To prepare the gadgets you need to peel the onion and finely chop. Then mix the resulting mush with three drops of olive oil and wrap in wrap.

Apply a bandage to your ear and hold for at least fifteen minutes. If in the process of socks lotions you feel the itch or burning, the compress should be removed, and the ear washed with warm water and then dry with a towel.

Probably, in the ears formed of a more severe inflammation with changes in the integrity of the skin.

With this turn of events, it is recommended not to use warm compresses or other methods prior to visiting the doctor.

Boric acid

Even our grandmothers in ear pain used medical boric alcohol. This medication relieves the symptoms of inflammation and acts as an independent drug is able to eliminate the inflammation.

Before to conduct alcohol or boric acid in the ears, you need to hold the hygiene of the auditory meatus. To do this, type in the affected ear three percent hydrogen peroxide and leave it for ten minutes. Then tilt your head over the sink, drug left ear independently.

Peroxide will help eliminate excess sulfur, dirt and dust, and clean the ear from unnecessary scales.

This procedure has a positive effect on the ear, allowing boric acid to quickly restore ear health.

For proper application of boric acid should study a few rules:

  1. First, don’t bury the drug alone. Ask someone from the household to help you.
  2. Second, instill the medication you need to medical gloves, as the acid can cause burns.
  3. Before the introduction of drugs, the acid must be mixed with purified water in proportion of one to one.
  4. Put the patient on a firm pillow and pull the earlobe down. Thus, you will open the ear canal and contribute to an improved penetration of drugs in the inflammation.
  5. In the case of acute inflammation, you must enter at least three drops.
  6. Repeat this procedure every day until the symptoms of inflammation will not pass completely.
  7. For improved exposure of the medication to the ear should be closed by the pellet.
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If the pain becomes unbearable you need to make the flagellum gauze and wet it in the drug. Then enter turundas in the ear and leave for a few hours. After that, it is forbidden to go outside for three hours.


The effective result has propolis. It is used in the treatment and prevention of many ear inflammation.

Propolis tincture can be purchased at the pharmacy, but people who face ear inflammation quite often, prefer to make the mixture yourself.

To do this, purchase 100 milligrams of dry propolis and put it on a few days in the fridge.

Then grate it on a coarse grater and soak with boiling water for twenty minutes.

Then drain the peel and water, and pour the mixture to three cups of purified vodka or medical alcohol.

Remember that the longer you infuse the propolis, the more beneficial properties it will have.

But if the ear pain and inflammation appeared suddenly, you can apply propolis and fourteen days after the infusion.

Bury in each ear, three drops of the obtained solution. Be treated with propolis within seven days.

Heat compresses

Pain in the ear in the absence of purulent secretions will help to remove the heat compress.

To do this, heat the pan a small amount of salt. At the correct temperature, it becomes yellowish.

Put the mixture in a cotton bag. See that the temperature was not very hot. Otherwise, let the compress cool down. The patient should feel only a pleasant warmth.

Keep the compress for at least two hours. Usually, that much time is enough salt to completely cool down.

If for any reason you did not have salt, this ingredient can be replaced by cereals.

Tea tree oil and aloe

It has long been an effective method was considered the use of aloe.

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For pain relief you need with a spoon to collect the gel of the plant and mix it with tea tree oil.

Then gently drip into the affected ear two drops.

To improve the effect of the ear it is recommended to close with a cotton pad, and head wear warm hat.

Drug therapy

All described methods will help relieve pain only temporarily. At the first opportunity consult a specialized doctor for the compilation of drug therapy.

Usually all ear inflammation easily treated, and the rate is not more than one week.

After examination of the patient’s ear is usually the doctor usually appoints the following medications:

  1. In the formation of cerumen, which was the cause of the pain, the patient’s ear should be washed with a solution furatsilina or enter drops Remo-wax or cerumen And.
  2. When otitis need to use antibacterial drugs — «Sofradeks», «Otofa», «Garson», «Polideksa» and others.
  3. If the inflammation is slight, the use of antibiotics is not necessary, and drops replace anti-inflammatory medicines Drops or Otinum.
  4. When purulent disease of the patient can assign a heat treatment or exposure to the blue lamp as well as other kinds of physiotherapy.

Self-treatment may you become the cause of serious education processes until the transition of the disease into the chronic stage.

It is therefore necessary to take care of your health and to consult a doctor at the first sign of the disease.


Should not be treated with traditional medicine with caution. In some moments it can relieve pain and other unpleasant symptoms inflammation of the ear much faster than medicines.

But it should be understood that alternative medicine cannot replace comprehensive treatment.