Ear bleeding: causes and what to do in such situations

Why from the ear bleeding and what to do in such cases?

Bleeding from a person’s ears indicate a serious danger that must be quickly identified and receive appropriate treatment. This symptom is quite rare and therefore it needs to alert the patient. To identify why from the ear bleeding no specific surveys difficult, therefore here not to do without the help of a doctor-otolaryngologist.

Most often this symptom occurs because of travmirovanija ear canal or the formation of tumors or cysts as well as chronic pathological disease. But regardless of the causes of uncontrolled blood loss is dangerous to human health. How to stop bleeding from an ear of a person will look in more detail, if necessary, you can provide effective help to the victim.

The cause of bleeding

The blood runs from your ears is quite rare, but if this symptom arose, it is necessary to identify the cause. Everyone understands that treatment must be immediate as blood in the ear when cleaning with a cotton swab or other cause appears at dangerous inflammation.

Sometimes the reason lies in the underlying processes of the body when the inflammation affects the vital organs.

Dysfunction of the hearing aid, the patient can lose hearing completely or on time.

And this is not the only consequence of this symptom.

To identify the causes of blood from the ear and determine what to do next, you need to consult a qualified physician.

The blood may come due to a serious injury to the skull bone in case of impact or fall. In such a situation, blood can flow not only from the ears but also nose and mouth. In some cases, the blood starts immediately, but after some time. In both cases the patient requires hospitalization. In addition to the above symptoms, the patient feels the following signs:

  • weakness;
  • dizziness;
  • the formation of extraneous noise;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain.

Under these symptoms the patient requires early medical intervention. Before the arrival of the ambulance do not provide the patient any treatment and do not enter drugs. Ensure the patient calm and quiet.

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Mechanical trauma

According to statistics, the second place on prevalence among the reasons that causes bleeding and mechanical injury.

Injury to the auricle and auditory canal as the result of a direct blow cause minor bleeding and usually ends quickly.

Mechanical trauma is not dangerous for the health of the patient, but in spite of this to consult a specialist.

The doctor will perform an external examination and diagnose the integrity of the tympanic membrane and the skin.

Most often, the diagnosis occurs in children. Because of their age and active play, kids often injure the ear.

In addition, young parents may injure the ear canal of the baby during purification of sulphur. So if you clean the child’s ear and drew blood, should not be afraid. Minor damage is not dangerous for the health of the child.

Often children treeroot ears alone. Tucking in the passage of sharp objects (pens, pencils, and other items) they provoke the formation of bleeding.

Trauma to the tympanic membrane

The sudden change in blood pressure, the patient can injure the eardrum.

Therefore, you receive the blood and other symptoms. Often patients complain of unbearable pain and shooting sensations.

In the formation of rupture of the membrane, it is necessary to consult a doctor for further treatment.

Ignoring this process can be complete hearing loss.

To provoke the appearance of the perforation in the tympanic region is possible during takeoff or landing in the night club when gun shots and other loud sounds.

Viral or infectious inflammation

Often patients complain of various allocation during insertion into the body of a virus or infection.

The blood may appear in the acute stages of otitis media or running the flu or common cold.

With the defeat of organs in the body of the patient is the spread of viruses and bacteria, which causes severe pain, fever and purulent discharge mixed with blood.

Blood for otitis media can testify not only about the virus, but fungal. An alarming signal in this inflammation should be the appearance of itching and burning, as well as various selection.


Blood, localized in the ear canal, can indicate the formation of a polyp. To understand the tumor is difficult, therefore many patients find polyps in the later stages of their development.

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Benign or malignant tumors often cause vaginal bleeding.

In this case, you need to set the location of education and to undertake the necessary treatment.

Otherwise, cancer may develop rapidly, and cause mortal danger.

Tumors patients feel dizziness, nausea, vomiting, weakness and other signs that cannot be ignored.

Other reasons

Sometimes the cause is blood from the ear is in contact with the ear canal foreign object. In this case, the patient feels severe pain and hearing impairment.

Other reasons include:

  • injury to tissues as a result of the insect bite;
  • the formation of boils on the outer ear. Often at the opening of the furuncle patients there increased blood circulation. In addition, patients feel pain and itching;
  • worth checking the condition and find out whether the patient suffers from candiota ear. Fungi Candida is often a cause of bleeding in connection with the weakening of blood vessel walls;
  • bloody discharge can be a result of hypertension.

With such signs it is necessary to provide first aid in the home and then call an ambulance. In the course of treatment includes many medications, but taking them is prohibited.


The first step is to determine the cause of the education of the bleeding. To do this, inspect the affected area. Wipe away first blood with sterile gauze soaked in hydrogen peroxide.

Increased the blood loss necessary to produce turundas and enter it into the ear canal.

After implementing these procedures, seek medical help.

The doctor performs a diagnosis, which will examine the outer ear and ear canal.

Then the specialist is necessary to establish the degree of bleeding and the localization of the affected area.

In some cases, there is a need to find out through several studies. So be prepared for blood and other tests.

After the implementation of all these procedures, the patient put an accurate diagnosis and prescribe further treatment.

In the formation of secretions due to inflammation, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and ear drops, as well as physiotherapy.

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When injury of the ear canal, which caused blood loss, the patient required the assistance of a surgeon. The patient can assign the dropper and other types of restorative medicines.

If the reason for candidiasis patient was prescribed ear drops and ointments. The standard treatment is the use of Kandibiotik and Clotrimazole. In the case of acute inflammation can not do without antibiotics.

Antibiotics are also needed when otitis of the middle or inner ear. Most often with this inflammation are appointed Sofradeks, Garazon, Otofa, Normaks, Polideksa and others. In addition to antibiotics, the patient was prescribed Vishnevsky ointment or nasal spray and alcohol tincture and thermotherapy.

In furunculosis of the auditory passage patient is prescribed a treatment of the passage with antibiotics and special solutions.


Surgical intervention is necessary when more serious injuries.

For example, in the injury of the brain almost always assigned to the surgery.

Operations are assigned not only in trauma but also in the detection of tumors.

Often surgery is used as a method of treatment in purulent forms of otitis media, when the discharge is under a lot of pressure on the tympanic region.


At the discharge from the ears you need to determine the cause of the inflammation. Do not ignore the disease, as it can lead to serious complications.

By eliminating the presence of blood, you do not remove the cause. Therefore, get medical help.

If ears are bleeding, do not self-medicate, and do not warm up the ear and not bury medications.