Ear drops: cheap, analgesic and effective

What are ear drops?

Therapy inflamed ear involves complex treatment with the use of inexpensive and effective ear drops and antibiotics and physiotherapy. The combination of these methods allows to eliminate inflammation in minimal time without causing the patient serious discomfort.

To combat severe pain is not suitable heat treatment, so most doctors prescribe painkillers, ear drops. They allow you to remove the cause of inflammation shortly after application. But equally good ear drops with an anesthetic and other drugs?

If the pain is there due to traffic

Inflammation in the ears appears suddenly and mainly in the evening, when the body is significantly tired for the whole day. The pain and other symptoms at this time deliver extreme discomfort.

In such a case doctors recommend to keep in a home pharmacy drops with lidocaine. But before their introduction it is necessary to understand the causes of pain, as if ears came the pus or mucus, it is important to establish the root cause in the office of ENT.

Do not risk your health and do not engage in treatment themselves.

In some cases, the cause of the pain lies in excessive work of sulfuric glands. Frequent cleansing of the ears with cotton swabs, sera compacted in the ear passage and fills the entire space of the ear canal.

With the penetration of water in this region, the patient feels swelling sulfur and soreness. To get rid of them you must perform the wash procedure.

If separation of sulphur and, as a result, the stopper was formed from-for professional activity or due to dirt in the ear should be drip Remo-Vaks or HHonors. These medications eliminate the inflammation in one application, and to the patient returns the hearing.

But not always pain, itching and other symptoms are due to sulfur deposits. Other reasons include:

  • otitis;
  • sinusitis;
  • inflammation of the labyrinth;
  • the formation of a tumor;
  • the penetration of water;
  • problems with teeth;
  • penetration into the ear canal with a small insect or other foreign matter;
  • a cyst in the brain.

To get rid of the listed causes, the necessary assistance to the ear doctor, so if you see any problems with ears, consult a specialist.

Ear drops: a list of drugs

Otitis media and other ear inflammations often treated with anti-inflammatory or warming drops.

To understand them is impossible, therefore, when any disease of the outer or middle ear in acute labyrinth or fungal important to consult a doctor.

After external inspection and other forms of study of the affected area, a qualified physician will determine the exact diagnosis and prescribe medicines.

Most often ear disease is treated with antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hormonal drops. The course of treatment and duration and dosage chosen doctor, as an important cause of the disease and its character.

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Ear drops are divided into several types:

  1. Drops with antibiotics, which include «Kandibiotik», «Otofa», «Sofradeks», «Garson» and others.
  2. Anti-inflammatory medications — «Otinum» or «Drops».
  3. Combination drops should be instilled with otitis media or other severe inflammation «Anuran», «Cipromed», «Polideksa».

Regardless of the choice of drops, before burying in the ears, it is important to verify the integrity of the tympanic membrane and the lack of hypersensitivity of the patient to the components included in the composition of the drug.

Only in this case they will be fruitful and will help in the treatment of the disease.

Make drops need pre-clearing the ear canal from dirt and dust. To do this, use hydrogen peroxide or specialized drops, which are used in the formation of sulphur deposits.

Drops for the pain


If the Earache does not leave you for several days you need to go to the doctor the otolaryngologist. But at the first sign of pain associated with colds, flu or hypothermia basic drip into the sore ear Drops.

Abroad the same ear drops (Otipax) called Panotile. They have gained popularity not only in Russia and Europe, but around the world.

This drug has no age restrictions, so it is allowed to use in the treatment of even the smallest patients.

The dosage in each case. In mild inflammation of the for children need two drops in each ear, but adults should not enter more than four.

The drops are allowed to be used in preventive purposes, as well as after surgical interventions.


If the inflammation happened in the adult a more effective treatment would be the use of Otinum.

These drops are contraindicated in the treatment of infants and preschoolers.

However, in treating adults, they showed a valid result.

Enter Otinum in each ear, two drops three times a day at least five days.

Once you notice the result of the application of drops impossible to stop. Thus, many patients cause a recurrence of ear disease.

Drops against germs and viruses

If the cause of the ear disease was the penetration of viruses and germs, it is necessary to take more serious action. In this case, can not do without antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory medications.


According to statistics, preferably with such perspective cope ear drops «Cipromed».

They are effectively used in the field of otorhinolaryngology for several decades. The main effect of the droplets aimed at the destruction of viruses and bacteria, that allows to cure the patient’s ear for a few days.

In Cipromed there are antibiotics, so treatment children prescribe this medication undesirable.

But if the inflammation occurred in the ears of the adult is necessary to correctly calculate the dosage.

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Usually, in acute lesions of the ear canal is assigned to five drops three times a day.

After the administration of funds, the ear must be closed with a cotton pellet or disk is necessary in order to remedy leaking.

Before burying the ears, ensure not applicable to allergic reactions to medication as a common side effect of these drops, itching and burning.

It is separately necessary to tell that «Cipromed» are allowed into the ear through a perforated eardrum.

Antiseptic drops

If the inflammation is more serious than expected, doctors prescribe the strongest drops.


In this case, to treat «Normaks». The composition of the drops include antibiotics that destroy infection, as well as the factor of disease.

Most often, these drops are prescribed for acute otitis media or blefarita, and inflammation of the Eustachian tube.

Besides, drops are allowed to use after surgery on the ears, injury as a result of active gaming or insect bite.

Don’t forget that Normaks allowed only for local use, and the dosing of the drug specified in the official instructions.

Usually in acute inflammations the patient is prescribed up to five drops two times a day.

Treatment of kids data drops is unacceptable.

Combined ear drops

Not always of individual drugs can effectively eliminate the inflammation, without causing side effects. With the ineffectiveness of drops described above, purchase a combined tool.


It is a strong antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent that is applied when the ear inflammation. Most often Sofradeks is assigned when the penetration of pathogenic bacteria, as well as serious inflammation of ears and eyes.

In the composition of the drug are serious antibiotics that cause death of bacteria almost immediately after drug administration.

To achieve a full recovery, Sofradeks, you need to enter in the morning and evening for seven days.

Do not try to dig more drops than prescribed in the instructions.

Thus, you can provoke an overdose or systemic effects that have a negative effect on the liver and kidneys.


Following the combined drug was «Anuran».

They are coping not only with pain caused by otitis media or complication of a cold, but with a pronounced microbial contamination.

Part Anuran includes two antibiotics that inhibit the growth of germs and many bacteria, but to use the drug should only as directed.


Not always ear inflammation is a result of acute infectious inflammation.

Often patients address to doctors because of the appearance of fungus on the outer part of the ear.

Effective drug in this case was «Kandibiotik».

It is not only combined tool. Kandibiotik is considered anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial drug, which copes with numerous signs of inflammation.

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Fungal infections of the use Kandibiotik at least two times a day, and use other drugs. Only comprehensive treatment allows you to quickly get rid of the disease.


Not always an inflammation is formed gradually and slowly. Sometimes the disease of the ears comes very unexpectedly. Another drops that are firmly entrenched in the Russian market — «Otofa» (bright orange drops).

This medication has powerful anti-inflammatory substance and a few antibiotics that can successfully cope even with such complex elements, such as streptococcal and staphylococcal infection.

The main substance of the drug — rifamycin. He copes with many viruses that other antibiotics to fight not.

Therefore, in the treatment of children requires permission for use from the attending physician.

Otherwise you can cause overdose and severe allergic reaction.

Apply a drop of two ways:

  1. Drip drops strictly according to the allowed dosage in the ear and close the ear with a cotton pad.
  2. Soak in a large amount of the medication to the flagellum gauze and firmly push it into the ear canal for thirty minutes.

Medication may leave permanent marks and stains on clothing, so when the introduction be careful.

Eye drops

When inflammation of the ears, some doctors may prescribe eye drops. This method of treatment is quite common, so you shouldn’t trust your specialist.


If you are not able to see a doctor, get an Sulfacetamide.

It is used with caution as the drug has some serious contraindications.

If ear pain or inflammation dilute the product with purified water and insert into the ear no more than two drops, and if pain is unbearable — increase dosing.

If after three days of treatment, the inflammation is not passed, you must contact an experienced doctor.


Acute inflammations not ignore modern medicine. Only with the help of drugs, you can quickly and cheaply to recover in a short time.

The first signs of ear inflammation you need time to notice. So pay close attention to their own health.