Ear drops for inflammation: anti-inflammatory drops cheap

What are anti-inflammatory ear drops?

A hearing aid of a man unprotected and vulnerable, so easily inflamed, and delivers extremely uncomfortable feelings to the person. During diseases of the ear, the patient experiences a shooting and aching pain, feeling of stuffiness, feeling as if in the ear something rustles and squeaks. To detect the disease can a person with these symptoms, but an accurate diagnosis needs a doctor.

For diagnosis and subsequent treatment, ear specialist conducts several surveys. With the disease of middle or external ear, doctors often prescribe anti-inflammatory ear drops. To determine what is cheap and inexpensive ear drops, but it is equally effective as the medicines of the highest class, this article will help.

How to cure inflammation in the ears

To hit viruses and bacteria ear can, regardless of the nature of life, as the human ear is quite fragile organ. Germs can get into the outer or middle ear, and the labyrinth in the injury or insect bite.

However, the most common cause of pain and congestion in the ear on the complications of the flu or a cold.

Goes untreated viral infections often lead to acute otitis media, which needs to be cured as quickly as possible.

Complications of otitis unpredictable: it can cause meningitis, hearing loss or full hearing loss.

For the treatment of inflammation in the ears is assigned a whole range of therapies, which includes not only the use of drugs, but also special exercises and physical therapy.

  1. In the case of pronounced symptoms, which are enhanced by the second or third day patients prescribed antibiotics in the form of pills (Amoxicillin, Augmentin, Cefuroxime, Ceftriaxone) and drops (Anuran, Otofa, Sofradeks).
  2. Remember, if the patient’s symptoms are not strong, but the General feeling is stable, the use of antibiotics is not necessary. In this case, are assigned drops Drops or Otinum.
  3. When injury and inflammation of the outer ear requires lubrication of the ears Levomekol or ointment Vishnevsky.
  4. In the formation of cerumen, which caused inflammation of the ear, the hearing aid should be washed with a solution furatsilina or sea water. Also suitable for this purpose is the application of drops Remo-wax or cerumen And.
  5. To release the respiratory tract, use vasoconstrictive drops and wash your nose with a solution of Dolphin.
  6. After the elimination of primary symptoms, the patient should undergo physical therapy where the patient will have a treatment UHF-therapy, the blue lamp and thermotherapy, as well as other courses depending on the nature of the disease.

During the entire treatment the patient is necessary to monitor the condition of the body, not SuperCool and avoid drafts. Take plenty of water and worry about nutrition.

Effective anti-inflammatory drops

Pain and other unpleasant symptoms in the ears can be signs of many diseases, therefore, to establish the nature of the disease should only by a qualified doctor. Do not put the diagnosis to myself, as it may be incorrect. And with self-treatment, you may harm the flora of the ear and cause more serious types of inflammation.

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To avoid improper treatment and complications of the disease, refer to the otolaryngologist.

He will conduct research and data results will prescribe a suitable treatment.

Regardless of the nature of the resulting disease, inflammation of the patients always prescribe ear drops.

Drops for an ear infection have a productive action almost immediately after the introduction and improve the overall health of the patient. But to choose the drug itself is difficult, since the pharmacy can be a large amount of drugs.

What better than to dribble, how to choose a really effective drug? This question is raised by many who first encountered the disease a hearing aid. Below we present a list of tested drops that are assigned from inflammation most often.


Otinum prescribed in various diseases of the ears.

It differs from many analogues of the drug almost no side effects.

Its structure eliminates the inflammation for five days, and symptoms are held on the second day.

Otinum has several names – Patinum or Polycaps.

Otinum is most often prescribed when getting in the ear of viruses and bacteria, and acute otitis of the outer ear and disease of the middle part. With Otinum is possible to carry out the procedure of flushing the ear and softening the sulphur plug, which has a long-standing view. Otinum acts as anti-inflammatory and analgesic drug.

Do not use these drops with a special sensitivity to salicylates, as well as the therapy to cure young children and pregnant women. Before applying you should consult the treating doctor and to establish the integrity of the tympanic membrane.


Drops are among the most effective drops that can be used in the treatment of even small and even infants.

They have earned their trust not only in Russia but also in Europe.

The composition of the drops allows you to remove bacteria and germs, and then to provide analgesic effects.

Apply the Drops not only for otitis external or middle ear, but also penetrate into the ear canal of viruses that provoke irritation and itching.

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The composition of the drops is part of phenazone, which has analgesic effect for quite a long time.

Drops, how many drops are prohibited to enter when torn membrane. In addition, do not enter drops if you are allergic to the lidocaine and with a sensitivity to other components of the drug.


When inflammation of the ear or otitis varying degrees, doctors can prescribe Tireless.

In addition, the drops are suitable when trauma to the ear or when barotraumatic the form of the disease.

In the treatment in ten days, the drug completely cures the cavity of the ear and normalizes the function, which was broken in the injury.

The tool provides not only anti-inflammatory effect, but also has analgesic effect. Therefore, when special sensitivity to lidocaine, which is part of the preparation, the application of drops is unacceptable.

Additional contraindications noted prohibition on the imposition of funds in case of rupture of the tympanic membrane, and pregnancy or lactation.


Not always monotherapies unable to cope with viruses and germs, which penetrated into the cavity of the ear.

In this case, doctors believe it is necessary the use of combined drops.

The composition of these drugs are antibacterial components that contribute to a speedy recovery. They can be used in purulent lesions or fungal diseases.

Anaesthetic and antibiotic in one form has a really effective action. This combination of drops in drug Kandibiotik allows you to cure the ear even with fungal and when manifestations of allergic reactions in the form of violation of the integrity of the skin, the appearance of the eczema and other symptoms.

A separate application is unacceptable. Therefore before purchasing consult with your treating physician.

These drops can be used during any intolerance of the elements included in the composition of the drug, as well as during pregnancy and treatment of children under the age of six.


Polideksa enjoyed a certain popularity in patients with otitis media and other ear inflammations.

Most often, these drops, which are two antibiotic, prescribed for dermatological inflammation.

The combined drug has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and destroys the inflammation within twelve hours after administration.

In spite of this, to apply Polideksa need a course in seven days.

Before the introduction of the ears, the ear canal should be cleaned of sulfur and dirt, as otherwise the drops will be ineffective.

Do not use described drops for perforation of the tympanic membrane, and viral lesions of the ears and the instability of the kidneys.

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Pregnancy, period of breastfeeding and treatment of children up to three years is unacceptable.


Another combination drug, which has a wide action is called Sofradeks.

The antibiotic included in the group of aminoglycosides and has antibacterial action, which destroyed gram-positive organisms, including Staphylococcus aureus.

The drug penetrates into affected cells, allowing microbes to penetrate further. Thus, the virus dies and is eliminated from the body. For a full treatment takes about 5-7 days, however, the exact course prescribed by a doctor.

Apply Sofradeks caution, since the drug has a number of contraindications. Therefore before purchasing consult to otolaryngologist.


When the disease of the external canal of the hearing aid must be purchased Garson.

It has a positive effect in the chronic form of otitis media and other diseases in which the treatment was ineffective.

It is known that Garzon cope with severe diseases that are difficult to cure. This effect is possible because of the wide spectrum of action and composition of the drug.

Keep in mind that immediately after the introduction in the ears may be feeling of dryness and itching. However, these symptoms go away after fifteen minutes. But do not use drops with the defeat of the eardrum and hypersensitivity to antibiotics.


To the effect of the selected drugs have not disappeared, it is necessary to properly introduce the drops. Keep in mind that before the instillation it is necessary to conduct the hygiene of the ears. Then the drug should be warmed to body temperature and bring them into compliance with the permitted dosage.

If the patient has a broken eardrum drops to enter is prohibited. The treatment in this case increases for a few days.