Ear drops for pregnant women — what to do if ear hurts

What droplets can drip if it hurts the ear of a pregnant woman?

Inflammation in the ears, shooting pains, feeling of noise and squeaking, stuffy ears by themselves, the symptoms are unpleasant. In most cases, the body signals the beginning of inflammation in the outer, middle or inner ear.

However, at the time of formation of inflammation in pregnant women, these symptoms are particularly dangerous. Therefore, treatment must be received immediately. But women awaiting replenishment, prohibited many drugs due to their side effects and risk of harm to the fetus. In this article we examine the question of how to treat, if pregnant sore ear what are ear drops for pregnant women.

What to do if a sore ear pregnant

In the process of pregnancy in a woman’s body there are numerous changes, including hormonal disruptions. Therefore, pain in the ears are rare. In addition, a pregnant woman experiences many other unpleasant symptoms. However, pain in the ears a symptom of beginning any inflammation and it cannot be ignored.

It can be sharp or dull and shooting, or unexpected.

In this case, you must urgently contact your doctor.

But if given time it can be done – read the rules of first aid.

Not always pain in the ears is caused by any inflammation. Commonly in the later stages hearing loss and occasional pain in the ears caused by the approach of childbirth.

These changes are associated with the expansion of the Eustachian tube and the mucosa of the sinuses. When viewed in the ENT doctor can also notice changes in the tympanic region. After the birth of a baby hearing acuity is restored and the pain will go away on their own.

But in most cases, pain in the ears triggered by bacteria or viruses, which may adversely affect not only the mother but also the child.

Because of the violation of breathing, which is natural for colds, and the formation of large amount of mucus in the sinuses, the condition of the mother is at serious risk. Because in this flora the development of bacteria and infections is a minimum time necessary to consult the doctor as soon as possible.

In addition, for the expectant mother is dangerously long in the cold or in the open sun and in rooms where there is a draught or a large concentration of dust. It is dangerous inflammation of the organ of hearing, and in the absence of proper and integrated treatment – the appearance of purulent discharge and severe complications.

In addition, the expectant mother may receive a perforation of the tympanic region, which causes severe pain.

In addition to these reasons, a feeling of stuffiness triggered by rapid changes in pressure. Especially clearly felt by pregnant women with low hemoglobin.

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If the pregnancy is still small, pay attention to the condition of hormones.

If your weight is growing rapidly and you experience significant physiological changes, do not be afraid of the feelings of stuffiness and dull pain.

Using a small amount of time these symptoms will resolve spontaneously.

Common cause of feelings of stuffiness and pain is the formation of cerumen. Sulfur is commonly displayed independently during the period of eating and socializing.

However, in case of improper hygiene or, on the contrary, violations of the rules of cleansing the ears and as a result of various injury, sulfur begins to be produced in twice the volume.

It is important to understand that regardless of the causes of inflammation, ear diseases should be treated at the first symptoms. Otherwise, a pregnant woman may become ill with otitis external, middle or inner ear. this will lead to serious consequences and can cause deep harm to the health of the baby.

Otitis often becomes chronic phase, which is particularly common in pregnant women. Treatment in this case should include drug therapy and physical therapy.

So, to summarize causes of pain in case of pregnancy:

  1. Infectious diseases.
  2. The formation of cerumen.
  3. An allergic reaction to the products or the use of any drugs.
  4. Not fully cured colds.
  5. The lesions of the outer ear fungus.
  6. The emergence of pneumococci or staphylococci.

Treatment of ear diseases in case of pregnancy

It is important to understand that the treatment of ENT inflammation during pregnancy is necessary only under strict medical supervision.

Self-medication in this case is invalid because you can cause serious injury not only to themselves but also to the child.

Determining why pregnant women have ears it is important to prevent possible complications.

Therefore, when the first symptoms of ear inflammation consult your doctor for the diagnosis of inflammation and formulating an individual course of treatment.

For diagnosing inflammation carry out the following procedure:

  • visual examination and analysis of symptoms;
  • otoscopy and computed tomography
  • the identification of the causative agent;
  • inspection of the tympanic region;
  • the decision accurate diagnosis.

Only after these procedures the specialist can assign the exact diagnosis and to prescribe treatment according to the interesting situation of the patient. If the sore ear pregnant what to do in the first place? To start, determine the cause of the disease.

So, if the cause of pain in the ear of a young woman – the formation of cerumen, remove it at home with the help of special drops «Remo-wax» or «cerumen And».

To do this, enter into the ears of three drops, and then close the point for fifteen minutes.

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Then rinse the ear with warm water and wipe dry.

In addition, the ears can be cleaned with fitospecies and by washing.

If you notice that cerumen has acquired a dark color and dense texture, seek medical help. Self-removal can lead to the violation of the integrity of the tube and the formation of serious complications.

In case of contact infection in the ear, the specialist prescribes such medicines as vasoconstrictor nose drops.

Need to take in a small amount throughout five days.

For the treatment of select drugs intended for the treatment of children — «Children’s Nazivin», «ksimelin» Vibrocil.

Enter them in the nose, following the dosage specified in the instructions. Commonly allowed the introduction of two drops in each nostril.

To relieve pain and anti-inflammatory effect instill ear drops. They are appointed in diseases of otitis external or middle ear.

In this case, are appointed by the drops in the ears «Drops» or «Otinum». They treat non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that allows you to quickly remove the shooting pain. However, if you have a purulent discharge, the use of these drops is strictly prohibited.

In other cases, bury three drops twice a day for ten days.

Improvement will appear on the third day of using the drops, but stick to the course of treatment in order to avoid relapse.

In more severe cases, appointed drops with antibiotic.

If the disease is found severe and the antibiotics just needed to purchase the drug «Polideksa». In comparison with other, it is considered to be the most gentle.

Note: this drug is allowed to landfill in ears only when there are no perforations in the tympanic region. In the case of holes, take drugs such as «Ciprofloxacin» or «Hydrocortisone».

In the case of formation of purulent secretions of a pregnant woman pierced drum area and remove all accumulated pus. This is necessary when purulent otitis. In the opposite case, the expectant mother may lose hearing permanently.

After puncture the ear should be treated with the drug sodium sulfatsil.

To carry out this operation in hospital at home.

In the treatment process in the presence of purulent secretions beyond drops «Polideksa» permitted use of drugs of the penicillin group – «resorption» or «Amoxicillin».

Remember that applying these medications are only necessary in case of severe inflammation in the middle or inner ear.

In case of fungi, apply bandage and turundy with drops «Kandibiotik».

They are most harmless in the event of pregnancy.

It’s best to avoid such complications and treat your ears at the first sign of symptoms.

There are effective physiotherapy techniques. These include the ear blowing. For this, the researchers administered in-ear special device and leak air. To carry out this procedure only by a qualified doctor.

In addition, for the treatment of otitis media in the initial stages it is recommended pneumomassage eardrum. After a week of such treatment a pregnant woman is recovering.

In the case of blood discharge a woman needs to be hospitalized urgently. The medical establishment conduct a thorough examination and individualized treatment.

However, if you are in an interesting position — take care about your health and the health of the baby. Avoid any drafts and hypothermia, and be careful that the ears are not wet.

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In case of contact with water after water procedures wipe the ear, and then gently shove in the ear canal turundas soaked in olive oil. It is necessary for the prevention of colds.

If you are still ill, contact your doctor for medical advice and remember that some medications future mothers are strictly contraindicated.

So, in case you have prescribed toxic drugs need to change doctors more qualified.


In the process of carrying a child the future mother is especially important to know prevention methods. To reduce the risk of disease, wipe the ears after every bath, and are not a long time in a cool place.

Don’t forget to wear a hat in the cold season and to dress for the weather. In addition, are not in places where a large number of people. This rule is necessary to harden at the time of acute respiratory diseases.

Don’t forget to clean the ears once a week, but wash the ears should be daily. However, the use of q-tips and other sharp objects is strictly prohibited. In the process of cleansing the ears, hygiene should be performed only in the outer ear.

But it is also important to understand that the treatment of any inflammation is necessary when the first symptoms. Prevent complications of the disease. Remember that any use of drugs and medicines should be only after consultation with your doctor.

Do not risk your health and the condition of the baby.