Ear drops in ear pain — cheap and effective: how to choose drops for ears

What droplets can drip from the pain in your ears?

Hearing organs have a complex structure. The ears are connected to throat and nasal cavity, so the failure of one of the respiratory organs often results in the ears. Diseases of the ears is very dangerous, the development of any pathology can disrupt the auditory functionality and the man will simply begin to lose hearing, which is to restore not just. Neglect of such phenomena leads to partial or complete deafness.

You need to monitor the health of the ears, especially when it comes to children. That small children are considered most susceptible to ear infections. Chronic ear disease develop right from birth and sometimes torment the person until old age. Among medicinal drugs, designed to relieve ear pain, the most common drops for ears. Some ear drops from ear pain to use in each case can be determined only by the doctor, after assessing the General condition of the patient.

Ear pain

Faced the first time with ear pain, many people simply don’t know what to do with yourself, what to do to facilitate health. Given the irritant pain is of different intensity and duration. So, in some there is a slight aching pain, others unbearable «postrelease».

Ear pain occurs when:

  • different diseases of the organs of hearing;
  • diseases of the throat, nose;
  • headache;
  • dermatitis;
  • diseases affecting the head;
  • loud sounds.

To remove the first attacks, to alleviate the condition, in medicine most often inside the ear canal buried different drops are designed specifically for the treatment of hearing.

The choice of ear drops should be approached very seriously, because if used incorrectly the tool can hurt the hearing.

When the sore ear, which drops to drip, can only recommend a consultation.

Ear drops in ear pain

Otolaryngologists often prescribe ear drops:

  1. Drops – sanitizer pain reliever, reduces swelling, inflammation. Its impact does not change the structure of the ear membranes, so it is possible to use when treating babies.
  2. Sofradeks – broad-spectrum antibiotic used to treat eye diseases and hearing (otitis externa). Relieves pain symptoms, has anti-bacterial properties, anti-inflammatory effect. Recommended if the disease is caused by an allergic reaction. Analog – drops Polideksa.
  3. Otinum – the drug is yellowish, has analgesic properties, reduces inflammation. Recommended for the treatment of otitis of the middle, outer ear, myringitis, in order to soften sulfur clusters.
  4. Garzon is used in ear pain, severe inflammation, for the treatment of many diseases of organs of hearing.
  5. Otofa – an antibiotic to relieve ear pain, suppression of streptococcal and staphylococcal infection. Used in the treatment of neonates, pregnant, breastfeeding.
  6. Anuran used in the treatment of chronic diseases of ear, acute otitis media. The medication relieves inflammation, pain, destroys fungal infection. Side effects noted. Perhaps the appointment of pregnant women and newborns, but only in extreme cases.
  7. Polideksa. Using drops Polideksa for the treatment of ear diseases, you can stop the inflammatory process, relieve symptoms of Allergy, to quench the pain, have antiviral effect. The broad-spectrum drug for example in the treatment of pregnant women and newborns, infants up to one year.
  8. Tsiprofarm has the antimicrobial property, bactericidal effect, removes inflammation, pain. Widely used in the treatment of ENT diseases.
  9. Polycap – a local anesthetic that has analgesic anti-inflammatory effect. Used in the treatment of acute otitis media, post-traumatic diseases of the ear, otitis media occurs after the treatment of influenza.
  10. Tireless – a local anesthetic, reduces inflammation, puffiness, pain. Used in the treatment of children’s ENT diseases and adults. Recommended for otitis externa, barotraumatic. In otitis media the tool can only be used provided that there is no rupture of the eardrum.
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Basically, all ear drops are inexpensive and are sold in any drugstore without a prescription. To buy a vehicle you can own without a prior hospital visit. To use the drops without consultation of the attending physician is not recommended.

Self-medication often leads to severe consequences, as it is not always possible to the most correct diagnosis.

Ear drops in ear pain in a child

If the ear pain is bothering the child, he began to give the anesthetic, for example, Nurofen. After instilled into the ear canal with anti-inflammatory drops, decongestant, anti-bacterial preparations:

  1. Otitis externa is treated using drops – Anuran, Sofradeks, Otofa, Polideksa.
  2. When otitis media is assigned Anuran, Otinum, Otipaks.
  3. If otitis media breaks through the eardrum, it is recommended that the use of drops, Cipromed, Otofa.

What to look for when choosing the ear drops?

There are cases where very concerned about pain in the ear, and to get on reception to Loru does not work. In such cases, if you have to choose ear drops, be sure to:

  • carefully read the manufacturer’s manual that is included with the drug, which the main active ingredient if a patient on something like Allergy;
  • pay attention not only on the cost of the drug, but also on contraindications;
  • consider the fact who is allowed treatment with this medication, who should not use;
  • compare your current disease with chronic illnesses;
  • consider what action has the means, what the consequences might be;
  • ask your pharmacist about the choice.

For example, Otinum drops, it is undesirable to use when you break an ear of the ear, bronchial asthma, pregnancy and breast-feeding when the child is 1 year. But Drops in ear pain it is recommended to use for infants and pregnant women. Sofradeks not recommended for pregnant women, newborns, breastfeeding, tuberculosis, diseases of fungal and viral nature.

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To know what efficiency should have selected drops from pain in the ears, you need to understand the cause of the pain. Injuries and ruptures of the tympanic membrane need some medicines, but when a fungal infection that affects the inner part of the ear canal, completely different.

To understand what is necessary in each case that will not provoke allergic and other unpleasant consequences can only be otolaryngologist. Independently to compare their problem with shared state without diagnostics it is impossible. Therefore, when the first feelings of pain in the ear canal, it is best to take painkillers as soon as possible to go to the doctor!