Ear drops Okonorm: instructions and efficient counterparts

How to take drops «HHonors»?

Inflammatory processes in the ears occur every second child and a third adult. Bacteria and infection in the ears provoke the emergence of many diseases such as otitis media.

Noise in the ears, congestion and a sense of hearing loss cause extreme discomfort. Therefore, it is crucial to start treatment and to choose appropriate medication.

Ear drops for inflammation

Inflammation in the ears, purulent discharge, sulfuric tube in medicine known as otitis media. It is of three types: outer, middle and inner. In each case, the disease has a specific set of symptoms and signs. The task of man in time to notice them and immediately start treatment.

Causes inflammation of the ear is always different. However, to allocate the General signs:

  1. Violation of the rules of hygiene of the ear. You may have traumatizingly ear with cotton swabs or often touched the ear with dirty hands.
  2. In recent time you have been ill with colds.
  3. Frequent wearing of headphones or a hearing aid.

Regardless of the reasons for the appearance of inflammation, it is necessary to consult a qualified physician. The specialist will examine the affected ear and prescribe specialized ointments or ear drops.

Determine the cause of the inflammation, whether it is otitis media, or colds, you need to use ear drops. Otherwise, the patient may start a recurrence or complication of the disease.

So if you have prolonged pain in the ears, squeaking and crackling, high temperature and throbbing pain when pressing on the tragus, consult your ENT doctor for appointment drops.

When these symptoms specialist usually appoints ear drops «HHonors».

Commonly, along with the ear drops, the patient is assigned to treatment with heat or laser. In very advanced cases, can not do without antibiotics.

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Ear drops «HHonors» — usage instructions

It is known that the ear drops «HHonors» considered one of the most effective drugs, which includes only natural components.
One of the most effective components of medicine is the chamomile flower.

It possesses natural anti-inflammatory effect and also softens the skin of the ears and eliminates pain.

Further, in the composition of the drug is the product of beekeeping. Propolis has antiviral and antifungal action. Along with chamomile, propolis relieves pain and helps injured cells to heal twice faster.

Among the list of herbs in these ear-drops marked grass celandine. The characteristic plants include antibacterial action and antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect.

Natural substance that is formed during the oxidation of uric acid — allantoin – an indispensable component of the medication.

It helps in the removal of ear wax and gently removes ear plugs.

The final elements in the composition is benzalkonium chloride. This antiseptic remedy. Considered a local tool and safely eliminates the source of inflammation.

The main function of droplets – comprehensive oral care ears. It effectively eliminates waxy build-up, otitis external and middle ear trauma subsequently illiterate cleanse the ears of sulfur.

These drops are recommended for such inflammations:

  • otitis in the outer ear;
  • otitis media;
  • in shooting pain;
  • in the formation of cerumen;
  • disease of the Eustachian tube;
  • when purulent secretions;
  • inflammation of the paranasal sinuses;
  • in the case of the presence of water;
  • long extraneous sounds in the ears.

In addition, experts recommend burying a means for the prevention of exacerbations in case of chronic otitis media.

As well as the tool is used in the prevention of:

  • the frequent occurrence of cerumen;
  • in case of illness, influenza and the common cold;
  • in case of inflammation with frequent presence of strong wind or bad weather;
  • in acute disease of the nose or throat.
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How to apply the medicine?

Before using medication, ensure its correct application. At the same time in each ear, you can dig no more than four drops three times a day.

A therapeutic course can last no longer than ten days. Then you need to take a break for five days. After this procedure can be repeated.

However, you should know that the medicine will not help if the wrong choice of medication. Therefore, carefully read the instructions before use. Thus, you will avoid adverse factors and overdose.

After you got the drop «HHonors», read the rules on the method of backfilling.

  1. Before you drip the medicine in the ears, warm it to a temperature of 36.6 degrees Celsius. To do this, RUB the bottle in your hands or dip in hot water for a few seconds.
  2. Put the patient on one side, the problem ear from the top.
  3. Enter the drug in the outer ear following the dosage.
  4. To straighten the ear canal, carefully pull the earlobe down.

After applying the medication the patient should lie for several minutes.


At the moment analogue «Honora» does not exist. However, for cleansing the ear passages and prevent ear diseases there are several similar tools.


Due to its composition which includes an organic compound phenylethyl alcohol and natural preservatives, «Remo-Vaks» delicately removes the formed sulfuric stopper.

Antiseptic for disinfection of the mouth and throat allows you to use the remedy as a prevention.

«Cerumen and»

«Cerumen and» considered as a versatile tool for washing the ear canal. And experts recommend this product for daily hygiene of the ears and dissolution of the formed cerumen.

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«Waxol» is recommended as an analogue of «Honora» hypersensitive to any component of the described tools. «Waxol» effectively softens and moisturizes the skin of the ear with olive oil. And also it helps to cleanse the ear.

«Aqua Maris OTO»

This tool is classified as drops for purification of cerumen. He gently removes long-standing sulfur. Moreover, in the composition described auxiliary substances, which prevent the occurrence of infections in the ear.


This is a complex drug in its structure. Allowed to be used, if necessary, elimination of cerumen or daily hygiene of the organ of hearing. However, when the disease is otitis media remedy are forbidden to use.


Remember that to cure any disease is easier in the beginning. For this reason, it is important to monitor your health and pay attention to all the symptoms of inflammation.

However, in today’s medical market provides sufficient tools for the rapid and effective treatment. short period of time.