Ear drops Otipax: instructions for use, reviews and analogues

How to treat ears drops «Drops»?

Many of us are familiar with these unpleasant, and sometimes painful sensations in the ears, which usually occur suddenly and are symptoms of the development of otitis media. In such case it is necessary to have reliable and safe drug capable for a short period of time to return the patient to his normal life.

Then we will talk about ear-drops «Drops»: the instructions for use in children and adults, about possible analogues, as well as take a look at the reviews of people using this pharmaceutical remedy.

Ear drops «Drops» characteristic of the drug

«Drops» — the drug, characterized by local analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.

Produces the drugs of the French pharmaceutical company «Biocodex».

«Drops» is made in the form of ear drops and is an oily liquid with a weak alcohol odor.

In color, it can either be completely transparent or have a light yellowish tint.

The medication is realized in pharmacies in bottles of dark glass volume of 15 ml.

Each bottle has a soft sterile dropper and instructions for use of the medicine.

The drug is represented by such active components:

  • lidocaine;
  • phenazone.

Lidocaine is an effective analgesic substance which disrupts the conduction of pain impulse, interact with sodium and calcium membrane nerve fibers.

Phenazone is a non — steroidal substance with anti-inflammatory effect. It inhibits the production of certain enzymes, thereby preventing the development of inflammation and elimination of pain.

Additional substances in the manufacture of medications include: water, ethanol, glycerol, sodium thiosulfate.

This combination of active substances leads to a rapid analgesic effect, increasing its intensity and duration.

In addition, the drug facilitates the process of thinning the mucous masses and lift them out of the middle ear through the Eustachian tube.

The main indication for the use of this drug is the onset of pain in the ear.

Usually «Drops» is assigned in the following situations:

  1. Otitis media in primary and the acute phase.
  2. Otitis externa.
  3. Otitis media arising as a complication of sinusitis, rhinitis, sore throat, flu.
  4. Otitis media, developed on the background of traumatic damage.

Important! The main purpose of pharmaceuticals — elimination of pain.

It is worth considering that despite the fact that these ear drops have a good anesthetic effect, they all don’t have anti-inflammatory properties, that is, they are not able to affect bacteria and viruses, but only eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

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The price of the drug «Otipax»

To purchase this tool, a prescription from a doctor is not required, but before starting treatment you should visit a specialist and get advice about their use.

How much are ear drops «Drops» depends on the pricing policy of the pharmacy network that implements the drug and region of their residence.

Thus, the average cost drops in cities of Russia ranges from 195 to 250.

The high cost of medicine noted in some of the online pharmacies where the price reaches 366 rubles.

How to drip in your ears «Otipax»

Therapeutic course of ear drops «Drops» in the instructions for use children and adults is from 7 to 10 days, but not more.

Help. «Drops» are allowed to use for the therapy of ear diseases in pregnant women and nursing mothers, and infants up to 1 year. However, these patients assign medications need to do ENT.

Below schematically shows the dosage of drops for baby and adult.



Instill 3 to 4 drops of a lump in the affected ear 2-3 times a day. Children up to 1 year – 1-2 drops 3 times a day.
Children from 1 year to 2 years – 3 drops 3 times a day.
Preschool and school-age children – 4 drops 3 times a day.

One-time use «Otipaks» at the bole in the ear of the child and the adult is characterized by a short-term effect, so you need to take the full course of therapy with medication.

Anti-inflammatory effect is achieved already on day 3 of its use, a significant reduction of the pain syndrome can be observed after 10-15 minutes after instillation of the substance.

In order to properly drip «Drops» you must perform the following actions (in the photo below illustrated in detail):

  • it is good to wash your hands;
  • carefully clean the ear with a soft damp cloth;
  • warm the substance to body temperature, which a bottle can be a time to hold in the palm;
  • check the dropper on absence of damages and cracks;
  • turn the bottle and make sure that the substance in glass dropper;
  • patient lay on his side so that affected ear is on top;
  • slightly pull the ear slightly backwards and upwards to open the ear canal and drip agent in the required amount;
  • click on the tragus, gently massage. So drop penetrate better into the cavity of the ear;
  • after putting a good closing ear with cotton wool smeared with a small amount of vaseline. So drops will not evaporate and the efficiency of their use will be higher;
  • bottle cover and put in refrigerator (this is required by conditions of storage once opened);
  • to wash my hands.
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Knowledge about correct use of medications does not mean that they can be treated independently. In order to avoid negative effects, the drug must be prescribed by a specialist.

Attention! The drug should not be taken during the damage to the integrity of the tympanic membrane and of individual intolerance to the components of drops.

Analogues «Otipaks»

The most expensive counterparts ear drops «Drops» include the following drugs:

  1. «Tireless» (176 rubles, on average, are cheaper than 39 RUB) to Romanian medicine which contains the same active ingredients. Used in the same dosage.
  2. «Otinum» (183 RUB, on average, are cheaper than 32 rubles) – Polish drug having the same effects and indications for use as the «Drops», but differs in composition (contains one active ingredient – choline salicylate). Banned for use during pregnancy and lactation.
  3. «Policap» is a Russian drug, identical in composition, action and dosage in the treatment. Is released only by prescription.

In addition, the drug can be replaced by the following funds with similar mechanism of action: «Autoclaving», «Helicops», «Unifleks», «Cipromed», «Sofradeks», but cheaper, these drugs are not and analogs are not.


Feedback about the drug «Drops» in most cases positive, which allows to make a conclusion about high efficiency of these drops.

However, it is fair to say that there are unhappy reviews about this stuff.

Here are some of them:

Natalia: «Drops is an excellent remedy for the treatment of otitis. Checked myself more than once. I recommend it.»

Yuri: «Kapal Adipexcom all 10 days, eliminated the pain. But the stuffy ear and left.»

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Eugene: «Drops for me was a real lifesaver. After a trip to the cottage, I woke up with severe pain in the ear. In the Armory were Drops, dripped. In the end of the day felt much better. Pain and congestion in my ear was still, but not with such intensity. Buried a couple of days and while I was going to go from the country to the city, all passed. These drops really helped me.»

Elena: «Drops of Otipax always in our home medicine Cabinet. Application experience 6 years already. Daughter was prescribed for otitis media, the most also somehow had to be treated. Helps you quickly and efficiently.»

Stas: «I Drops prescribed by a doctor with otitis media. After 6 days of use, I have everything normalized, by far the tool I helped.»

Summarizing, we can say that the «Drops» for reviews pretty effective tool and use it to eliminate ear pain, not just justified, but necessary.

However, it is worth to remember that every drug has its indications and application features. Therefore, self-treatment is better to exclude.