Ear drops Polideksa — instructions for use, reviews and analogues

How to take ear drops «Polideksa»?

Today every person is at risk of the diseases respiratory infections. This is due to weak immunity in the autumn-spring period, poor diet and because of the numerous viruses that are in our body.

On the background of colds and flu there are serious diseases that are subject to long and complex treatment. So, doctors-otolaryngologists often have to deal with this disease as external or otitis media. Among a large number of drugs, many doctors are choosing the drops in the ears «Polideksa». This choice is due to the effective result in short time.

About the drug

In the case of viral infections, a person needs to immediately start treatment of the body. Diseases such as colds and flu by themselves are not dangerous, but complications can permanently knock down. Therefore, doctors recommend to treat even the most innocuous cold in time.

In the case of a protracted colds, otitis external or middle ear can not be avoided.

In this case, the patient should be urgently sent to the doctor for diagnosis and personalized treatment.

This must be done in the first days of the disease, as otitis media can pass from the outer ear to the middle or internal, causing a purulent discharge and acute stage of inflammation.

Often specialists after examination of the organ of hearing is prescribed a course of antibiotics and ear drops. Unfortunately, in cases of otitis media antibiotics can not be avoided, although many people treat them with great apprehension and prefer counterparts.

Antibiotikoterapia medicines are just necessary. In modern medicine, these drugs appear not only in the form of tablets or ointments, but in the form of a spray for the ears. This greatly facilitates their application.

One of these medications is considered «Polideksa» to the ear. It is known that they possess special properties and composition, and a number of auxiliary substances. This allows you to heal the sick in a matter of days.

Drops «Polideksa» is known for its powerful effect. Therefore, they are intended solely for external use.

This tool belongs to the category of anti-inflammatory. However, in addition, it has antimicrobial and anti-allergic effect.

Part medications includes three active ingredients:

  • neomycin sulfate;
  • polymyxin b sulfate;
  • dexamethasone sodium metasulphobenzoate.

Thanks to the dexamethasone, this agent effectively relieves pain and swelling, and eliminates allergic reactions and various infectious processes.

The distinctive ability of this medication is that it stabilizes cell membranes and reduces to a minimum the acumen capillaries.

The remaining two component have antibiotic action and eliminate a variety of infections.

Due to the combined composition, this drug affects diseased cells and accelerates the healing process.

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Therefore, this tool is allowed for use in such common inflammation, such as:

  1. Staphylococcus aureus.
  2. Education of Escherichia coli.
  3. Otitis external ear.
  4. Acute otitis media the middle pane.
  5. The appearance of infected eczema.
  6. In the case of bacteria in the middle and outer part of the organ of hearing.
  7. Inflammation in the nasal cavity area.
  8. Disease of the sinuses.
  9. Rhinitis with the manifestation of the pus.
  10. Acute rhinopharyngitis.
  11. Sinusitis.
  12. Sinusitis.

In addition, this medication is allowed for use after operations in the nose.

It is known that this drug appointed complex, but most often it is suitable for self-treatment.

This tool is available in many types. However, to cure ear infections and diseases, you need to purchase ear drops «Polideksa» or the drug in the form of a spray. They are available in bottles of orange color with a volume of ten milliliters. In the packaging besides the bottle has a dropper that helps with the dosage.


After you purchase the drug must be carefully considered contraindications.

«Polideksa» prohibited for use in case of intolerance of certain components in the medicine.

In addition, don’t bury medication when hypersensitivity.

In the case of the use of medication for treatment of the nose, check for glaucoma, and diseases of the kidney and liver.

Especially heed to the treatment, if you have problems with hypertension.

Instillation of the drug in the ears is prohibited, if you have otitis media, triggered by viral infections. Before applying it is important to know that you have no perforation of the eardrum or other middle ear injuries. Otherwise the tool can cause hearing loss, complete or partial loss of hearing acuity.

This drug not be for use for the treatment of children up to three years. In addition, if you are active in sports, and you have practice tests for doping, the use of drugs is prohibited, as there is a positive reaction.

Among the side effects of this medication note the dryness in the nasal cavity. This is related due to the large number of decongestants in spray.

In the case of use for pregnant or lactating mothers, there are limitations.

«Polideksa» in this case is contraindicated, as during long use of the tool causes the ototoxic effects.

It could trigger a violation of the structure of the organs of hearing in your baby.

In the case of prolonged use there have been a long pain in the head, fatigue, loss of sleep and appetite. Often marked by problems with blood pressure.

It is important to know that «Polideksa» when used in the ears is not absorbed by skin cells. Therefore, the cases of overdose not.

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Ear drops «Polideksa» — usage instructions

It is known that «Polideksa» drug of the new generation.

Among other drugs many doctors prefer it because of the effective treatment of diseases in the region of the organ of hearing and nose.

When using ear drops «Polideksa», the reviews say the quick results. However, self medication with this medicine is forbidden because the dosage is strictly individual.

So, after you have consulted with your doctor, review dosing. Commonly, in the treatment of children from three years to fifteen permitted the use of one to two drops in each ear depending on the state of the disease.

Adults are allowed to use up to five drops in each pass twice a day. The course of treatment should be not less than six days, but the maximum number of use for twelve days.

The method of instillation

For proper instillation read the small list. It will help you to properly use the drug.

  1. For a start, the drug needs to be warmed up. For this it is enough to RUB it in your hands for two minutes or heat over a water bath. Ensure that the medium was not hot. In this case, the shelf life of the drug is greatly reduced.
  2. Next, place the patient on one side or put him on a hard chair.
  3. The patient should tilt the head of the sick ear up.
  4. With the pipette in each ear, drops. Follow the dosage of the drug.
  5. Important rule: immediately after instillation means the patient should tilt the head to the other side. This will keep the effect of the medication.

Before burying means read the instructions carefully and make sure there are no contraindications. Do not use this medicine beyond twelve days, as in this case, the effect of the drug is not achieved.

Analogues of the drug

Among the analog ear drops «Polideksa» appear several drugs. However, the primary is a «Maxitrol».

This tool has effective anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent.

Among the side effects noted hypersensitivity to the active substances in medicine.

In addition, the application of the «Maxitrol» forbidden in the case of formation of the perforation on the eardrum.

In that case, if these medications are not suitable for the treatment of external and otitis media you can use the following drugs.


«Drops» is a local drug, has anesthetic and antiseptic effect. Instillation of the drug is permitted for otitis media for both adults and children. In addition, in the «Otipaks» there are anesthetics and anti-inflammatory drugs.


For otitis of the external ear, and in the case of acute or chronic forms is permitted the use of ear drops «Anuran». The medication has a large number of components, including polymyxin b sulfate, and lidocaine pain reliever. This allows you to recover from even a purulent discharge.

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Another effective remedy on the basis of antibiotic antibiotic drops are considered «Cipromed». Them appoint in purulent inflammation, and catarrhal otitis media. The tool has antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.

All of these drugs have complex effect, constricts blood vessels and has a devastating effect on inflammation. However, remember that when the doctor of the drug «Polideksa» counterparts not to look. Since antibiotics are part of drugs that possess the most effective results.


Inna Semenova talks about his experience of applying these ear drops: «Polideksa» appointed doctor during the treatment of otitis media. Usually, when the medication prescribed by your doctor, you are not afraid to use it. But when I saw the antibiotics composition is very scared. The doctor calmed down and I decided. After the fifth time I noticed a significant improvement. A week later, otitis media completely passed.»

Valentine Bashkirtseva: «Used medication for many years. As is often inflamed ear and appears otitis. Pain is removed immediately after instillation, otitis media is held on the fourth day. They say that long use of this medication is prohibited. I am treated commonly about ten days and no side effects noticed.»

Ekaterina Grinkov: «the Drug was prescribed to the child in acute otitis media. Buried strictly according to the dose, i.e. one drop in each ear. The baby at that time was five years. The pain went through two applications, and the amendment went three days later. Now use the drug for prevention. Introduce one drop in flu season. The result is impressive!».


If you chose the drug «Polideksa» is necessary for a complete treatment and prokapat the entire course. Do not stop dripping after improvements, as this will provoke the development of the disease.

Remember that there is prevention of otitis media. Carefully follow the state of your health.