Ear drops Tireless — instruction manual, reviews

How to take ear drops «Tireless»?

Inflammatory process that produces unpleasant and painful sensations in the ears is called otitis media. According to statistics, to date, this disease has had one in three adults and one child. There are three types of otitis: outer, middle and inner. Each of them has a number of symptoms and complications. Therefore, it is important to notice the symptoms and timely initiation of treatment.

Symptoms of the inflammation are different. The disease can be triggered by a violation of the rules of hygiene, injury by the ear sticks or other sharp objects, or transferred by the flu or a cold.In any case the patient must pay to a qualified doctor for treatment.

The methods of diagnosis and treatment of otitis media

Otitis media is an extremely unpleasant disease, often caused by colds. In this disease there are a number of complications. Therefore, it is important to start treatment at the first symptoms of the disease.

Pay attention to the ears if you:

  • prolonged pain in the ears;
  • body temperature above 37 degrees Celsius;
  • temporary loss of hearing or you do not hear sounds.

After the examination the doctor prescribes the treatment, which includes heat therapy, healing laser, and in more serious cases, the use of antibiotics aimed at the source of infection.

It is known that at early stages of the disease most effectively is the instillation of ear drops. One of the most effective means is considered «Tireless»

How to apply the medicine?

After you undecided, read the important rules on the method of backfilling.

  1. Before using, warm the jar. This prevents cold liquid in the ear.
  2. Strike a pose on the side.
  3. In order to faster the drops fell on the hearth of an infection, pull the earlobe back.
  4. Drip the drug is strictly on the allowable dosage.
  5. After applying, lie down in the same position for three minutes.
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Action precautions dosage and instillation of the rules will not help if you chose the wrong medicine. Therefore, to avoid overdose or side effects read the manual. In addition, it is important to monitor the overall health of the patient.

To cure the disease is easiest in the beginning of inflammation. Therefore, do not disregard the symptoms of the body. If you became ill with otitis media, the market of medical products allows you to choose the most effective means to treat and recover in a short time.

Ear drops «Tireless» — usage instructions

Ear drops «Tireless» has a local effect and is actively fighting the cause of the otitis. The drug has anti-inflammatory properties.

In appearance the tool is transparent, but can be found in a yellow hue.

The composition of the drug includes an active substance. For example, a medicament, an analgesic and antipyretic from the group of pyrazolones «Phenazone». In addition, the drug contains an anesthetic, has a strong and long lasting effects of «Lidocaine».

Among the auxiliary agents listed sodium thiosulfate pentahydrate, 96 percent alcohol, glycerol, a special water and a solution of sodium hydroxide.

One of the obvious advantages of the drug is that it does not penetrate the eardrum. However, if perforation of membrane use is prohibited.

Use this drug in the treatment of:

  • External otitis;
  • In the complex treatment of otitis media.

Allowed use for infants.

The instillation of drug is not desirable if you have a special sensitivity to the assessment tools in medicine. And also note the following contraindications:

  • Violation of the integrity of the tympanic membrane;
  • If you are sensitive to the sodium metamizol or phenylbutazone.
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If you’re in an interesting position, use this medicine with extreme caution and only after doctor’s permission.

If you are a nursing mother, with instillation of the drug should abandon breastfeeding. After completely cured of otitis media to feed back to.

The side effects of the drug are almost there. However, if you have a special sensitivity to the drugs may be allergic reaction.

Also observed weak pain during instillation.

If you are active in sports and tests for doping, the tool may give a positive result.

Method of application and doses

The drops in the ears «Tireless» are applied topically. Allowed backfilling for both children and adults. The dosage is the same in both cases.

Strictly follow the amount of drop when used. Their number shall not exceed four during backfilling of the patient’s ear. Use this preparation three times a day.

To maintain a positive effect, you must close the ear warm scarf.

The course of treatment varies from case to case, but in most situations, purely days when backfilling shall not be more than 10.

If you are prescribed complex treatment with use of other drugs, be aware that the interval between the medicines must be at least half an hour.


Reviews ear drops «Tireless» collects positive.

«I met with drops «Tireless» a few years ago, when the child has had otitis externa. Then I saw the effect of the drug at 100 percent. Drops the doctor prescribed, prescription had to bury three drops during the week. The effect was already evident on the fourth day. I arranged the price and effect. Now try to take care of themselves, but the weakest symptoms of instilled drops and all the signs takes off immediately», — says Irina Koshkina.

From Valentina Ninoy was the following case: «a Few days had the flu. Then came the complication of external otitis. Folk remedies did not help, went to the doctor. He prescribed «Tireless». Buried 10 days, as ordered by the physician. But it became easier on the third day. Pain and inflammation quickly passed through lidocaine, which is in the composition. In General, the result pleased me. Now this remedy in our family medicine Cabinet.»


If you or your child show symptoms of otitis media, start treatment immediately. Thus, you will be able to avoid a lot of complications and other inflammation.

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Engage in prevention of the disease: take a contrast shower, and strongly quenched the organism. so you can avoid diseases such as rhinitis, colds and flu. It is known that these diseases are the most common causes of otitis media.

In the case of the disease otitis media, ear drops bury «Tireless». Do not use after the expiration date. After first opening the lifespan of the drug to six months, and in unopened packaging – three years.

Store the tool in a confined space, inaccessible to children.