Ear drops with ear stuffiness and folk remedies: what drip

That drip into the ear with congestion?

Stuffy hearing occurs in the background of the development of a larger number of factors (colds, swimming, hypothermia of the head, the formation of cerumen).

The appearance of negative symptoms and the loss of natural hearing, it is important to understand the causes of discomfort and select the appropriate medications to eliminate the disease.


Treatment of blockage of ears is based on the identification of the main factors for the appearance of this disease. There are the following causes of problems:

  • excessive amount of sulfur in the ear passages and the formation of cerumen;
  • the ingress of water into the ear canals when bathing or while bathing procedures;
  • the presence of a foreign body in the ear (small particles, small insects, buttons, seeds);
  • the course of acute inflammatory process (purulent otitis media, trauma to the brain, scarlet fever, measles, influenza, SARS);
  • the phenomenon of aerotica (pressure differences affecting the hearing and causing the blocked ears when flying, practicing some sports, fast walking);
  • fungal insemination hearing and the occurrence of otomycosis in which there is a loss of the ear passages pathogenic microorganisms;
  • the acute form of otosclerosis develops when a change in the bone capsule in the ear passages.

Important! If you encounter obvious signs of stuffiness of the ears should consult a otolaryngologist, who will determine the degree of damage resulting pathology and prescribe effective drugs for use!

Indications for use drops

Drugs by nasal ear can be used in the following cases:

  • when a large accumulation of sulfur in the ear passages prescribe ear drops with a softening effect, which contribute to the rapid removal of matter from the ears;
  • during the development of acute otitis media the drugs are effective anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action;
  • the appearance of abnormalities mycotic origin are treated with a special anti-fungal ointments. Thus preliminary it is necessary to make a bacteriological sowing the definition of a fungus and after using appropriate therapy;
  • the development of aerotica prevent when using drops, vasoconstrictive action (Naphazoline, Otrivin, Ephedrine).

Important! Self-treatment stuffiness of the ears is prohibited as it can lead to the development of unforeseen complications. In this case, the therapy is prescribed by a qualified technician after studying all the manifestations of the illness!

An overview of effective tools

When an issue of that drip into the ear with congestion should be carefully effective drugs, presented in the following list.


The best ear drops if the ear congestion after a cold. Active components provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action of the drug.

The medication is used to treat ear infections various forms. Contraindications: hypersensitivity to the active substance Allergy. The price is 220-250 rubles.

Hydrogen peroxide

The drug is effective in the removal of cerumen. To do this, drip a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide concentration in the ear and take horizontal position. After 20 minutes, rinse the ear canals with clean water for final sulfur removal.

Contraindications: hyperthyroidism, liver dysfunction, kidney, dermatitis herpetiformis type. The price is 60-80 rubles.

Boric acid

Inexpensive means to combat festering over ear diseases.

The drug is not recommended for simple congestion of the ears and for use in children.

The use of drugs according to the instructions.

Contraindications: renal dysfunction, pregnancy, lactation, children up to 1 year. Price of 50-70 roubles.

Cerumen And

Spray for cleansing the ear passages. The operation is based on a unique combination of components in the medicine.

The medication is used for removal of cerumen and prevention of their formation.

Contraindications: violation of the structure of the tympanic membrane, acute otitis media, Allergy, children under 2 5 years.

Price 390-400 rubles.


Effective medicine of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory actions with the content of Betametha and Gentamicin as active ingredients ensure the effectiveness of ear drops.

The medication prescribed for the treatment of diseases of the organs of hearing, eyes and skin pathologies.

Contraindications: allergic reactions, keratitis herpetic type, fungal infections of ears, eyes, pregnancy, lactation, children up to 8 years.

The price of 300-320 rubles.


Ear drops for the removal of sulfur without the limitation of age groups. The drug is effective in the prevention of cerumen and is not recommended for treatment of purulent otitis media trends.

Contraindications: violation of the structure of the tympanic membrane, strong pain in ears, discharge of fluid from the ear passages. Price 440-450 rubles.


Non-steroidal medication analgesic effect in the form of a solution for washing the hearing. Indications: external otitis, softening sulfur clusters, masingita.

The use of medication is not recommended for bronchial asthma, disruption to the structure of the eardrum, allergic reactions, pregnancy, breast-feeding, childhood. The price is 200-210 rubles.

All treatment should be coordinated with the attending physician in order to avoid the development of negative complications.

Action complications

Some cases of use drops for ears does not relieve congestion of the ears and aggravate the overall course of the disease. Causes of phenomenon:

  • temporary restriction of the ear canal when a large dosage of the medication;
  • swelling of the ear of secrecy;
  • allergic reactions towards the drug.

When this problem occurs, experts suggest the following steps:

  • the adoption of horizontal actions;
  • pressing the palm of your hand to your ear and the implementation of the sharp turns of the head;
  • space in the ear canal with cotton swabs to absorb excess medication and sulfur.

Important! If after several hours a sense of ear stuffiness, and decrease in the quality of the hearing is not held, you should immediately contact your doctor. Sometimes this phenomenon causes severe complications such as inflammation of the ears and the formation of purulent otitis media!


Before you decide what to drip in ear congestion in adults and children is preferable to find out the cause of a pathology and to find effective methods of combating disease.

The efficiency of elimination of the problem depends on the right choice of funds and compliance with all the rules of medicine, appointed by a qualified doctor otolaryngologist!

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