Ear infection — symptoms and treatment ear infections in humans

How to recognize and cure the infection in the ear?

Diseases of the ear can seriously aggravate the General health condition of the child and the adult. Understand that the ear is inflamed easy, because most diseases similar symptoms: sharp ear pain, purulent discharge and redness of the organ of hearing.

Pain in the ear is considered one of the most painful, as the throbbing pain can be a serious inconvenience. It is therefore particularly important to identify ear infections in humans as quickly as possible. Thus, you will be able to start timely treatment and to fence themselves from complications like otitis media.

On the diseases of the ears

Ear infections are the most common form of the disease and can bring a lot of inconvenience both adult and child. Attentive parent to understand that a sick child is easy, as the kid is naughty and crying, and often touches the affected ear.

According to statistics, reaching the age of three, nearly eighty percent of children had purulent otitis media and other ear diseases.

It is therefore particularly important to have knowledge in the field of infections in piercing ears and other inflammation in the organ of hearing.

Ear pain is quite painful inflammation, in which pain may be sharp and throbbing, so short and stupid.

In addition, when unpleasant sensations in the ears, nausea, headaches and temporal pain and increased body temperature.

Often, when the penetration of infection appear purulent or water allocation and in the ear there is fluid, which prevents normal functioning of a person. The accumulated water tends to put pressure on the eardrum, thus forming a perforation.

The causes of diseases

Causes of pain in the ear a lot, but in most cases they are associated with the penetration of the virus and infection. Commonly, the inflammation falls on the middle ear, but there are cases of diseases of the inner ear and dysfunction of the Eustachian tube.

Infections can be of several types:

  1. Sharp.
  2. Chronic.

In the first case pain takes extreme discomfort, which interferes with the normal daily life of man, as the pain becomes unbearable.

Chronic disease can exacerbate the process and expose the middle and inner ear dysfunction.

Most often infection enter the body when a malfunction of the auditory tube. In this case, the Eustachian tube is sealed, and the place of holes there is fluid, which affects the organ of hearing. The reasons for the blockage are the following:

  • allergic reaction to long use of antibiotics;
  • seasonal allergies to bloom or dust;
  • a cold or the flu;
  • dysfunction of the nasopharynx;
  • inflammation of the adenoids;
  • addictions, such as Smoking.
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In the case of a small child the main reason is anatomical feature.

It is known that in infants and children under five years of age the Eustachian tube is different from an adult.

So, early in children’s life it is short and narrow. It allows almost unhindered penetration of infections into the body.

The emergence of infections in adults due to the following reasons:

  1. Transferred colds.
  2. Long use of antibiotics.
  3. The changing weather conditions.
  4. The impact of negative household items.

Pay attention to these signs. In case of illness immediately seek medical help.

Symptoms of diseases

The most common symptoms when the penetration of the infections in the ear are considered pain and discomfort.

In addition, note the following symptoms of ear infections:

  1. Complete or partial loss of hearing.
  2. Water or purulent discharge from the ears.
  3. A sense of ear stuffiness.
  4. Sleep problems.
  5. The increase in temperature.
  6. Itching.
  7. Enlargement of lymph nodes.
  8. The decline of the immune system.
  9. Loss of appetite.

An ear infection can transiently move in otitis media inner, middle or outer ear. It is known that a complex of inflammation is difficult to treat.

In addition, if the resulting otitis media is not cured until the end, the patient can lose hearing permanently.

Remember that the external otitis occurs due to fungi and bacteria. Therefore, before each touch of the ears wash your hands. External disease is characterized by pain and impaired quality of sharpness of the sounds.

In children it appears most often otitis media. Note the increased temperature, irritability, loss of appetite and partial hearing loss. These symptoms indicate the beginning of inflammation.

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The inner ear infection is accompanied by frequent dizziness and loss of balance. In addition, it is noted vomiting and nausea. In this case you need medication.

Risk group

In most cases, an ear infection appears in the formation of fluid in the Eustachian tube.

It is known that in stagnant liquid bacteria and infections to thrive.

Further they penetrate into the middle and inner ear, causing serious complications.

Next person notices the first symptoms such as a stuffy nose and runny nose.

In the risk group often includes children under the age of three. The infection is in the ear of the child occurs due to weak immune system, so they get sick more often than others.

Infection in the ears – symptoms and treatment

For competent drawing up of treatment refer to a specialist. Identifying the root cause, the doctor will prescribe an individual course of therapy. Inflammation the question arises, how to treat infection in the ear?

In the treatment can only be medication, and in more advanced cases, antibiotics and physiotherapy.

So, if you are assigned otitis anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. And dedicated ear drops and ointments.

Most specialists suggest these drops and ointments as a «Akriderm» and «Polideksa».

Effective method possess anti-inflammatory drugs such as «Ibuprofen» and «Paracetamol».

To facilitate the General condition and eliminate the source of infection, physicians recommend ear drops such as «Danzel», «Dexamethasone», «Cipromed», «Sofradeks».

An effective treatment would be lotions and solutions. Provided that the patient no hole in the eardrum, you can use boric alcohol.

This drug is considered to be one of the most effective, while it is readily available.

Apply the product twice a day for three drops.

Doctors recommend the use of vehicles not more than twelve days, then a break for five days.

This time period is the application of methods of alternative medicine for alleviating pain and relieving symptoms.

To treat ear infections necessary bactericidal antibiotics having antibacterial action.

Traditional medicine

The methods of traditional medicine it is recommended to use the complex. The following recipes help increase blood circulation in the affected area of the body that allows effective treatment.

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In addition, alternative medicine reduces pain and improves tone the entire body.

Before you perform the procedures necessary to consult with your doctor.

One of the most effective methods of treatment is considered a dry heat.

For its production at home you will need salt.

Calcinate it in a pan to a temperature of sixty degrees Celsius.

As a result, the salt should become yellowish. Then pour the mixture in cotton bag.

If the poultice turned burning, leave the bag for a few minutes on the windowsill. Ensure that the salt is not cool. Heat, if you touch the sore area should be pleasant but not hot.

Keep a lotion next to your ear for thirty minutes. Then wrap the head tight bandage. The result you will notice after the first use.


Diseases of the ear is particularly painful. It is therefore important at the first symptoms consult a doctor. Especially difficult ear infections tolerate children.

Therefore, disease prevention must adhere to simple rules. First and foremost, follow the hygiene of the organ of hearing. Remember that the ears should be washed daily and once a week cleaning. Try not to use cotton swabs, because there is a risk of formation of cerumen.

In addition, strengthen the immune system. Watch your diet and use more vitamins. Frequent use of headphones or earplugs are also reasons for the occurrence of ear infections.

In conclusion, watch for a rest room and other living spaces. It is important to conduct weekly wet cleaning and airing the room.