Ear sore: how to treat and what to drip at home

How to treat ear when it hurts?

Many people are faced with diseases of the ears, which provoke itching, inflammation, causing severe pain, discomfort. These diseases are considered dangerous, as it entails hearing loss, the development of other chronic diseases. So, if you have a sore or an ear infection, you should immediately go to the hospital. Expert help will greatly ease the General condition. Surgery physicians will quickly eliminate the disease.

It often happens that the patient in certain circumstances can’t go to the doctor. Knowing that delay can patients begin to self-medicate, not realizing that when treating ears at home you can use and what is not. To determine this quite independently, if there is speculation, which caused the pathology. However, what if a really sore ear, it is best to learn from an experienced professional.

Ear pain

On the character of the pain is affected by the cause of the inflammation — infection, bacterial, viral infection of the hearing. So, someone complains about a slight gurgle, given mild pain. Others say that in the ear «POPs», the pain is unbearable, to suffer with each passing hour more and more difficult.

Depending on the provoking factor ear pain may vary in intensity, increasing frequency of repetition.

Sometimes the pain occurs when certain actions: turning the head, bending the torso. Whatever caused the ear pain, it is necessary to try as soon as possible.

Drug therapy in the home

The use of drugs alone is possible only after the examination and recommendations of a specialist. The hearing is very sensitive, any wrong action can lead to hearing impairment.

For example, if the pain is accompanied by purulent discharge, most likely burst eardrums, then use a hot tools and some dangerous drops. Also not recommended to apply compresses, if the body temperature increased to 38 °C.

The doctor may, in each case to recommend a particular course of treatment, prescribe antibiotics, drops, swabs, compresses. Will tell you how to treat at home ear pain, what medications and how.


When the pain arises when inflammation is felt at the outer or middle ear, antibiotics can be prescribed.

Antibiotics can be prescribed:

  • in tablet form the Amoxicillin, Ampicillin trihydrate;
  • in the form of injections, Cefazolin, Netilmicin;
  • in the form of ear drops — Normaks, Fugentin, Norfloxacin;
  • intravenously, intramuscularly – Amoxiclav, Ceftriaxone.


Highly efficient and easy to use ear drops and some drugs that have an analgesic effect:

  • Drops;
  • camphor oil;
  • propolis;
  • Otinum;
  • boric alcohol;
  • Otofa.

These drugs not only relieve pain, but also inflammation, kill germs, promote healing of wounds.

Ear drops are used according to the manufacturer’s instructions: first, slightly heat in the hands, after every ear canal dug to 5 drops of the drug.


On the basis of ear drops, boric alcohol, tea tree oil, glycerin, almond, camphor oil can be done on the affected ear compresses.

Other than burrowing further into the ear canal fits turunda, a cotton swab impregnated with one of these funds.

Then the ear cover warm scarf or wear a hat when sick both ears at the same time.

In five hours, or sooner, depending on sensation, the tampon is removed.

A compress on the sore ear can be applied not only internal but also external, with the auricle remains open. Around-the-ear head, occipital region, head, neck are rubbed with camphor alcohol, covered the treated area with plastic wrap, and then wrapped. In three hours you can remove.


It is recommended to wash the affected ear, except when the pain from the ear canal secretes exudate (pus). Lavage is performed with a solution of hydrogen peroxide up to twice a day before the introduction of drugs, about a quarter of an hour before the main treatment.

Treatment of folk remedies

The methods of traditional medicine in the treatment of ear pain are often recognized physicians, and even themselves sometimes recommend their use. Remedies are prepared from herbs, food products, reduce pain. However, we must understand that such treatment is possible only after examination of the patient’s ear by a doctor, otherwise you can aggravate the patient’s condition, to impede further treatment.


The substances obtained in the home have strong concentration, so dilution is most often used water.

High efficiency has instillation into the ear canal natural juices following plants:

  • aloe;
  • Kalanchoe;
  • fresh carrot;
  • fresh beetroot.

Squeeze the juice combine equal amount of water instilled into the ear with a pipette to five drops in each ear canal. After 4 hours the procedure is repeated. During the day, allowed six receptions.

The most effective recipes of ear drops:

  1. A decoction of Bay leaf. The product pour boiling water, take six large sheets in a glass of water, boil, allow to rot for about two hours, in the form of heat instilled. It is recommended to bury up to 10 drops in each ear canal. Per day performed one procedure, the treatment takes three days.
  2. A decoction of dry sage, mint. Similarly, Bay leaf brewed with boiling water two tablespoons of dry sage, mint. After cooling in each ear, dosed up to 5 drops of this product. The course of treatment up to three days with a frequency of two times per day.
  3. Onions baked in the oven, squeezed, poured the resulting juice add two of the same parts of water (lukewarm), instill three drops in the ear every 4 hours.

Drops it is advisable to use one folk recipe, in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor.


In addition, together with drops can be applied on the sore ear compresses made from «scrap products»:

  1. Baked onion in the hot condition wrapped in cellophane, cheesecloth, put on a sore ear, fixing compress bandage, scarf or hat. When cooled, remove.
  2. Raw onion is ground into mush, add 3 drops of olive oil, wrap, applied as a compress on the sore ear. Stand a quarter of an hour. When you start to burn much, appear itchy, remove.
  3. Ordinary table salt heated on a frying pan, pour in the cloth bag, wrap with a towel, apply on the affected side. Once cooled, remove.

Important! Such packs are often contraindicated, so before you definitely need to consult a specialist.


Before you decide that the pain drip into the ear, which apply the compress, we must not forget the very ear before the procedure, rinse well. After the treatment too, at least warm water. Rinsing the ear canal, it is recommended to perform a quarter of an hour before the procedure. To use the strained decoctions of chamomile, sage, oak bark, hydrogen peroxide. Hygiene complete a thorough drying.


As you can see, do not panic, if you have a sore ear. How to treat it, you can easily solve on their own. However, self-treatment without examination of the expert is possible only the first day after the pain and before I will be able to go to the reception.

You must correctly assess the situation and understand that any pathology of hearing can develop into complete deafness, to trigger the development of chronic diseases of other organs. The consequences can be irreversible.

It is especially important not to miss the moment when it comes to children. Children often suffer from such phenomena. The hearing of the child are too close to the nasopharynx. Pathology occurs faster than in adults, therefore, to delay no time.

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