Ear swelling: what causes and treatment, symptoms

What to do when ear is swollen?

The human ear is very vulnerable organ, is often exposed to influence of various adverse factors of the environment. Swelling of the ear itself is not a disease, it is only a symptom of the development of various diseases of inflammatory, allergic or traumatic nature.

Swelling of the ear: what to do and how to treat? Further details on this phenomenon and on the factors and signs of its manifestation.

Causes of ear swelling

Ear edema is a serious pathological process, accompanied by incessant aching pain, feeling of stuffiness of the ears and hearing loss. If you do not provide timely and professional assistance, the patient’s condition may worsen.

Help. This phenomenon has a very dangerous complications – inflammation of the meninges of the brain and skull bones.

Ailments, which may develop swelling of the ear canal and the shell of the ear, a sufficient amount of and they are very diverse.

So, the primary reasons for the development of edema of the ear are:

  • inflammation infectious nature, laryngitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis often happens the spread of infection on the auditory analyzer, resulting in the development of otitis media characterized by pain and swelling;
  • allergies – swelling of the ear in an adult is often due to the influence of different irritants: animal dander, food, medicines, household chemicals. In this case, the danger is that in the absence of medical care, the patient may develop angioedema;
  • ultraviolet radiation, tomography, x-ray diagnostics – such specific methods of examination in rare cases, however, can cause damage of the organ of hearing;
  • injury to the ear and scalp often occurs in children and athletes. Also mechanical damage to the ear may occur during cleaning of ears, especially objects that are not intended for this;

Help. People whose profession is associated with constant trauma to the ears (mostly athletes), ear shell becomes uneven and swollen, and later deformed.

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  • the ingress of a foreign body in the ear – it could be an insect, the pea bead. This problem is often faced by parents of young children, curious to all small detalka;
  • scuba diving – diving enthusiasts are at risk of getting barotrauma and swelling of the ear. The water from swimmers ears washes away the natural protection that results from dryness, peeling, redness and swelling;
  • tumor formation is formed outside or inside the ear. In this phenomenon there is swelling of the ear, discomfortness and soreness. The reasons for the formation of education can serve as trauma, polyps, chronic otitis media.

Also in addition causes swelling of the ear, there are factors that contribute to the development of pathology. These include:

  1. The weakening of the immune system.
  2. The deficiency or, conversely, hypovitaminosis.
  3. Hypothermia.
  4. Chronic disease.
  5. Oncopathology.

Regardless of what reason caused swelling of the ear, the phenomenon will be accompanied by pain syndrome, which will be given in the neck area.

Symptoms of edema of the ear

The main symptom of this phenomenon is the modification of the ear. It swells and increases in size compared with a healthy at least a few times (depending on causes).

Besides changing the color of the ear – it becomes red and even the lightest touch becomes painful.

If the ear is swollen due to the development of infectious otitis, in this case this condition is characterized by the following symptoms:

  • constant pain that increases with pressure on the tragus;
  • swollen lymph nodes in the parotid region;
  • hearing loss;
  • the feeling of the shimmering fluid and congestion of the ears;
  • deterioration of the General condition;
  • fever, chills, intoxication of the organism.
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In addition, the pain may spread to the neck and head and be accompanied by a General uncomfortable condition.

If the ear is swollen inside and it hurts, you should not ignore this symptom. In this case, you need to see a doctor for qualified help.

How to treat swelling of the ear

In order to know how to remove swelling in the ear, you need to find out the cause of this pathology. This has been a specialist – an otolaryngologist, which is based on the inspection and establishes the factor that caused the swelling, and then determines the tactics of therapeutic action.

I especially want to draw the readers ‘ attention on the use of recipes of traditional medicine. The Internet is full of such methods, and especially affects the Council «to bake salt and warm swollen ear».

No! Do not in any way! Swelling is the same inflammatory process and if it is warm, you can provoke only more swelling, and after that does the development of complications.

Attention! To self-medicate in this case is not necessary, because the reasons for this phenomenon, a sufficient number and each of them requires an individual approach to therapy.

In infectious lesions treatment begins with administration of antibacterial drugs for local or systemic effect.

As a local you can use antibiotic ear drops (in the absence of fever and purulent secretions of the masses) – «Normaks», «Otofa», «Cipromed».

And for the normalization of the General condition the doctor may prescribe antibiotics with a broad spectrum of effects «Azithromycin», «Ciprofloxacin» or «Ofloxacin».

At any factor of occurrence of edema of the ear you can use nasal drops with vasoconstrictor action.

Getting into the Eustachian tube, they have a good anti-inflammatory and anti-edema effect. As a rule, apply «Glycine», «Otrivin», «Nazivin».

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In case of allergic reactions swelling of the ear is eliminated with the help of antihistamine and hormonal drugs – «claritin», «Suprastin», «Tavegil». Quite effectively and quickly helps to relieve Allergy symptoms injection of dexamethasone.

Important! Treatment of angioedema is carried out exclusively in stationary conditions, and the success of the event depends on timely treatment.

After the elimination of acute inflammation, the doctor may prescribe following physiotherapy:

  1. UHF.
  2. Kvartsevanie the tube.
  3. Pulse electrotherapy.
  4. Low-frequency magnetotherapy.

With the development of tumors of the treatment is only possible surgically with a laser or radio waves.

If the ear came a foreign body, then removing it yourself is not worth it because you can cause significant mechanical damage to the auditory passage. It is better to entrust it to a specialist.

The human ear is prone to various environmental factors, so often we notice the painfulness of the ears, their redness and swelling.

If in one case, such phenomena may pass on their own, others needed serious medical examinations and treatment.

So don’t be lazy and ignore the signals your body. It is better and easier to prevent a disease than to engage in long-term treatment.