Earplugs from noise: how are called and how to make at home

What you should know about the plugs in your ears?

The third part of the life people spend in sleep. Deep sleep is important for health, it lifts your mood and restores physical strength. But what if going to sleep at night and rest during the day interfere with other sounds: the hum of cars in the yard, crying kids, barking dogs, snoring beloved spouse? When the tired man wants to silence the annoying noise causes discomfort and irritation.

In this situation, it helps to simply a fixture from the noise – earplugs that can be purchased at a pharmacy or make your own. They look like small tampons, dilated at base and constricted at the upper end. Made from elastic materials, therefore, can be easily inserted into the ear canal and take the form of auricles. Thanks to these properties, the headphones have a universal size and fully protect the wearer from annoying sounds.

What are the earplugs?

How are called earplugs? And are they interesting name – earplugs. It consists of two words: «take care» and «ears». Ear plugs are used for different purposes, not only as a means, helping to fall asleep.

There are special facilities for the workers who are forced to work in conditions of strong noise and DIN, for divers that protect the eardrums from pressure changes in the deep sea, for singers performing on the big stage among loud music.

So as not to harm the hearing, you need to use ear plugs only as directed. For example, the musicians do not use the plugs for divers.

All the same, mostly, earplugs are used to create the effect of buzzfuse during the night. They need people who are:

  • live close to busy highways;
  • working near noisy places and places for active rest;
  • different sensitive hearing, and restless sleep;
  • all night listening to the snoring of a loved one.

Purchase ear plugs at the pharmacy or order online. Today the choice is huge: there are devices from different manufacturers, made of different materials, at prices for every budget.

Why do such a variety for a simple object? The problem is that no one product is perfect: buyers have to choose between comfort and efficiency.

Features! Comfortable ear plugs of softer material, and a pleasure to sleep, but they are not very well protected from extraneous sounds. Therefore, when choosing a product always gets the choice or convenience, or complete isolation from noise.

Headphones are made for sleeping primarily from foam, silicone and wax. From the material depends the quality and durability of the devices:

  1. Foam or propylene. Such insulators are very soft, almost imperceptible when lying on the pillow. They are very well absorb sound, are cheap, but are short-lived, quickly deformed and torn.
  2. Wax. This natural substance produced disposable earplugs. They are absolutely safe, comfortable, perfectly protect from noise, creating a complete sound vacuum. But to find them in pharmacies, can be difficult.
  3. Silicone. Not very comfortable headphones, a little pressure on the ear canals. But they insulate well against noise, last a long time, are inexpensive, are not deformed, but quickly get dirty. From the accumulated dirt on them may experience itching in the ears. It is better to choose ear plugs that are not sheet, plastic and silicone: they are easier to reach in the ear canal.

How to use earplugs?

So while wearing earplugs avoid any feelings of discomfort, did not bother not a single sound, you need to wear them correctly. For a pleasant and restful sleep it is better to choose the fit soft and elastic, and for the day’s work and fit more resilient, but effective.

How to correctly insert earplugs: one hand to pull the earlobe, a finger of the other hand gently squeeze tube and stick it in the ear hole. In the ear canal it will unfold and cover the entire space.

If earplugs are used at night, it is recommended to purchase in addition to them, the alarm clock with a loud alarm. Sleeping in complete silence is very nice, but to be late for school or work good.

Serve as reusable earplugs. Because their price is small, you should buy several types from different manufacturers and try each of them and decide which is more suitable.

Comfortable headphones, connected to each other by the lace: they are less likely to get lost and easier protrude from the ears. For kids made little individual devices. If desired, you can apply to masters, making ear plugs for individual orders.

It is important to buy the equivalent of three criteria:

  1. The softness, the lack of pressure on the ear.
  2. Hygiene, safety of the material, resistance to dirt.
  3. Elasticity, complete filling of the ear canal.

Caution! If you have small children, you need to seriously think about where to hide the earplugs. The storage area should be such that before it could not get the kids. Kids playing with gags, often lose them. But it’s not the worst. They can swallow them or stick in the ear canal so deeply that it damaged the eardrum.

How to make ear plugs with your hands?

There are situations that for comfortable work in urgent need of silence, and the plugs are not at hand. But if the noise occurred at night? Who will go to the dark to the pharmacy? In such cases, the ear plugs can make with their hands. Nothing complicated about it, and serve homemade insulators at least two weeks.

How to make earplugs at home? This would require only a plastic bag, cotton wool and a thin gum.

Step by step instructions:

  1. Of wool separated the two lumps of small size. They should completely cover the ear hole, but not to push him.
  2. From the plastic bag are cut squares. They should be able to slide a cotton balls that still had a little bit of empty space.
  3. Cellophane squares with cotton wool compresses with your fingers in the bags, tried on to the auditory passage. If they are too big, you have to remove the piece of cotton if too small, add.
  4. When the bags are ready, they tie themselves thin rubber bands so that they were sticking out of the tails. Trim the tails don’t need, with their help, the plugs are easily removed from the ears.

Can earplugs cause harm?

If earplugs used correctly, can harm they can’t. Sold in pharmacies fixtures are made from safe materials that do not cause allergies. Is it harmful to sleep with ear plugs every night?

Physiological problems do not arise, but may develop psychological dependence, because the brain quickly becomes accustomed to the absolute silence during sleep. Therefore, use ear plugs preferably only if necessary. You can’t use them with otitis and other inflammatory diseases, and injuries of the ear.

Caution! If you use earplugs, you should observe the rules of hygiene, otherwise you can put in the ear canals infection. Regular cleaning is necessary as the ears, and the earphones themselves, if they are reusable. As detergents for them ideal alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

Otolaryngologists recommend to order ear plugs at the masters on an individual impression of the ear. It is not good to work with sound insulators for a long time. You should periodically take them out, otherwise it can get a headache.

If ear-plugs fall out of your ears and do not protect from noise, so they are too small. One should be careful not to push them into the ear canal, trying to rectify the situation, it is better to buy a new one.

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