Ears after a cold: what to do after an illness if the ear is hard of hearing

Complication on the ears after a cold

Everyone periodically gets cold. The common cold is an insidious disease, leaving behind a dangerous health consequences, one of which is the ears. This is mainly due to the decrease of immunity and antibiotics.

In any case, to ignore the congestion is not worth it, because the problem will not be solved by itself, and only develop into chronic otitis, evstahiit, or take away hearing. Therefore if after leaving the cold remains discomfort in your hearing, you should promptly contact a specialist.

Why is the laying of the ears

People are wary and perplexed — why after a cold can be incorporated ear — in fact, it would seem, have been ill. By itself, congestion is also a kind of disease, as it is uncomfortable.

Such a feeling surely experienced by everyone, and this occurs when the pressure drops, scuba dive, or during the descent from a certain height. Only such symptoms usually passes by itself and does not pose a threat to health.

But after the disease is a feeling of stuffiness is a call to action. This phenomenon occurs due to changes in the ear canal (Eustachian tube) connecting the tympanic region to the nasopharynx.

A feeling heaviness in the head, deafness, noise and feeling in the ear is water. The process begins after the swelling of the nasal mucosa. Since all of the ENT organs have a relationship, the absence of normal breathing will influence laying the ears.

In the ear on the pressure should be the same, but while the disease is a disturbance of air circulation, because it swells the shell of the nasal cavity and throat. The swelling reduces the permeability of the air, there are changes in pressure and changes the position of the eardrum.

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Due to the fact that the bodies are to each other much more closely, what is happening in the nose the inflammatory process in the cold can easily relocate to the middle ear. It is the congestion indicates that the infection has reached the Eustachian tube.

Quite often it starts after vigorous nose blowing. What to do if the ear ceased to hear after blowing your nose here.

In addition, another reason for laying can be a blockage; It accumulates due to a failure of the normal functioning of sulfuric glands owing to colds suppressed immunity. How to remove it read here. Because of the significant close relationship of ENT-organs, which appeared congestion requires a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Without consulting a specialist cannot be inserted into the ear, alcohol-containing substances, including boric alcohol. The same applies to the ear compresses dipped in any solution.

Diagnosis and treatment of

What to do if after a cold ears? Generally, when any lingering congestion you need to consult a doctor. The specialist will examine the Otoscope and check whether there is deformation of the membrane. And here you can learn how to deal with the congestion when the disease.

When there is hearing loss or other worrisome symptoms, the doctor prescribes additional examinations. They can be: radiography; tympanostomy or bacteriological examination of ear discharge.

After all the studies, the diagnosis and proper medical treatment, which primarily focus on the treatment of the underlying disease. Therefore, congestion should start to resolve with adequate treatment of the common cold or the remains of it.

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If a doctor set poor permeability of the Eustachian tube, that can be treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. In addition, may be prescribed by the inflation of the auditory tube using the method of Politzer, or the inhalation of oils for your nose.

So, the treatment depends on the causes that triggered this phenomenon. Before you start you need to blow your nose. You can also use sprays based on sea water that will help remove the mucus. You can take: Akvamaris, Physiomer, the Phrase, Otrivin, But-Salt, saline or Marker.

If after illness has laid the ear, you must reduce the swelling of the nasal mucosa vasoconstrictor drops. They can be: Nazivin, Otrivin, Nazol, Tizin, Naphazoline and others. For the ears only after the doctor’s permission, you can apply Otax or Otinum. For more information about drugs read here.

In the presence of infection should be used anti-inflammatory, antibacterial drops Sofradeks. When the inflammation is unbearable ear pain you can take painkillers or you can use the advice of traditional medicine to reduce pain.

When you have protogene very ear, then you can get acquainted on how to deal with the problem at home.

Traditional medicine in the blockage of ears

If deaf ear and observed the remnants of a cold, you can wash the nose with saline. Teaspoon of salt in a glass of boiled water. Before washing is also necessary to apply vasoconstrictors.

To remove the unpleasant symptom can be a simple reception. In the mouth the water is dialed, clamped the nose and is swallowing. It is not necessary, holding his nose with his hands trying to purge the air, it will only increase the pressure in the Eustachian tube.

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If the bad ear hears, you can do manipulations with the ball. You must inflate the usual ball through the tube. This process normalizes blood pressure and removes the obstruction for some time.

Remove the laying can massage. It is necessary to increase blood flow in the ear, you should massage the lobe and the area behind it in a circular motion.


People’s ways though and help to eliminate congestion in the ears, but they are not considered as proper treatment. Not with self-treatment is to warm the ear canal or drip there honey, vodka, etc. It may not give the expected result and lead to complications.