Ears hurt after plane: why and what to do?

My ears hurt after plane?

Among the passengers of the airport sometimes you can see people gripping the ears. As it turns out, they hurt my ears after a plane. The pain may not release to a few days. Most often it turns out that on the eve of departure they have been sick with a runny nose or has been through a stressful situation.

Sometimes the pain is to the extent strong that in adults appears fright, and the kids start crying. Let’s look at what can be done to avoid this trouble.

Why is there pain in ears when flying

Why ears hurt during takeoff and landing? Under normal conditions the pressure in the tympanic cavity coincides with the atmospheric. Problems arise if the impaired pressure equalization between the middle ear and the environment.

During takeoff, the pressure in the ears does not have time to level off and becomes higher than atmospheric.

When landing it becomes below atmospheric. Due to the fact that the mobility of the tympanic membrane is limited, there is a feeling of stuffiness in the ears. At low pressure it is almost being pulled in.

If the passage in the Eustachian tube is broken, the pressure is not aligned. This is the cause of pain in the ears.

A similar effect occurs in a deviated nasal septum (e.g., through injury), because the space between the ears and nose significantly reduced. Misalignment can be corrected surgically with use of General anesthesia. But within a month after the surgery will have to follow certain restrictions.

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The patency of the ear tubes have had a negative impact of the following factors:

  • viral infection;
  • inflammation of the maxillary sinuses;
  • runny nose caused by allergies.

What to do to not hurt your ears on the plane?

To avoid congestion of the ears and subsequent pain, it is necessary to stabilize the pressure. If there are abnormalities in the structure of the organs of hearing, this is done simply as a way to open his mouth, to try to make a swallowing movement. These simple steps will expand the diameter of the Eustachian tube, and the pressure will soon be back to normal.

Flight attendants provide passengers with drinks and candy. It is necessary to offer candy to children. Kids need to give to drink from a bottle.

There are a number of rules, following which will help avoid congestion and pain:

  1. Blown ears. At the time of the climb by airplane ears are gently «blown». For this you need to close your mouth and pinch the nose by hand, then with the power exhale the air. When you exhale the clamped nose the pressure in the larynx. As a result, the air penetrates the tube. With a distinctive click eardrum falls into place.
  2. Drink plenty of water. Consumption of large amount of water in small SIPS through a straw will keep the body hydrated. Moist nasal mucosa will improve the ear apparatus.
  3. Not to consume coffee and alcohol. It is better to give up alcohol and coffee during flight as they do dry nasal mucosa.

Attention! So the flights have seen passenger passed easier, it is necessary prior to travel to apply vasoconstrictor drops. It can be drops nazivin, Galazolin, ksimelin.

Tips for parents

Here are a few recommendations for those who make a flight with children:

  1. Try feeding timing at the time of takeoff. The more chewing and swallowing movements, the child will do (sucking the pacifier), the less likely to get trouble in the ear. Older children can chew gum or drink some juice through a straw.
  2. Use ear plugs to control the pressure. Buy earplugs in the pharmacy, as the cheaper counterparts from the airport are of poor quality.
  3. Ear drops relieves pain, must be at hand.
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Exercise for the ears

For pain relief there are a number of exercises for ear:

  1. Place index fingers into ear canal and make movement back and forth and up and down.
  2. The same thing, but hold thumbs earlobes.
  3. Tighten the auricle to the red. Massage will help to relieve the ears from congestion.

Important! If congestion occurs constantly, in-flight sleep is not recommended. Because then it will be impossible to take timely measures to eliminate the pain.

Usually the pain during a flight spontaneously. But there are times when you should go to the doctors:

  1. After landing, the pain in my ears does not pass for several hours, you feel dizzy.
  2. Stands out the blood, which suggests that the eardrum is damaged.

Thus, a pleasant foretaste of vacation some travellers spoil upcoming flight on an airliner. Especially if going with young children. Fear of flying just because of the plane’s ears hurt.

Unfortunate incidents with the hearing manifested in the plane, as a rule, are not heavy. But in some cases, if they do not pay attention, it can lead to complications, up to deafness.