Ears laid after the club — what to do and what is dangerous

What to do if or ringing ears after a concert?

If yesterday you attended a concert of the favorite music group, the next morning you will certainly be a discomfort in the ears. The feeling of stuffiness, squeak, crackling and noises common symptoms after being in a nightclub. Such aggressive influence on the organ of hearing particularly well known to lovers of loud music.

If after the club laid ears on what to do in the first place? This question torments most of the young people. In this article we take a closer look at the process.

On the influence of frequencies loud on the ears

The main reason for the ringing and beeping in my ears after a club – a sharp and aggressive sound frequencies for hearing AIDS. The organ of hearing is commonly increases the low frequencies and lowers the decibels too high.

However, when length of time in a confined space with loud music the ears of a person does not have time to adjust and the natural functionality is broken.

If after loud music ringing in the ears then you are probably in the inner ear maintains the integrity of nerve endings.

In addition, another cause of tinnitus is problems with the blood vessels.

There are many preventive measures, however, in the case of long continuous ringing in your ears after a concert, you need to take treatment.


Acoustic injury is a common phenomenon in the 21st century. Loud music, noise, congestion in the ears common symptoms after clubs. Commonly, the symptoms go away on their own and does not require specific treatment.

But if the tinnitus took a familiar character and lasts for a long time, it is necessary to take immediate action because it may result in hearing loss and inflammation.

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In addition to excessive decibels, on the condition of the organ of hearing is influenced by side factors, which include caffeine, nicotine, and quinine. In the case of consumption of energy drinks, the human ear is reduces their natural protection and have problems with hearing. In addition, you should know that noise and squeak in the ears can be symptoms of poisoning of the organism.

Pay attention to the following symptoms. They indicate the presence of injury in the ear canal, and also appear in case of perforation of the tympanic membrane:

  1. Nausea and vomiting.
  2. Noise, squeaking, crackling in the ears.
  3. Dizziness, which can be sharp and constant.
  4. Sharp pain in the outer passage.
  5. The imbalance.
  6. Purulent, mucous or blood discharge.

If you notice one of these symptoms, contact your doctor. The self in such a situation is unacceptable as the use of various lotions and potions can only aggravate the situation. Best of all, close the ear with a cotton pellet and head to the ENT doctor.

In the case of pain and nausea for more than 48 hours after the concert, refer to the otolaryngologist. Probably you have a hole in the tympanic region. If you ignore this process, people can miss the first symptoms of otitis media and other ear infections. In this case the treatment will take a lot of time and effort.

In addition, you must ensure no foreign objects in the ear canal. Often in the ear gets a foreign object, which causes severe pain and hearing impairment. Do not attempt to remove foreign objects. So you can only aggravate the situation.

In addition to these reasons, pay attention to atmospheric pressure. In the case of coincidence of weather changes and a concert, people feel severe pain and deterioration of General condition.

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What to do if ears after club

In order to reduce pain and to improve the General condition of the patient, it is necessary to place the patient on the bed.

The room should be to ensure peace.

Pre-ventilate the area and provide moderate humidity.

It is known that leisure promotes rapid recovery.

Usually, three hours is enough to normalize the blood system and restore the affected tissues in the ear.

If this method is impossible in the given time interval, do the following exercise:

  • take a deep breath and hold your breath;
  • firmly pinch the nostrils;
  • try to exhale air through the nose.

Due to the fact that air does not physically pass he goes to the Eustachian tube and normalizes internal pressure. In this case the person will hear a distinctive cotton. In the case of dysfunction of the Eustachian tube, cod will not.

In this case, head over to the medical center for diagnosis. Most likely, the body begins the inflammatory process.

If the ringing continues for a long time, is alarmed about the state of your health. Often noise, POPs and squeaks in the ears are symptoms of diseases, which include otitis. If you noticed the first symptoms and started treatment, many of the risk factors will pass you.

During the treatment the patient is contraindicated to go out to clubs and other places with loud music.

It is important to know that these symptoms can occur with otosclerosis.

As we have seen, discomfort in the ears after attending a concert usually takes place on their own. But in case, if the squeak has not passed, must undergo a course of treatment.

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In most cases these symptoms are the only symptoms of inflammation, but in any case does not appear as an independent disease.

Therefore, it is necessary to pass the examination and diagnosis of the state of the organ of hearing.

The detection of pathologies and injuries, the specialist prescribes a course of treatment.

For this patient required audiometry, MRI and other types of surveys.

Make sure that the discomfort in the ears not caused long use of antibiotics. In most cases, various analgesics and other drugs have side effects associated with the health of the ears.


In the case of pain, heaviness or stuffiness in the ears after concerts or clubs, and the inability to abandon this kind of entertainment, prepare your body in advance.

For this it’s enough to give a concert, wear earplugs. They will help you to enjoy music will protect hearing from excessive decibel. Thus, you will protect your ears from unpleasant symptoms afterwards.