Ears pop when blowing nose: what and why lays

What to do when blowing nose ears laid?

A runny nose is a common symptom of seasonal colds, allergies and flu. By itself, the common cold is unpleasant, but not terrible symptom that was felt by everyone. Sometimes it is accompanied by other symptoms, which in some cases can talk about the development of serious diseases.

So, with a strong Bismarckian can lay ears, and sometimes the congestion is accompanied by pain. In this article we consider what are the possible causes of this phenomenon and what to do if ears pop when blowing nose.


Wondering why your ears pop when you blow your nose, first note that, whether you do it. Intense blowing your nose affects the middle ear, causing stuffiness in one or both ears. Correct blowing the nose is to be vismirnovite nostrils in turn and not simultaneously.

Other causes of nasal ear when blowing nose:

  1. In viral diseases often inflamed lymph nodes. Resulting swelling in turn can lead to congestion of the ear.
  2. Rhinitis, as a result of which the sinuses are filled with mucus can cause obstruction of the progress of the middle ear, preventing circulation in the air – this leads to unpleasant symptoms in the ears.
  3. Frequent disease destroying the immune system, and weakens the human body. As a result of lower immunity occurs excessive production of sulfur, and, as a consequence, to the formation of sulphur plugs. Blowing your nose in this case, only contributes to the compaction of the substance.
  4. Otitis media caused by viral infection, is also accompanied by the ears. The nasopharynx is connected with the middle ear and improper bismarkian bacteria can get into the ear canal, causing this inflammation is otitis media. It is very important to detect the disease at early stages of occurrence, so like a neglected otitis media may lead to purulent otitis media, and further to the hearing.
  5. Inflammation of the facial nerve. In this case, the person feels not only congestion, but the pain on the side where the affected nerve. In addition to pain around the ear the patient feels pain in the affected part of the face and temples.

Important! If you laid the ear after blowing your nose, to prevent the development of serious diseases and complications need to seek the assistance of Laura. This is especially true in the case that congestion persists and is accompanied by pain.

What if when blowing the nose laid the ear?

To get rid of unpleasant symptom, you can use the following methods:

  1. It is essential to yawn and swallow saliva. Therefore, you normalize pressure, which caused the blockage of ears.
  2. Attach to the nose of dry heat. It can be warm towel or diaper. Also the nose may be warm hot salt in the bag or boiled egg.
  3. Warming the ear with an alcohol compress. This method should be carried out only after consulting a doctor.
  4. Instill ear drops special (on medical advice).
  5. Inflation of the balloon can help to restore hearing.
  6. Close your fingers on your nose and try to breathe through the air. The procedure should be repeated 5-7 times, or until the characteristic of cotton, pointing out the hearing.
  7. Perform fluid head tilts left and right for 5 minutes.

Attention! Noise in ears with a cold is accompanying symptom, which will disappear with the elimination of its causes – the common cold. In any case, you need to see a doctor, so he inspected it and ruled out the inflammation.

Ear pain during a cold

If you are really blowing your nose, and you have an ear ache, probably an infection from my nose along with mucus in the Eustachian tube and there began inflammation.

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Subsequently, this may lead to the development of otitis media with subsequent complications.

Ear pain after bismarckiana evidence of inflammation and requires immediate medical examination.

Ear diseases are afraid their complications, which can affect hearing in the future, therefore, require a diagnosis at an early stage of occurrence.

Ear pain when blowing nose indicates complications of the common cold and require examination by a physician. Ear diseases can be healed by doctor-otolaryngologist. It can be accessed directly or after inspecting the therapist.

What to do when there is ear pain when blowing nose

The patient should be in parallel with a runny nose to treat and ears. As a rule, for the treatment of inflammation in the ears using antibiotics, medications local use, apply warm (only after consultation with your doctor).

If the damage of the eardrum surgery (tympanoplasty) in order to preserve the hearing of the patient. To prevent complications, the disease is important to diagnose in the early stages of the occurrence. To prevent the occurrence of unpleasant sensations in the ear when blowing your nose, you must learn how to vyskakovaci nose.

For the treatment of rhinitis using special preparations for instillation of nose (versus runny nose vasoconstrictor or vasodilator against swelling of the nasal mucosa). Appoint such drugs should a doctor. Only he has the right to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

Laying the ears with a cold is a common problem that often occurs due to improper and untimely bismarckiana the treatment of rhinitis. In order to avoid complications, you need to blow your nose, and to promptly contact their doctor, especially if you have after blowing your nose hurts ear.

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