Ears pop when sinusitis: what to do when the blockage of ears

What to do if the sinus was laid ear?

If you have any discharge from the ear with sinusitis, you need to understand where did this factor and whether he had any complications? It is known that this pathological process occurs often enough. Congestion appears as a result of inflammation and because of the close proximity of the paranasal sinuses and other organs ENT system. Therefore, if sinusitis is accompanied by pain in ear, feeling of nasal congestion and other unpleasant sensations, you must pass an additional examination.

The formation of these signs indicates the patient about the complication of inflammation and early pathologic processes that can pretty seriously affect the patient’s body. Therefore, if you have sinus pain in ear and produces various types of hearing loss, seek medical help.

Why lays ear apparatus

Sinusitis and ear pain may be related due to different processes, but most often the root cause of such pain – a blockage of the Eustachian tube. Therefore, the formation of unpleasant sensations and strange noises in the middle ear, it is important to be examined in the office of ENT.

If the inflammation does not stop in time, sinusitis may be complicated by otitis media or severe hearing impairment. Such diseases difficult to cure, since they have a heavy character, which is not always amenable to standard medical treatment. Therefore, when unpleasant sensations in the ears caused by sinus infection, you need to identify and destroy the problem.

The reason for the formation of pain and other unpleasant sensations in the ears a blockage or strong pressure in the Eustachian tube. This organ connects the air cavity with the throat of the patient. In violation of the functions of this organ is organ dysfunction, in which the air cannot go further in the tubes.

Acute sinusitis this symptom occurs frequently. At this time, patients note the congestion of the ear, the formation of extraneous noises, squeaking and crackling and pain in the middle ear.

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Notice the formation of stuffiness in the ear can be some relevant signs:

  • strong pressure in the nasal cavity;
  • feeling pressure in the nose and head;
  • hearing impairment;
  • the change in the sound of your own voice;
  • the feeling bubbling in the ear.

If discomfort arose on the background of inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, the patient may suffered headaches, fever, dizziness, nausea. That inflammation of the sinuses are formed such symptoms, there is nothing strange. The ear unit and nose are anatomically connected, so such a pathological structure often causes undesirable characteristics in the ENT organs.

Other causes of pain in the ears when sinusitis include purulent discharge. If excessive formation of secret, they can flow into the surrounding tissue, causing the complication of sinusitis on the ears. When pressure on the drainage authority violation occurs the pressure in the ears, which leads to the development of otitis media or Eustachian.

Immediately after the spread of pathogenic infection on the ear organ, the patient feels unpleasant and even painful sensations. With this period inflammation patients often complain of these symptoms.


Is it possible for me to lay ears, we have already identified. After studying the anatomy question, you need to figure out what to do if the sinus was laid ear. You first need to identify the root cause and eliminate this factor as soon as possible.

Remember that treatment of diabetes takes a long time, therefore, this period, it is necessary to issue the sick-list.

It is especially difficult to cure chronic sinusitis in which the nasal ear brings the patient severe discomfort. For the relief of the patient it is necessary to use methods of traditional medicine.

Usually doctors will prescribe vasoconstrictors. But they can only reduce the symptoms of the disease. To cure the disease until the end of the need for more complex treatment.

However, if the blockage of ears, these drugs have a beneficial effect. They relieve swelling, and restore nasal breathing, opening clogged region of the Eustachian tube. Thus, after applying the drops the patient feels relief.

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Immediately after applying the drops, it is necessary to free the sinuses from accumulated pus. With abundant accumulation of secret there is an infection nearby organs, which often provokes the emergence of feelings bubbling in the ear.

For quick liquidation of the accumulated pus is necessary the use of mechanical manipulation. If you asked for medical help in the early stages, it is possible to use a soft catheter. Use it to eliminate the pus can be much softer. But if you ignored the beginning of the disease, a need for more sophisticated methods, which is the perforation of the maxillary sinus.

After the puncture you need to clean your nasal passages with a special solution. Stuffy ears, usually held immediately after the surgery.

If the disease with acute symptoms, doctors may prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications. Drugs have a devastating effect on inflammation, eliminating all symptoms, including stuffy ears. But taking drugs without a doctor’s prescription is prohibited, as is necessary to diagnose the patient’s condition.

Sometimes antibacterial drugs have unwanted effect, requiring consultation with a doctor.

If the cure of sinusitis, stuffy ears is not passed, it is necessary to pay more detailed attention to the ear on.

The doctor needs to run some tests and inspect the condition of each section of the ear apparatus.

After identifying the causes and contributing factors, is assigned to further treatment:

  1. Often during the sinusitis patient is prescribed the blowing of the ears. This method improves the functioning of the Eustachian tube and normalizes all the functions of the ear apparatus.
  2. Upon detection of the inflammatory process are assigned directly in the ear drops with antibiotics.
  3. In the treatment process, it is important to undergo physiotherapy.
  4. In the formation of mucous secretions from the ear, they should be removed. Usually after this the patient is prescribed antibiotics.
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In the treatment of ears is necessary to eliminate all predisposing factors that disrupt the ear apparatus. During treatment necessary to monitor not only the ears but also for the entire ENT system as a whole.


After treatment of sinusitis is important to focus all attention on the health. Take plenty of vitamins that will restore the body’s immune system.

It is known that immediately after the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses patients feel lethargy, fatigue, malaise.

Such factors are easy to resolve by walking in the fresh air and sufficient intake of vegetables and fruits.

Remember that timely appeal to a qualified doctor and adhering to all rules will contribute to a speedy recovery. So don’t ignore the signs of sinusitis and when the first symptoms begin appropriate treatment.