Ears shoots: what causes and how to treat

What to do if ears are shot?

Shooting pain in the ears indicates the beginning of a major negative process in the organism. Due to the unbearable pain and discomfort the patient cannot ignore the inflammation and begins to ponder why shooting ear. The cause of the inflammation can be due to various pathologies that need to find a doctor-otolaryngologist.

Unfortunately, to date crosses into the ear are not uncommon. Painful sensations are accompanied by various symptoms, which are quite adversely affect the life of the patient.

Signs of inflammation and their causes

The appearance of shooting sensations in the ear symbolizes the beginning of a serious inflammation in the region of the middle ear. Often painful sensations arise due to the penetration into the body of the virus or complications of catarrhal inflammation.

Angina, acute respiratory infections, and inflammation of the sinuses and rhinitis can seriously affect the health of the patient.

The feeling of the shot in this case is not the only symptom.

This symptom may cause not only a catarrhal inflammation.

The fluid entering the region of the middle ear as a result of diving in water, a strong change in blood or ambient pressure, and a variety of injuries, including perforation of the tympanic membrane, also have a negative effect on the health of the patient and can cause a feeling of lumbago in my ears.

To get rid of the discomfort, you need to start therapy. Thus, you will prevent the development of inflammation.

Before determining how to treat the inflammation, you must find out the reason. Caused by the pathology arises as a result of the following diseases.


Eczema is a skin inflammation, which trigger itching, burning, and various vesicles and purulent discharge.

This inflammation is often chronic and affects only the outer shell of the patient.

Additional symptoms noted redness, swelling and peeling of the skin.

Shooting sensations act as one of the signs of inflammation.


Shooting sensations often occur on the background of inflammation on the ear. The manifestation of boils and other tumors the patient not only shooting in the ear, but the seal skin, swelling, pain on palpation and frequent backache. This inflammation is accompanied by severe form of the disease, which interferes with the integrity of the skin.

Otitis externa

In case of contact with moisture in the ear canal or due to complications of viral diseases, patient unable to diagnose otitis externa.

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This inflammation can be caused by a violation of the rules of hygiene, trauma to the ear, and inflammatory processes, allergic reaction or due to other reasons.

In this case patients complain of severe swelling, impaired hearing, pain and backache in one or both ears.

Among other celebrated symptoms itching, severe burning, fever, purulent discharge.

Otitis media

If the patient appeared shooting sensations, you must check for otitis in the middle ear.

In this condition the crosses appear quite frequently.

In addition, the area of the middle ear is responsible for adjusting the internal and external pressure.

Dysfunction of this task, the patient feels a strong shooting sensations that cause the patient intolerable pain.

Otitis media is the most common cause of shooting sensations. Most often, otitis media is the result of infection.

In the case of eating and in the process of chewing pain intensified.

If you do not heal the inflammation in the middle ear in time, the patient can lose hearing and also develop the disease to a chronic condition. In other cases, there is the appearance of purulent otitis, rupture of the eardrum.


Shooting sensations can be caused diseases of the mucous membrane lining the caves under the name of the antrum.

In the process of inflammation is suffering a part of the cellular structure of the mastoid process of the temporal bone located behind the ear.

Mastoiditis develops due to the spread of the virus in the mastoid region, as well as when complications of otitis media or improper treatment inflammation.

In this case, patient feels severe pain in the head, and also loss of appetite, increase in body temperature.

Disease of the labyrinth

Another common cause of shooting sensations may be a disease of the inner ear. For violation of the main features of this region, patients complain of headaches and dizziness. As a result, patients often feel sick or vomit.

Other signs

Not always crosses one or both ears testify to the above reasons. Sometimes shooting sensations caused by the following signs:

  • the effects of the flu or common cold;
  • complications of sinusitis;
  • the constant changes in pressure;
  • moisture in the ear canal;
  • shramirovaniye external ear;
  • insect bites;
  • the accumulation of sulfur deposits;
  • unnecessary separation of sulphur;
  • disease of the nasal passages;
  • severe hypothermia;
  • disease of the lymph nodes.

Regardless of the reasons and factors of appearance of unpleasant sensations in the ears, the patient should be as soon as possible to seek medical help.

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First aid

Self-treatment in this case is undesirable, since without knowledge of the root causes you can make the situation worse.

If the ears shoots, what to do in the first place? If the disease is caught you unexpectedly, for example, at night, and the pain interferes with sleep, take painkillers based on paracetamol or ibuprofen. When the morning of the consult an experienced doctor.

If the pain is unbearable, the patient can assign the introduction of alcohol solutions.

Treatment in this case is permitted only when the entire tympanic membrane.

Among the drops are allowed following – boric acid, calendula tincture, a solution of motherwort.

If these drugs are away, use vodka.

Alcohol solutions have a powerful antiseptic action. They penetrate deep into the skin, ensuring thermal effects. Thus, the patient feels a significant improvement in health.

For the warming of steps, you can use camphor oil. To do this, insert into the ears a few drops of oil and close the ear with a pellet. Before applying oil it should be warmed up to body temperature.

Repeat the warming of the ears with alcohol preparations should be every hour. Thus, you will improve blood circulation in the affected area and reduce pain.

To treat shooting sensations do not fit the application of hot bottles. They can provoke the spread of purulent discharge, which may be localized in the area of the eardrum.


To cure the inflammation necessary to establish the causes of its formation.

To do this, the doctor-the otolaryngologist will conduct the necessary examination and take some tests.

Against the background of the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment and prescribe than drip sore ear.

  1. Before the introduction of drugs in the ears, you need to gently hold it hygiene. To do this, use hydrogen peroxide or special drops that dissolve sulfur. The best in this area are considered to be Remo-wax or cerumen And.
  2. Drip drugs, following the dosing, and then wipe the ear with a cotton pad. Only then spend the next manipulation.

Specialist for treatment of the ears may appoint several methods of therapies. But following the standard treatment regimen, patients are assigned to ear drops.

Anti-inflammatory drugs «Otinum», «Otipax» relieve pain and restore the flora of the ear organ. Bury them should be every day twice until complete recovery.

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In the treatment process, it is important to restore the upper respiratory tract. This should clear the nasal passages. So you can reduce swelling of the mucous membranes and to prevent clogging of the Eustachian tube.

To achieve these goals, we recommend the use of such drops «Nazol», «Naphazoline» or «Galazolin».

In addition to the drops, the patient will be prescribed the use of antibacterial drugs. Antibiotics on the basis of the sulphonamide will contribute to a speedy recovery.

When shooting sensation usually prescribed «Amoxicillin» and «Biseptol». In some cases, prescribe a combination of drugs or broad-spectrum antibiotics.

The course of treatment is seven days, but to take antibiotics for ten more days dangerous.

To eliminate pain throughout the treatment needed analgesics on the basis of dipyrone. Among the most common-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are marked «Diclofenac», «Ortofen», «Indomethacin» and others.

To eliminate edema and other manifestations of an Allergy requires an antihistamine medication — «Suprastin «Tavegil, Fenkarol».

In the case of progression of symptoms after the adoption of the course of treatment, you need to go to the doctor for a replacement medication.


On the way to cure it is necessary to take plenty of water and stay in bed. Keep your ears warm – wear a hat or make a bandage.

In the amplification of pain you need to see a doctor. Often the increased pain in the area of the eardrum is the accumulation of pus. In this case, the patient is prescribed surgery, which makes the puncture of the membrane.

In such cases, the patient immediately feels relief, as the pus flows out.