Earwax: the origin, composition, why you need

What is earwax and why is it necessary?

In fact, everyone has an idea of what is earwax. This substance is produced in the hearing organs of all mammals, man is no exception. People periodically performing the hygiene of the ears, clean out sulfur clusters.

Sulfur is often perceived as dirt in the ears of a person. It is believed that the abundant accumulation of sulfur mass – a sign of impropriety. People always see the ear wax, and remove the substance from the ears, but in fact, few people understand how it is formed, what is its composition and why it is needed.

How is earwax

Ear constantly produces viscous viscous substance, yellowish-orange, even brown. To understand the origin of sulfur in the ears, easy – viscous substance is formed deep inside the ear, is produced in a natural way sulfur and sebaceous glands of the ear canal.

The way out is performed by movement of the maxillo-facial joint while eating, chewing, swallowing.

Depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the substance can be produced as fast and slow. For the production of substances can be affected by:

  • chronic diseases
  • developing pathology
  • anomalies in the structure of organs of hearing,
  • lifestyle and features living,
  • labor activity.

Help. On average during the month produced 5 mg of a protective product.

Earwax: chemical composition

Allocated stringy mass – maskoobraznoe secretion, which we call gray, performs certain protective function, and is not a regular useless waste products of the body. The functional ability of a substance so high in certain components included in its composition.

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The substance is rich in content:

  • cholesterol;
  • alcohol;
  • of lysozyme;
  • proteins;
  • immunoglobulin;
  • mineral salts;
  • fatty acids.

Also sulfur substance contains all that blocks and does not pass into the depths of the ears to the dirt, sebum, dead skin cells. Depending on the consistency of what is sulphur product, a substance can be completely dry or wet.

The formula for earwax (i.e. the product of activity) of each person is unique and depends on a number of factors:

  • age;
  • features of everyday life and the environment in which the person lives;
  • ethnicity;
  • specifics of work;
  • food.

Interesting. Knowing about the uniqueness of the chemical composition of the waste product, in the middle ages, sulfur was used for bonding, healing lip and body waxing ropes and threads.

Functions of sulfur substances

Many do not understand, why do we need earwax and what are its functional features.

The main functions of ear wax:

  1. The protective function. Emitted from the ear holds a mixture of small particles of dust, debris, blocks the movement of bacteria, fungi, infections, insects, does not pass into the ear canal the drops of water, chemicals contained in the products.
  2. Purification. All that sulfur does not pass deep into the ear canal, it outputs, cleaning the ear canal.
  3. Hydration. Sulfuric substance lubricates the eardrum and prevents drying of the skin of the ear canal.

Earwax improves the functional features of the organs of hearing, maintaining its healthy condition.

You need to understand that the human body doesn’t just happen, and all for something necessary. Doctors recommend, too often the ears are not cleaned. You need to remove only the part of sulphur that spontaneously comes out of the ear canal.

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Such interference deep into the ear canal can damage the eardrum, reduce the protective function of sulfuric mass and contribute to the development of otitis media and other chronic diseases of the ears.


Many people are natural hypersecretion of ear wax. The main reasons for this phenomenon are:

  • irritation of the auditory passage;
  • abnormal change in the shape of the ear canal;
  • periodic use of cotton sticks.

The function of the viscous secretion is markedly reduced, if there is excessive accumulation of matter, clogging the ear canal. When this occurs, the compression of the tympanic membrane that causes itching deep inside the ear, discomfort, pain, feeling denounced by sounds, getting dizzy, can appear vomiting, convulsions.

Today for cleaning ears many people use cotton swabs. However, often cleaning the ear canal this «tool» is causing harm, damaging and stretching the eardrum, pressing deep into the produced substance zapressovyvat part of it in depth. Gradually, this compaction causes the development of hearing loss causes complete deafness.

Doctors do not recommend the use of cotton swabs for ear hygiene, you should also not clear the depth of the ear canal various thin, sharp objects. Concentrations of sulfur substances, it is recommended to remove only when they appear on the surface of the ear. Rinse and wipe the substance can wet cotton pad or fingers.