Electrophoresis for otitis media: physical therapy, intermediate and secretory otitis media

Physical therapy for otitis media

Physiotherapy is the most safe effect on the body compared to other techniques. Tasks physiotherapy to stop inflammation, relieve swelling, eliminate pain and restore hearing.

Physical therapy if otitis media is assigned to monotherapy alone or is in combination with other therapies. Before considering the features of the hardware treatment, talk briefly about the ear infections.

Otitis of the organ of hearing

Otitis media is a General definition that involves ear inflammatory disease. Inflammation begins with a constant aching pain in the ear. Unpleasant sensations are on an upward trajectory, they are accompanied by weakness, fever, headache, nasal congestion and tinnitus. Learn how to remove pain in the ear can be found here.

There is a process, usually with infection trapped in the ear from the upper respiratory tract. That auditory tube conducts disease-causing pathogens in the organ of hearing. Also, the cause may be improper cleaning of the ear, allergies or frequent contact with water.

Klassificeret otitis depending on its location. Is otitis of the outer, middle and inner ear. To deliver the exact type of the disease, the doctor needs to examine the ear and determine the division of the organ of hearing occur functional disorders.

If you leave the appearance of otitis media without attention, he may take a more aggressive form, accompanied by the release of pus. A complication occurs due to inflammation and bursting with the middle ear cavity, causing shooting pain. Pain is reduced, if the pus breaks through the eardrum and leaking.

If the time to turn to the ENT doctor and identify the cause of otitis media in the early stages, you can prevent the inflammation of the inner ear.

Physical therapy if otitis media: the most effective treatments

Treatment of otitis media should only doctor after a precise diagnosis and determine the root causes of disease. Along with medication, experts put physiotherapy for patients of all age groups.

For relief, repressirovannye or stabilization of otitis media prescribe:

  • low-intensity ultrahigh-frequency therapy;
  • centimeter high-intensity therapy;
  • red and infrared laser therapy;
  • ultrasound therapy;
  • local shortwave UV therapy;
  • electrophoresis of antibacterial drugs.
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The use of many techniques leads to anti-inflammatory, bacteriostatic, protivootecna, antispasmodic, regenerative, and vasodilatory effect. Physical therapy when otitis media, is selected for each patient individually. Here you can see what are the diseases of the middle ear.

That relies on the doctor when choosing the module:

  • gender and age of applicants;
  • psychophysical state;
  • history and the history of suffering;
  • the duration and stage of the disease;
  • features of the pathology of the disease;
  • the severity of the disease.

Remember, to determine the exact diagnosis is not possible, therefore, self-medication without the approval of the specialist may end in tears.

Varieties of physiotherapy are many, they are divided according to their effect on three groups: stimulating, purifying, warming. Consider each group separately physiotherapy.

Cleansing techniques

When it requires cleaning of the ear canal, prescribe these physiotherapy therapy:

  1. Lavage of the ear. The process is carried out only when the suppurative form of otitis media. Rinsing takes place a warm vodka, or hydrogen peroxide only with the permission of the doctor. Procedure is done prior to the instillation of the hearing body. How and what is rinsed can be read here. The therapy without the doctor’s permission can result in perforation of the eardrum and lead to hearing impairment.
  2. The ear blowing. Only do when otitis media to restore the patency of the Eustachian tube. Conducts therapy only the doctor, if the person is not suffering from respiratory disease. This therapy on the background of inflammation of the mucosa of the nose or throat can transfer the infection in the auditory organ. To learn how to blow the ears look here.

Stimulating treatments

These treatments are aimed at relieve swelling and normalize blood flow:

  1. Magnetotherapy. Application of low frequency magnetic field reduces swelling, increases the tone of venules, lymphatic drainage starts the process.
  2. Pneumomassage. Is an alternating pressure air flow pressure. Different masses are generated by a special device, but you can do the therapy yourself at home, catching air currents with your hands on the sore ear.
  3. Diadynamic currents. Waves improve blood flow and restore the movement of auditory ossicles.
  4. Amplipulse. Do sinusoidal currents to the affected ear. The current produces muscle contraction, stabilizes blood circulation, removes puffiness and stagnant output elements from the tissues.
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Warming methods

The physiotherapeutic procedures in this group include:

  1. Soplex. Effects of light, with the lamp UFO, placed in the reflector. When you want the heating is carried out by lamp, with a capacity of 200-300 em. While the overall impact of the reflector is fixed in the meter from the patient.
  2. UHF. Prescribed for acute and chronic otitis when there is an exacerbation. On the organ of hearing produces the effects of high frequency electromagnetic field with a certain frequency. Time UHF-therapy heat penetrates the tissues, where the cells absorb and convert into its own thermal energy. UHF therapy put with extreme caution, as it promotes the formation of fluid in the middle ear cavity.
  3. Electrophoresis for otitis media gives you the opportunity to enter into the tissues of the medicines: sulphate of zinc and the antibiotic. So, the body directly receives a sufficient amount of the drug than minimize the development of side effects.

Today when otitis media is most common therapy Electrophoresis. This procedure is a completely new method of treatment of ENT diseases, giving effect significantly higher than other therapies.

As electrophoresis allows you to quickly eliminate sinusitis, otitis media and other serious diseases, he should be given special attention.

Medicinal electrophoresis

As you understand, this therapy using electric current conducting drugs through the skin. The peculiarity of the procedure is reduced in proportion to the concentration of the drug introduced into the body of the patient.

Introduced drugs begin to absorb several times faster. The choice of dose is assigned based on the characteristics of each individual case. Therapy is based on the electric process of dissociation, that is, the cure is divided in distilled water on particles that have electric charge.

When dissolution of the drug into ions occurs very slowly change the water to ethyl alcohol. Further, the drug particles under the action of the current is transferred under the skin and are absorbed into the bloodstream.

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Electrophoresis for otitis media in children and adults should not cause discomfort and burning. When the procedure is characterized by only a slight tingling sensation. If there is pain you need to inform your doctor to reduce the current density transmitted from the apparatus to the patient.

The duration of the course and each procedure depends on the type of the prescribed medication. For example, in the treatment of exudative otitis media is prescribed many treatments, but the most effective is this kind of impact. Electrophoresis in exudative otitis media enters the body, steroid hormonal drugs, and proteolytic enzymes (mucolytics).

Usually side effects are due to allergic reactions to the injected drug. May also be redness after removing the strip, but it passes quickly. To negative consequences was not important to comply fully with the technique of carrying out physiotherapy treatments.


Otitis media is very serious disease, self-medication and uncontrolled reception of the medicines is unacceptable. The ear infection without adequate treatment can cause significant injury, so you need to trust the expert.

In the treatment of otitis media the doctor will prescribe the necessary treatment on an outpatient basis. But to exclude the risk of a disease need to take preventive measures. They are thorough in drying the ear canal after exposure to water and proper cleaning of ear sulphur.