Cough medicine with endometriosis: reviews and contraindications

He is appointed only after consulting a doctor and accurate diagnosis. Treatment of endometriosis can be quite long, and its effectiveness depends on compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and the intake of specific drugs, in particular, Utrozhestane.

Under what conditions is recommended to consult a doctor


Endometriosis is a pathological process characterized by changing the state of cells of the inner surface of the uterus, the mucous layer (endometrium). The main reasons for the origin of the disease are hormonal disorders and injuries of different origin (spiral, abortion, surgery, etc.).

Chronic overgrowth of endometrial cells can occur:

  • in the system of the genitals (genital type of endometriosis);
  • beyond (extra-genital type of disease).

Often change in the membrane begin to occur without symptoms.

For genital form of endometriosis, when there is a hypertrophic growth of the endometrium inside the body and directly affects the uterus, the disease develops systemically (process develops in the wall of the uterus, cervix, serous layers).

As a rule, the disease occurs in a benign form. However, when adverse related factors may be reborn into malignant tumors.

The symptoms that most often occur include the following:

  • permanent or temporary occurring pain in the lower abdomen, lower back and pelvis, strengthening can occur with intercourse, during bowel movements, during menstruation;
  • violations of the cycle of menstruation and quality of the flow (a significant increase in the amount allocated to the blood, the number of days of menstruation is changing in a big way, a selection between the provisions of day);
  • can appear symptoms of intoxication (weakness, nausea, vomiting, fever more than 38 degrees Celsius, chills, in the clinical analysis of blood observed increase in the number of leukocytes);
  • in some cases, the condition of infertility caused due to endometriosis, it is detected in the complete examination during examination of the reasons for the absence of pregnancy.

Symptoms of endometriosis are similar with other pathological conditions, which complicates the rapid diagnosis of the disease and requires further examination. Prolonged latent period and the absence of treatment, the prognosis is not always positive and the condition can get much worse. The manifestation of one of the symptoms is an indication for a consultative medical examination.

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What is cough medicine

Cough medicine is a hormonal drug of plant origin. On the effects on the female body is an analogue of progesterone (a female hormone produced by the corpus luteum of the ovaries). Natural ingredients effectively affect the state of the uterus and its mucous glands, stimulating their work and increasing the level of sexual female hormones.

To use cough medicine for oral use or intravaginal. The drug is available in one form – in the form of capsules (dosage 100 or 200 mg). These capsules are used for oral or vaginal administration.

In addition to the main active substance in capsules contain:

  • soy lecithin (improves the condition of cells and nerve fibers that accelerates the regeneration of tissues);
  • glycerol (helps in metabolic cell processes);
  • gelatin (capsule of the drug, gelatin partially helps in recovery of the elasticity of cell membranes);
  • peanut butter (is a filler that contains all the components of the drug, and effectively helps to absorb the main active substance);
  • titanium dioxide (stabilizer basic substance and additional substances).

The main active ingredient is natural and due to new medical technology becomes micronized. This state of the drug provides its maximum penetration into the bloodstream and distribution throughout the body.

Inside capsules are taken whole, without chewing, and washed down with room temperature water. Duration of reception is not less than two weeks and is determined by a physician.

Depending on the distribution of the pathological process the drug is taken only inside the complex or intravaginally. During the initial localized problems can be restricted to local effects of the drug (the introduction of capsules into the vagina). Dosage and duration of treatment is determined strictly by the attending gynecologist after examination and accurate diagnosis, and in the absence possible contraindications to reception.

The drug cannot be abruptly canceled, like all hormonal drugs, and you can start immediately with the required dose. Stop the use of Utrozhestane is smoothly every day, reducing the dose. Regimen and discontinuation of the drug will tell the attending gynecologist.

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Indications of Utrozhestane with endometriosis

The drug is used in monotherapy or in combination with other drugs under these conditions:

  • infertility occurred on the background of endometriosis;
  • abnormal menstrual cycle (eg, ovarian cyst because of endometriosis etc.);
  • insufficient production of progesterone by the ovaries;
  • when symptoms of endometriosis in the preventive purposes to maintain pregnancy or begun with spontaneous miscarriage;
  • prevention of endometriosis by estrogens;
  • treatment in some cases of adenomyosis (the efficiency of only about 40%, it is better to apply a comprehensive treatment).

Contraindications to the use of

The drug is not appointed by gynecologists under certain conditions:

  • bloody discharge or bleeding from the uterus or genital organs of unknown origin;
  • violation of the liver of a functional nature;
  • the body’s susceptibility to blood clots (varicose veins chronic with foci of congestion, acute phlebitis, thrombophlebitis);
  • thick blood and a tendency to accelerated blood clotting that can cause blood clots;
  • tumors prone to malignant degeneration in the form or well-defined malignant tumors in the organs of the reproductive system or mammary glands and breast, severe;
  • incomplete abortion;
  • kidney failure;
  • the intolerance of the drug components.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding is not a strict contraindication and is assigned to the drug with caution (especially third trimester) and monitoring.

It is also important to monitor the state change due to pressure surges, migraine, bronchial asthma, diseases of the cardiovascular system, endocrine related pathologies, disorders of the excretory functions of the body, and other complicated conditions.

During the reception, it is not recommended to drive or engage in activities requiring concentration of attention and speed of reaction of the person.

Adverse reactions in the utrozhestan

Possible side effects during treatment occur most often in oral administration:

  • decreased ability to focus;
  • drowsiness;
  • this dizziness;
  • bleeding or spotting masane between menstruation cycles;
  • the manifestation of allergic reactions to the drug components;
  • occasionally nausea.
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After you stop using the drug all the side effects on the body go away within a few days.

When intravaginal use side effects reported.

Feedback about the use of Utrozhestane

On their own not to use this drug as in case of inadequate use may open rapid bleeding or to be a number of irreversible complications. Even if the reviews of the medication are very positive, it is impossible to choose a dose scheme and application. Especially if someone decided to take the drug prophylactically.

In each case, the treatment regimen is selected strictly individually after the consultative medical examination, and complete diagnostic tests. Cough medicine is a medicinal hormonal drug, whose action on the organism periodically monitored and adjusted dosage and the reception time.

Marina, 34 years old, Stavropol.

For endometriosis treatment your doctor has prescribed utrozhestan. Improvement I noted after first treatment: gone pain or discomfort during sexual acts. Quickly normal menstrual cycle stopped and bleeding between cycles. General condition much better.

Karina, 36 years old, Vladivostok

Took cough medicine course, side effects were not. Quickly recovered menstrual cycle, decreased pain. After re-examination, the doctor noted positive changes. The treatment is still ongoing.

Lyubov Vladimirovna, doctor-gynaecologist, 48 years old, Tver.

Prescribed cough medicine patients for the treatment of endometriosis. But always warn that intravaginal administration of the drug are recommended to use sanitary pads (sometimes it may leak out). During treatment it is recommended not to lift too much weight. The drug is not used to sexual intercourse.

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