Estrogen pills — for women drugs containing hormones

Of all the components, we can not say about female sex hormones, which play a very important role in the health of any woman. They determine the mental and emotional state of each of the fairer sex.

There are two main types of female hormones:

  • estrogen;
  • progesterone.

They are produced in the ovaries, and its properties are responsible for the health of women from puberty to menopause. The latter is a real challenge for the woman’s body. Estrogen in pills perfectly cope with this problem, substantially lowering soreness.

In women, whose age has reached 40 years, the amount of estrogen decreases, so to maintain the standard quantity of hormones, is assigned to hormone therapy, which is recommended in disorders of menopause and eliminates spasm of peripheral vessels. Estrogen-progestin drugs affect the body and affect the level of cholesterol, this significantly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke. Drugs containing estrogen, have a positive impact in the treatment of cancer.

The required amount of female hormones responsible for the proper functioning of the metabolism, controls the process of collagen and stimulates the nervous system.

Hormonal tablets


Often physicians are faced with the fact that women are avoiding or are afraid to take medications in tablets that contain estrogen. And fear from taking much stronger than fear to face diseases caused on the background of the lack of this hormone.

Often women prefer to fill the balance of estrogens by taking natural products containing hormones, for example, fruits with high content of phytoestrogens. Others, on the contrary, after consulting with the doctor, immediately decided to take pills with estrogen. Any imbalance in the body can lead to dysfunction of the right production of estrogen.

To determine the benefits in taking estrogen pills, you can find reviews from women on many of the specialized forums. As a rule, hormonal therapy has a positive effect. Most women are afraid common myth — hormonal means will lead them to obesity. Such an outcome is possible, but it will be solely caused by the wrong intake, or overdose.

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For therapeutic purposes, hormones are assigned in case of incomplete or delayed development of the reproductive system in women, irregular cycle of menstruation, during menopause, prevention of infertility and induction of labor.

Use and benefits of tablets containing the hormone estrogen

Doctors, prescribing a course of hormonal therapy, claim that the tablets containing estrogen contribute to the rejuvenation of the woman’s body. In adulthood, estrogens slow down the aging process and maintain the balance of hormonal levels.

Using estrogen increases the collagen production process, optimizing the process of metabolism, smoothes mimic wrinkles on the face, there comes a stability in the work and functions of the nervous system. Also prevents the development of such disease as atherosclerosis, reduces discomfort during menopause, and reduces the risk of heart disease during menopause.

Types of tablets containing sex hormone

All pills that contain estrogen can be divided into two categories:

  • Therapeutic group. This group includes all drugs used to maintain the necessary level of hormones in the presence of endocrine diseases.
  • The contraceptive group. This species is designated as contraception.

Medical practice commonly uses a medication containing estrogen, which is aimed at stabilizing the hormonal levels of the body. Despite the advantages, they also have disadvantages. Therefore, before using such remedies, a doctor’s consultation. The drugs trade is regularly developing new types of hormonal medications that contain estrogen, with the least severe side effects.

The main types of medications that contain estrogen:

  • the steroids of natural origin, contain estrogen. Produced biologically. The use of such drugs often causes allergic reactions;
  • synthetic medications. Receive in the course of special studies in the laboratory, by processing chemical raw materials. This group has a strong efficiency and is widely used for the treatment of diseases that are dependent on hormones;
  • steroids natural — phytoestrogens obtained in the synthesis process from plant material.
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Medicines tablets

All drugs containing estrogen, can be of two types:

  • drugs with exceptional content of estrogen;
  • combination products (estrogen and progestogen).

The latter are monophasic, biphasic and three-phase. All medical èstrogensoderžaŝimi drugs are used for the normalization of menstruation, stabilization of hormonal levels, restore reproductive function in women. The most popular medicines in tablets containing the sex hormone are:

  • Estradiol — recommended for women during menopause to balance hormonal levels;
  • Premarin is used for uterine bleeding and failure of menstruation;
  • Was extreminal — assigned girls the average age for the prevention of infertility;
  • Pornopics is a universal broad — spectrum drug, used by women of different ages;
  • Proginova is a universal product designed to redress the imbalances of the hormonal system;
  • Ovestin — approved to prevent complications in menopause, prevention of infertility;
  • Triquilar combined preparation with a high content of hormones.

Contraceptives based on estrogen

Drugs estrogen pills with dosage are often used as contraceptives:

  • Actively.

The combined contraceptive. In addition to the direct purpose of maintaining the body with the necessary amounts of hormones, has a moderate effect on strengthening bone tissue and increases the excitability of the uterus.

  • Janine.

Monophasic oral drug that suppresses ovulation at the pituitary level the regulation Leads to normal onset of the menstrual cycle.

  • Yasmin.

Monophasic oral contraceptive with antiandrogenic effect. Suppresses ovulation and changes the viscosity of cervical mucus.

  • Femoden.

Contraceptive with a low content of hormones, controls the occurrence of unwanted pregnancy.

  • Lindinet.

Oral contraceptive that prevents ovulation and maturation of hormones.

To maintain and normalize menstrual function in women of any age, are assigned to estrogen-progestin drugs. They are designed to replenish the shortage of female sex hormones and enhance the effect of contraception. The most effective drugs include:

  • Triaklim.

Hormone therapy, directed on elimination of symptoms of estrogen deficiency.

  • Femoden.
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The product with low content of hormones. Inhibiting their synthesis and eliminates androgenic activity.

  • Divina.

Gormonozawisimae a means of combined action with the content of natural estrogen and progesterone.

  • Mercilon.

Contraceptive that has a positive impact on the normalization of the menstrual cycle.

  • Evista.

The drug, normalizing bone mass, and contributing to the increase in the concentration of globulins.

  • Sinpas.

Pharmacological means of enhancing the production of cervical mucus and reduce sperm motility.

Side effects when taking estrogens

When taking medicines with estrogen often appear side effects:

  • the increase in breast size;
  • swelling in the limbs;
  • the appearance of extra pounds;
  • lack of appetite;
  • change the color of the skin around the eyes;
  • drowsiness;
  • indigestion;
  • increase in sexual desire.

To avoid side effects caused by the consumption of estrogen, you must strictly adhere to the instructions to buy only quality medicines, consult with your doctor.

The emotional state of the woman and her health depends on hormones. In any case, no need to self-medicate and take pills without consulting a doctor. This approach could end very badly — reduced level of blood coagulation and lactation. Still can appear liver disease or gallbladder. With proper application of medicines, they are completely safe for both young girls and older women.


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