Insulin in bodybuilding: how to take, reviews

Insulin in bodybuilding is or was taken ever by the overwhelming majority of professional and semi-professional athletes, in most cases – in combination with other anabolic drugs.

The action of insulin


Insulin has a complex effect on the metabolic processes in the tissues of the body. Replacement therapy diabetics its main role is to lower blood sugar and prevent starvation of tissues and processing of fat and muscle in energy sources. In sport regarded anabolic effect of insulin, i.e., its ability to accelerate the synthesis of proteins (muscle tissue).

By nature insulin is a double-stranded peptide. Initially in the development of the ribosome-its formula contains two chains, however, the inactive residues are separated with the passage of lipid membrane and maturation of insulin in the Golgi complexes. For storage hormone, and its secretion is responsible endocrine tissue of the pancreas called the islets of Langerhans.

The main advantage of insulin is that it is a transport hormone, i.e. it can influence the exchange of a number of essential body nutrients beyond carbohydrates.

Insulin in bodybuilding is used with several objectives:

  • stimulation of protein synthesis and muscle mass;
  • a slowdown in gluconeogenesis (formation of glucose from proteins and fats);
  • acceleration of the Deposit of carbohydrates in the liver and muscles due to the polymerization of glucose into glycogen (this ensures the athlete’s body with energy and thus indirectly slows the degradation of muscle tissue);
  • increasing the degree of absorption of different nutrients by body cells (primarily glucose and amino acids).

Unfortunately, the anabolic effect of insulin is manifested not only in the process of metabolism of proteins, but also in the formation of adipose tissue. Deposition of fatty acids and preventing their entry into the blood stimulates the growth of fat. This leads to the inefficiency of insulin therapy in the precompetitive periods.

Part of the effect of the accumulation of fat kompensiruet by releasing insulin-like growth hormone. It is secreted in response to a sharp decline in the concentration of glucose in the bloodstream and has an effect opposite of insulin – enhances gluconeogenesis.

The most rational use of insulin in Stanichno physique and in combination with anabolic steroids. People who are prone to be overweight (endomorphs) to use this hormone as an anabolic undesirable.

The types of insulin used for bodybuilding

Unlike replacement therapy in diabetes that requires the use of insulins with different duration of actions in sport apply only to «short» and «ultrashort» drugs. At introduction they cause a rapid Deposit of carbohydrates that allows you to store the maximum amount of glycogen and prevent muscle breakdown food for insulin-independent tissues.

Despite the obvious advantage is the lack of impact on the body in the long run – they have a significant disadvantage – high risk of hypoglycemia (sudden drop of sugar or deadly to abnormally low values) if the wrong technique of administration and supply.

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Sports and insulin;

The form of the drug Onset of action The peak efficiency of a preparation The duration of excretion Best drugs
The short-acting insulin Half an hour later after the introduction of 2 hours after the appearance of the body 5-6 h Aktrapid NM

Humulin Regular

Insulin ultrashort action After 0-15 mins after administration 3-4 hours Insulin Humalog

Novorapid Flexpen

Insulin Apidra


Preparations of short action entered half an hour before meals: in this case, the effect is manifested directly in the flow of food into the organism, and the risk of hypoglycemia is minimal. Ultrashort insulin is not only more physiological but also more convenient for the athlete: it is administered for 5-10 minutes before a meal or immediately after it.

It is important to know: you cannot take insulin before exercise (especially under the condition that the amount of energy provided by legkoplavkim a gainer). This may entail not only a violation of energy and the starvation of the tissues, and hypoglycemic coma. Bedtime injections of the hormone are also forbidden, because a person should not be unconscious during the action of the drug.

How to conduct a anabolic course

The course of treatment with glucose-lowering hormone should not be more than 2 months, after which should follow a 2-3хмесячный break to restore normal secretion of own insulin. According to athletes and coaches during the course, you can dial from 3 to 12 pounds of weight. However, not all cases it is possible to gain quality muscle mass.

How to take insulin:

  • anabolic course should start with 2 units (0.05 ml of the drug is marked U-40);
  • to increase the dosage should be gradually, to a maximum of 2 units a day and closely monitor the state of your own body;
  • when bad reaction to the drugs (we are not talking about allergies, and the bad feeling and weakness on the background of course) should slow down the increase of dose and reduce the maximum up to 10-15 units;
  • when skipping several planned increases dosage sudden changes of the volume of injected hormone strictly prohibited, especially in the early stages of the course;
  • the maximum recommended dose is 20 units of insulin, although many athletes stop at 15.

To enter the medication should only subcutaneously, at an angle of 45 degrees to the crease wedged between his fingers. To treat the injection site is optional. To do injections in the same place and also to stretch of land after the introduction of is prohibited.

Depending on the kind of drug, immediately or half an hour after the injection it is necessary to compensate for the amount of insulin with carbohydrate intake to prevent hypoglycemia.

Only one unit of insulin lowers blood sugar by 2.2 mmol/l with normal glucose levels 3-5,4 mmol/l (fasting). Despite the fact that in this scenario, even sports uncompensated initial dose can be fatal, in fact, the minimum lethal dose is about 100 units hormone. However, excess dosage of insulin is fraught with disorders of the endocrine system, vertigo and starvation of tissues up to coma.

To calculate the necessary carbohydrate compensation using the concept of bread units (XE). 1 HEH, regardless of the type of food corresponds to 12-15 grams of carbohydrates and requires maintaining a 1.5-2 insulin units. This means that by taking the insulin in sports maximum dose (20 units) need to eat 10-14 HEH, which corresponds to 120-210 grams of carbohydrates.

The advantages and disadvantages of insulin sports course

The balance of the advantages and disadvantages of insulin in sports practice is reduced to the ratio of the effect and risks of taking drugs.

The advantages of insulin course:

  • no toxic influence on the liver and kidneys;
  • good weight gain, especially when used in combination with anabolic steroids (dosage of the drug in the combined rate remains the same);
  • the absence of «withdrawal syndrome» (rollback) with a sharp loss of muscle mass in intercourse periods and the ability to reduce this effect for courses of anabolic steroids;
  • the lack of androgenic effect and impact on potency;
  • the availability of the drug (both in price and in fact) and high quality (a chance to buy a fake is very low).

Disadvantages of insulin:

  • high risk of hypoglycemia;
  • complex regimen and the need to strictly follow the dosage and condition of the body;
  • the deficit of magnesium and potassium on the background of the course;
  • a significant increase in the risk of developing type II diabetes (accept synthetic insulin increases the tolerance of tissues to hormone action);
  • the increase in the amount of fat in patients receiving drugs;
  • when long-course – decreased secretion of own insulin (which increases the risk of developing diabetes).

Allergic to hormones of this type, especially when using human insulin, is extremely rare.

To minimize the risks while maintaining the benefits of insulin therapy sports using the alternative hypoglycemic drugs. When ingested, they cause a decrease in the concentration of glucose in the blood, thereby stimulating the production of its own (endogenous) insulin. In bodybuilding actively used pills «gliclazide»: the reception begins with a half pills (15 mg) a day, gradually the dose can be increased to a. Course duration – 1-2 months.

The disadvantages of such a course is a small risk of depletion on producing and decrease the sensitivity of tissues to hormone and prolonged drug action (the athlete needs to replenish the carbs within 10 hours after take medication).

Reviews athletes about insulin


A little over a month taking insulin. Brought to dose more than the recommended (35 units), but so far everything is fine. During this course and gained 6 kg of weight increase your shoulders, arms. Minus – growing belly, although competition is not my goal. Increased the power of the press: lying gained almost 10 kg in the squat – about 5. Initially expected more from the course of the drug, but I’ll try to sit up to 2 months, look at the result.


Insulin is a fairly practical reality is, if you look at the combination of side effects and effect. It is a good Supplement masonboro course of anabolic steroids, mercurey period helps not to lose the typed weight. Often write about very rapid increase in the fat layer, but it can partially compensate for a strict diet. The dose should not overstate the possibility of the development of tolerance, which is not very good, not only for subsequent courses, but also for the whole organism. Before to take insulin in bodybuilding, you should weigh the pros and cons, as the risk is still there. Newcomers do not suggest, it requires caution and responsibility.


Regarding insulin courses are mostly tend to write about the risk of hypoglycemia and the need to carry sugar or juice. Do not forget that the anabolic effect is always to create a deficit of potassium and magnesium. You might consider taking these trace elements (preparations «Panangin», «Asparkam»), because hypokalemia causes extra strain on the heart.


I think insulin is only for professionals. Do not try this without confidence that it’s worth the risk, and knowledge about how to relieve hypoglycemia and correctly enough. The shortage of sugar may be done in protein with high protein content and rapid absorption. If «caught» hypoglycemia, you need to drink a SIP of protein every few seconds until the alarm and the darkness in his eyes. If you do decide to insulin, it is not necessary to inject above the 20 units of hormone in the weight below one hundred pounds.


Insulin increases the action of steroids, taken together with drugs Danabalan, Adrena. The course is better to take Humulin R, Actrapid even at higher doses had no effect, weight gain was much less.

Trainers and professional bodybuilders do not recommend the use of insulin in sports, if the level corresponds to the dedicated Amateur. Deciding on a course of the drug, you should carefully monitor your own body and be aware of all possible risks of ingestion.

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