Enlarged ovaries in women: causes, diagnosis and treatment

The first bell, and a serious sign that begins to occur female disorder is the increase of the ovary. Quite often, the disease takes a chronic form. This is because many women do not notice symptoms or clinical signs are not very noticeable. But we must remember that treatment should be mandatory.

Why women have enlarged ovaries: causes

For a routine ultrasound each predstavitelnica weaker sex could hear a diagnosis – an enlarged right ovary. What provoked this pathology? Ovaries increase, if the body breaches occur or a disease occurs. Each of the women wondered what causes can cause pathology.

Consider the most common reasons are:

  • in that case, if the woman for a long time continuously taking hormone drugs type;
  • lactation when prolactin levels are elevated;
  • stress, depression, emotional stress;
  • a sharp loss of body weight;
  • adolescence;
  • obesity different feet;
  • if there are disorders in the endocrine system.

Diseases that can cause enlarged ovaries

According to the medical practice is often increased by the right ovary. To accurately explain why this is so difficult, there is speculation that he is close to the Appendix. Because the infection is able to move from the ovary to the Appendix, and Vice versa.

Consider what diseases can cause ovarian enlargement in women:

  • The inflammatory processes. Quite often the reason women are inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs. Typically, the infection itself does not explicitly manifest, then develops into a chronic form, becomes inflamed and increases the ovary. The increase is due to the appearance of adhesions and infiltration and not due to the fact that grows the ovary. If you delay diagnosis and treatment, the ovary and the uterus is not palpable separately, you can feel one large body.
  • Erosion of the cervix. One of the reasons can be cervical erosion. She could injure a small part of the organ, joined by pathogenic flora and an inflammatory process, which is able to reach the ovary and cause increase the right and left of the body.
  • Cystic formation. The increase can happen because of the cysts, which are many and their size is more than 3 centimeters. Set a small increase in the ovary is possible by means of ultrasound, a simple inspection and palpation to make it very difficult.
  • Oncology. Each of these women have to remember that if the pelvis is cancer, the ovaries are also affected. To identify feeling only in the later stages. Also, the reason there may be metastases, which began in other organs.
  • The phase of ovulation. Pathology may occur in the ovulation period, but this period is not long and if you feel that the condition is not improving you need to visit a doctor.
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Diagnosis pathology

As a rule, for a correct diagnosis, the ultrasound technician assigns the beginning and the middle of the cycle. It is considered that the ovary increased when women have more than 12 follicles, which have different sizes.

In addition you need to pass these tests:

  • testosterone;
  • thyrotropin;
  • luteinizing;
  • insulin;
  • follicle-stimulating hormone;
  • cortisol;
  • thyroxine.

Before the correct diagnosis is necessary to exclude such diseases as:

  • elevated levels of cortisol;
  • decreased function of the thyroid gland;
  • an excess of the hormone prolactin;
  • increased amount of testosterone.

The treatment of an enlarged ovary in women: methods

Treatment of enlarged ovaries should be necessary, as delays in this process can lead to serious consequences.

The task of therapy is as follows:

  • to stabilize hormones;
  • to resume regular cycle;
  • to renew and improve the reproductive functions of the body;
  • to protect yourself from serious disorders in metabolic process.

In that case, if the woman on ultrasound there is such a pathology, then the treatment is carried out in stages:

  • You need to follow a strict diet. Many doctors are convinced that normalize your hormones can be simply throwing off the extra pounds. It is very important that the weight reduction was phased and gradual, otherwise, can only harm. You need to correct your diet and enrich it with a healthy and vitaminiziruet products.
  • Hormonal therapy. This treatment helps balance hormones.
  • Surgery. Used in extreme cases, if the meds don’t help. Quite a large number of women do not notice the development of pathology, and bring its development to a serious condition. In such a situation, an urgent need to do surgery. One of the safe methods of operations on the ovaries is a laparoscopy. Great opportunity for a quick recovery of the body. The operation is safe and harmless.
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Dangerous pathology?

If time does not begin treatment pathology can lead to such consequences:

  • breast cancer, uterine cancer, any cancer;
  • heavy bleeding that is not related to menstruation;
  • it is also possible to be diagnosed with infertility.

People’s treatment of women

Each of the women must clearly understand that to cure the disease it will not succeed. If the illness start to serious condition, the consequences can be irreversible. For example, if the increase is a symptom of amenorrhea, then using of infusions, decoctions of herbs to restore hormonal balance. Amenorrhea needs to be treated only under close medical supervision.

If enlarged ovaries and it is a symptom of polycystic ovaries, you need to pay attention to yoga. This is the most gentle method to improve the work system of the pelvis. Remember that yoga is only complementary therapy, the main treatment prescribed by the specialist.

Effective folk methods are considered to be:

  • the therapeutic use of tampons;
  • use of healing poultices;
  • the reception of infusions, decoctions, herbal teas, and herbal remedies.

Women should be aware of preventive measures and to know the reasons for an enlarged ovary, which can become a catalyst. Need every six months to visit a gynecologist, endocrinologist, to monitor your weight, eat right, exercise, listen to your body, it will always tell you if something is wrong.