Eroded ectropion of the cervix: causes, symptoms, treatment

Eroded ectropion is gynecological pathology, which is an eversion of the mucous membrane of the cervical canal with the eroded surface. In most cases, the ectropion affects the lower part of the cervix. Most often the development of such pathology occurs on the background of cervical erosion and is a complication that requires immediate and adequate treatment. Erosion and ectropion of cervix are closely related, so the treatment should be aimed at addressing not only the symptoms but also the root causes of the disease.

The cervical ectropion may be congenital or acquired. Eversion of the cervical canal is characterized by a significant allocation of the mucosal surface, which is covered with red lesions visually, these plots resemble cervical erosion, eroded ectropion and got its name.

The reasons for the development of pathology

At the present time are the following factors that can trigger the development of ectropion eroded.

  1. Mechanical injury of the cervix during childbirth and subsequent scar formation can cause the eversion of the cervical canal. It looks as follows: when trauma cervical reproductive organ of rupture of the circular and longitudinal muscle fibers, forming a scar on the neck. This circulation of blood flow in rabtsevych tissues is much worse than normal, making the mucous surface of the cervical canal begins to turn and the formation of ectropion.
  2. Also causes the development of gynecological pathology can be injuries to the cervical canal during surgery or abortion. Most often we are talking about abortion in the later stages of pregnancy, when the need arises in the artificial expansion of the cervix.
  3. There is a congenital form of eroded ectropion, which can be diagnosed even in young girls and young women. Most often, the pathology is formed due to hormonal imbalance in the body.

Treatment of eroded cervical ectropion should be competent and adequate, as this pathology is considered a precancerous condition reproductive organ. In order to begin treatment, you must have a clear idea about the main symptoms of the disease.

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The symptoms of ectropion eroded

As a rule, the main danger of a pathological condition is that its initial stage is very difficult to diagnose – due to the lack of pronounced symptoms. Obvious signs of the disease appear only in the event of the accession of inflammatory or infectious processes. The main eroded symptoms of ectropion include:

  • menstrual disorders, which can take the form of change of its duration, the abundance or scarcity of the month;
  • the presence of pain or discomfort in the lower abdomen during sexual intercourse. Also at the time of intercourse you may experience bloody or whitish discharge from the vagina. Due to the intense pain the woman may lose interest in sex life;
  • the woman may appear nagging, aching pain in the pelvic area, which can «give» in the waist. In most cases, such pain much worse when walking or during exercise;
  • the appearance of abundant or scanty discharge in the middle of the menstrual cycle – they can be transparent or have a light white color and an unpleasant odor;
  • deterioration of General health, fatigue, weakness, drowsiness, aches throughout the body – typical symptoms of an eroded ectropion of the cervix.

It is important to note the inextricable link between ectropion and erosion of the cervix. Usually ectropion is considered a complicated form of erosion, combining a pseudo rubavu and deformation of the cervix. In the process of development of the pathological condition of the mucous surface of the cervical canal becomes vulnerable and completely open to numerous infections. That is why eroded ectropion is a dangerous condition that can lead to the development of gynecological diseases such as:

  • endometritis;
  • cervicitis;
  • endocervicitis;
  • leukoplakia;
  • dysplasia;
  • complete atrophy of the cervical canal;
  • cancer of the cervix.
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Diagnosis of ectropion eroded

Diagnostic gynecological pathology begins with a visit to a specialist who will conduct a complete gynaecological examination. Also mandatory is colposcopy of the cervix, in which particular attention is paid to the structure of the mucosal surface of the body, the study of each eroded area. The list of diagnostic procedures included direct microscopic and bacteriological examination of smears from the cervix and directly with the cervical canal, Cytology to exclude malignancy pathology.

If we are talking about the diagnosis of gynaecological pathology in nulliparous women or young girls, be sure to analysis to check the hormonal status, which gives the ability to determine hormonal balance in the body and to diagnose congenital form of eroded ectropion.

Treatment of cervical ectropion

When choosing the optimal treatment method in gynecologic pathology must be taken into account such factors as the woman’s age, the presence of births or abortions, the degree of severity of the disease and the presence of other chronic diseases. Therefore, the type of treatment of ectropion is determined solely on an individual basis. Today almost all experts agree that the best option of dealing with the pathology still remains surgery.

Surgical removal of the ectropion is performed by various methods: cryosurgery involves the removal of pathology with liquid nitrogen, surgical diathermy is the use of electric current. Considered the most advanced method of laser and radio wave removal. In the most severe cases, to avoid further erosion of transformation into a malignant tumor, used a technique of conization – removal of the damaged portion of the cervix.

An indispensable element in the treatment of eroded cervical ectropion is drug therapy that can be administered before surgical intervention and after it. Conservative treatment gynecological pathology involves the use of hormonal, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs. Often also prescribed and anti-inflammatory drugs and multivitamin complexes that help to restore a high level of protective forces of an organism.

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What you need to remember after removal of the ectropion?

In most cases, the restoration of the cervix and its return to normal operation occurs over 6 – 7 weeks after the surgical removal of the eroded ectropion. Prior to the expiration of this period, observe the following rules.

  1. For a period of 6 to 7 weeks is necessary to refuse from sexual life.
  2. It is prohibited to play sports or any other kind of physical activity. Also not allowed to lift weights is a rule you need to follow at least 8 – 10 weeks after surgery.
  3. You should also not visit a bath, sauna, Solarium, swimming pool and public bathing.
  4. During menstruation do not use tampons – allowed only for sanitary pads.
  5. For carrying out hygienic measures should be a shower, a bath is contraindicated.
  6. It is also necessary to abandon the vaginal douching.
  7. To avoid the possibility of infection should carefully follow the hygiene of the external genitalia, especially after urination or defecation.