Erosion of the labia: the path of origin and types of treatment

The changes occurring in the external genitals, do not go unnoticed, because once there is a feeling of discomfort. The most unpleasant signs observed, if the labia appear uncharacteristic rash. In such situations, doctors state vulvitis or other pathology, trying to figure out the nature of the process.

Especially the vulva in women

In the medical environment, disease labia are referred to collectively as the vulva, although this definition may hide several different diseases, is the root cause of the pathological process. Of course, inflammation can develop independently, but more often it becomes the companion of a serious internal disorders. To identify the disease by the following characteristic symptoms:

  • Itching in the crotch area;
  • Change the color of the external genitalia;
  • Pain.

Also, there is a burning sensation, swelling and redness of the perineum, the rash of different nature, strong selection uncharacteristic for the norm of color, smell.

Such signs can develop regardless of age, so to detect a violation even in childhood. The most severe variant of the disease becomes the transition of erosive lesions in education, which without proper treatment can turn into ulcers.

Erosion of the labia is often the consequence of these changes in the body:

  1. Infectious processes in internal genital organs. We are talking about salpingooforit, salpingitis, oophoritis, candidiasis, and herpes.
  2. Disruption of the functioning of the endocrine system and liver.
  3. The development of neuro-psychological disorders of any degree, prolonged stress.
  4. The failure of hormonal background in the result of age-related body changes or menopause.
  5. Lack of personal hygiene.
  6. Long-term antibiotic therapy.

Also among the reasons it is worth noting venereal lymphogranulomatosis, acute ulcer of the vulva Lipshutz-Chapin, which is characterized by the lesion of the internal surface of labia and coating erosion tinge with purulent contents. Experts suggest a major motivating factor in the development of such a process becomes a severe allergic reaction, which triggers the propagation of a vaginal wand. However, the exact causes of the disorders is still unclear. Most often erosion are due to the action of the first group of factors. Particularly negative impact on the delicate mucus membrane of the inner and outer lips herpes and fungi Candida.

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Erosion as a result of herpes

This viral disease in most cases is ascertained by the presence of the labia watery blisters. In gynecology, a pathology referred to as genital herpes. If the breach develops primarily, to the external manifestations are added swelling, burning, painful sensations on the affected areas.

In the absence of treatment begins active progression of the pathological process, resulting in temperature rises, there is a General malaise, severe weakness in the muscles. After a short period of time the mucous membranes are affected by erosion. Such formations are called chancre. Their feature is the presence of a solid base with sharp edges and contours. Spot size varies between 5 mm – 2 cm in diameter, the bottom is a different brown or a bright red color. In parallel begins the inflammation of the lymph nodes located in the groin area.

If at the initial stage to start treatment, you can eliminate symptoms and recovery within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, once manifested the herpes virus is characterized by a tendency to relapse, and eruptions and subsequent erosion occur mainly in one place, and pain with each repetition of exacerbation significantly reduced. For healing enough 1 week or 10 days.

Erosion candidiasis

Thrush or candidiasis is one of the deep systemic pathologies, which increases the likelihood of development of sepsis with failure of various organs — from the liver and lungs to the digestive tract. Also a characteristic feature of candidiasis is the development of the inflammatory process in the organs of the urogenital system and, in particular, of the labia.

We can say that such a superficial lesion is one of the most likely scenarios for the development of the disease. The infection can occur both in intimacy and without direct sexual contact. In order for the Candida fungi have acquired pathogenic properties, there should be certain conditions. For example, a breeding ground for fungus be hypothermia, stress and weakening of the nervous system, the development of immune disorders.

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Normal on mucous membranes of humans there is always a certain amount of this flora, but once activated, the fungus begins to grow rapidly, forming a large number of filamentous forms called pseudomycelium. The newly formed cells, differing pathogenic properties, are fixed on a mucosal epithelium, safely merging with glycogen rich cells. Then they gradually destroy these cells being their parasites, which appear erosive lesions.

A symptom of Candida vulvitis is a presence on the mucous membranes of the labia cheesy whitish mass, which can be both even and grouped. After removing with a cotton swab this white film open minor surface erosion is bright red. Sometimes single erosive foci merge into a single extensive redness.

Treatment of erosion of the labia

Therapy when the vulva is a complex of events through which you can resolve external inflammatory process and influence the precipitating cause. In the scheme necessarily includes the bath with medicines, lotions, douching. Also the labia necessarily treated with ointments and creams targeted actions. Effective enough to be used vnutrivaginalno suppositories.

Antibiotics are essential medicines in the vulva of any nature. Assign them can only be a specialist, based on the specific pathogen, which help to identify previously conducted tests. Another optional event is a therapeutic diet with the following main principle – the exclusion from the diet of sweet, salty and spicy dishes.

For genital herpes achieve their results with the help of such measures:

  • Medicines, providing the causal or antiviral effect. They are necessary for suppression of the virus.
  • The purpose of the funds in the framework of pathogenetic therapy. We are talking about the immunomodulators, which include drugs like raising and lowering the immune status and influence on the individual links.
  • Receiving funds for the symptomatic treatment of to help eliminate itching, burning, pain and fever.

Can note detached drugs of direct action that directly affect the virus. Is an antiviral medication, which belong to the group of synthetic analogues of purine nucleosides acyclic type. One of the main means is Acyclovir.

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Outer treatment genital with genital herpes spend by Tromantadine or Hebberoy in which, in addition to the main active substances that slow the reproduction and growth of virus particles present interferon. As a result of using this ointment the rash and the resulting erosion heal very quickly, and the itching and pain are eliminated already after the first applications. You can use the recipes of traditional medicine, recommending it to lubricate the affected areas with the juice of celandine ointments on the basis of potato and Apple. If you experience relapses, you should consider the use of a herpes vaccine.

As for Candida vulvitis, the principle of treatment remains the same, but using tools that suppress the vital activity of the yeast-like fungus Candida. We are talking about Nystatin, Clotrimazole and other medicines which are produced in the form of tablets for oral administration, and vaginal suppositories. Ideally, you should conduct comprehensive therapy using both.

As can be seen, the development of erosions in the genital region require long and complex treatment, so you should think about the prevention of precipitating such a state of pathology. Preventive measures include strict adherence to principles of personal hygiene, contraception, using condoms and a healthy lifestyle, which affects the immune system responsible for the body’s susceptibility to negative external influence.