Essential oil nose from a cold for adults and children

Which essential oils help?

A runny nose is one of the most unpleasant manifestations, indicating the development of colds or sensitization of the organism. Manifestations almost in every case are accompanied by nasal congestion, increased secretory discharge and mucus. It is worth noting that the disease is in the independent form occurs very rarely: the most common rhinitis occurs on the background of other diseases. The common cold affects people of different ages, not an exception, and young children.

Despite the fact that snot is a very common phenomenon, their occurrence cannot be ignored. Not doliczany runny nose often becomes protracted and may result in chronicity of the process and development of complications. Ways of treating cold-related runny nose today abound. One of them is the aromatherapy – use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. Let us consider what essential oils help and how they can be applied.

Essential oils from the common cold

The use of essential oils is quite effective and safe method for the treatment and prevention of rhinitis. The advantages of this method are useful to consider in more detail.

The main advantage of essential oils is the absence of contraindications, except individual intolerance. Most essential oils have no side effects and have a pronounced healing effect.

Home remedies based on medicinal plants are safer than synthetic medicines.

That aromatic substances of some plants have a beneficial effect on the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, it is known rather for a long time.

Ancient physicians of Russia has noticed that the swelling of the nose and the snot was held in the Commission exploring the areas with pine plantations.

The result was studied the beneficial properties of some plants, from which later were produced concentrated aromatic oil, and developed effective treatments for the common cold. Ways to use essential oils there are many.

Essential oils from the common cold can be administered for the treatment of children of all ages. In particular, since the age of 12 you can use any essential oil if your child has no allergies to them.

Methods of use

To accelerate the recovery is possible if to work with a mixture of oils on the active anatomical points:

  • frontal area;
  • wings;
  • sinus olfactory organ.

To provide the desired effect really soaked in oil sterile cloth and putting it on the night next to the bed: the aroma will spread and will certainly have an impact on the inflamed membranes of the nose.

Widely used:

  • inhalations with essential oils;
  • hot baths with their Appendix;
  • treatment drops, whose recipes have been repeatedly tested in practice.

What essential oils are most effective against the common cold, it is advisable to consider in more detail.

Tea tree

Tea tree oil is made from its leaves through distillation.

Among all the varieties of this plant has healing properties Melaleuca alternifolia.

The composition of the finished tool includes the complex of active substances, thus ensuring an antiseptic, antifungal, wound healing and antiviral activity.

Means inhibits the reproduction of pathogens and bacteria, including staphylococcal, streptococcal, gonococcal infection, pneumococci, E. coli and some fungi. In addition, it effectively reduces inflammation and may act as immunomodulator.

The disinfectant quality of the obtained product allow to use it in the field of cosmetology and to use in medical practice for the hygienic procedures.

Tea tree oil can be included in the treatment regimen, if the baby is more than 6 months.

The tool helps to relieve symptoms of the common cold. The therapeutic effect is achieved quickly. Moreover, the nature of occurrence of rhinitis’t matter, since we are talking about relieving the main signs: the removal of swelling of the mucous membrane, reducing the production of mucus and the suspension of the inflammatory process. Treatment is aimed at normalization of nasal breathing and the disappearance of the manifestations of the disease.

Besides the fact that the product tea tree is a natural antiseptic, it has a diaphoretic action that promotes the excretion of toxins and other harmful elements. Thanks to this range of action is detoxification, but recovery is achieved much faster.

Tea tree cannot be used:

  • hypersensitive to its components;
  • during pregnancy.

Method use in rhinitis

With rhinitis the product for inhalation: in hot water add some drops of substance. In the absence of temperature as a healing procedure, you can prepare a hot bath. Today it can be ordered in the sauna.

Medical pair will do the job: will have an antiseptic effect on the upper respiratory system, disinfects the nasal mucous membranes and even the skin. Therefore, pathogens will lose all the chances and the disease will retreat.

A lengthy rehabilitation at home can be smeared essential oil areas near the wings of the nose.


Eucalyptus oil has a unique composition and contains a large number of components, including tannin, acid and flavonoids. The substance is widely used in medicine. With its help you can easily get rid of a cold.

The product has antibacterial and antiviral properties, relieves inflammation, improves the immune system and has a regenerating effect. In addition, eucalyptus increases concentration, perfectly supports the body and helps to cope with diseases of a catarrhal nature.

Read more about how to use eucalyptus oil from a cold can be read here.

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Sea buckthorn

Very popular in the treatment of rhinitis uses sea buckthorn oil. It includes vitamins C and E, which provides antioxidant effects.

The product is made from the fruit of a shrub. The result is a great tool, which has anti-inflammatory, regenerating effect and is able to provide antimicrobial and healing effect.

Ways to use sea buckthorn oil for the treatment of rhinitis:

  • inhalation;
  • instillation of nose drops 3 drops 4 times a day until complete disappearance of symptoms of the disease.

Thanks to the sufficient content in the oil of vitamin C, it is achieved by strengthening the vascular walls that allows you to quickly remove the swelling and reduce the production of mucus. Therefore, the symptoms of a cold disappear much faster.

With regard to contraindications, their sea buckthorn oil has virtually no. In very rare cases, its use can cause allergies. In all other cases, the tool provides a persistent therapeutic effect, regardless of the method of its application: externally as inhalations, internally.


Known for its healing properties and fir oil, which is made from the needles and shoots of this plant. Home to fir trees are Siberian forest. In these areas built and companies involved in their processing with the aim of obtaining fir oil.

The finished product is a highly concentrated liquid composition, having a pronounced odor. The composition includes tannins, making the substance easy to carry.

Learn about the uses of pine oil against rhinitis and sinusitis, as well as to read reviews, click here.

Product has disinfectant and antimicrobial properties, relieves inflammation and allows you to get rid of puffiness and nasal congestion. A pronounced therapeutic effect is achieved also due to the vasoconstrictor effects of essential oil of fir.

The product can be used in pure form and as additives for extra inhalations, hot baths, for the treatment and disinfection of air. Medicinal scent of fir is able to quickly cure any cold and to restore immune defenses. Due to its influence manage to get rid of germs and viral infections.

Extensive use of pine oil were found in the baths and saunas: the penetration of medicinal substances occurs with the steam. Handled not only the upper Airways but also the whole body. Runny nose after such procedures as a hand shoots.

The tool has the following contraindications:

  • treatment prohibited women in the state;
  • when using do not drink alcohol.

The TUI oil

The essential oil of thuja is extracted from the cones and needles of an evergreen plant belonging to the family Cupressaceae. Received resinous substance has a truly healing properties.

It has long been used for the treatment and prevention of rhinitis and other respiratory diseases, characterized by a complicated course. In addition to rhinitis, the TUI oil helps in adenoids, sinusitis, and loss of vitality and chronic fatigue.

For the treatment of rhinitis remedy should be used in the form of drops or as a special solution for rinsing. Signs of rhinitis stoped almost instantly, because the TUI oil is able to exert a complex effect on the nasal mucosa: a vasoconstrictor, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.

During pregnancy to use this tool, unfortunately, is prohibited. Otherwise you can provoke a miscarriage.


Essential oils are a wonderful medicinal and preventive remedy for the treatment of rhinitis, regardless of the nature of its origin.

It could be allergic rhinitis, symptomatic manifestations arising on a background of SARS and the impact of bacterial infection and exacerbation of sinusitis and rhinitis, passed into the chronic form. Treatment with the use of aromatic substances is effective and safe.

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