Estrogen: is a hormone that for what it is for women

Not every woman knows what a hormone estrogen. In gynaecology definition, estrogens in women is a group of sex hormones that also in a minimal amount contained in the male body. Are the different types of estrogens, the main one is estrone, estriol and estradiol. Today more details take a look at what estrogen is, what it is responsible for hormone, as well as the impact of estrogens on the body of women.

Estrogens what it is, their types

Were interested in girls, where it produces estrogen? Mainly estrogen in women is produced in the ovaries. The view that this hormone can be produced only in the female body is incorrect. Production of estrogen also takes place in the testes in men, of course, in much smaller numbers. They are reproduced in the adrenal cortex.

Estrogen is a female hormone that helps to determine the physical and psychological condition. The female sex hormone estrogen is the steroids, which most often are produced by the follicular. Deficiency may lead to brittle bones and other health problems.

Estrogens are female sex hormones influence sexual maturation of adolescent girls, in the conception and birth of a child, the level of calcium in the body, and metabolic processes.

Estrogenic hormones are of three types:

  • Estron. It helps stimulate uterine normal development and proper growth in it mucosa.
  • Estradiol. This hormone, which is considered the most important in the female body, if it finds a deficiency, he introduced artificially with injections. On the basis of the hormone make a lot of contraceptives in pill form. Thanks to him, women have formed a feminine figure, delicate voice, improves condition of skin, the skin becomes soft and supple.
  • Estriol. This hormone is formed from the above. Generally, during pregnancy in urine revealed elevated levels of hormone, it is the norm, as it contributes to normal functioning of the fetus and affects on the female body, supporting placental work.
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For example, in the period of carrying a child, hormone estrogen in a woman’s body produces in the placenta, this hormone level of productivity increases. In other periods of life the hormone is produced during the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle. But in menopause they have already reproduced adrenal cortex. If there is insufficient need to use hormonal therapy. So we figured out what is estrogens.

What is the role of estrogen: the main function

Why do we need these hormones, you ask? Because they are directly responsible for sexual maturation and fertility of each woman. The regular period is the first sign that the body a sufficient amount of sex hormone. The effect of estrogen on a woman’s body is invaluable, because thanks to him each lady can and should carry out her main mission in life is to become a mother.

The main functions of estrogen:

Feminization. In adolescence the girls at the time of puberty actively produced these hormones. They help to shape secondary sexual characteristics, such as:

  • the breast size;
  • the body becomes more rounded, feminine;
  • develops a uterus, fallopian tubes and vagina.

Reproductive. This function determines that they meet the hormones:

  • they promote cell growth in the vagina and produce mucus, this helps to create an environment in which capable of surviving sperm cells;helps the maturation of the egg and are responsible for ovulation;
  • if conception occurred, contribute to the preservation of the ovum;
  • in the absence of conception, helping the detachment of endometrium and begin monthly;
  • normalize blood flow to the placenta during pregnancy;
  • promote active reproduction of the cells of the milk glands, thereby preparing them for lactation period.
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Other. Also besides the basic functions, the estrogen receptor is responsible for a variety of different processes that occur in the body:

  • pressure;
  • cholesterol;
  • the absorption of calcium;
  • the normal functioning of liver;
  • mental activity, etc.

The level of estrogen in the blood: normal

In order to determine the level required to take a blood test. Usually, it is prescribed to women who have problems with reproductive organs subsequently conceiving.

For more reliable results, the test should be done on an empty stomach, in the second phase of the cycle, after ovulation took place. On the eve of necessary sexual and physical peace, you also need to refrain from drinking alcohol.

Estrogen level should be within:

  • to 12 years of age from 5 to 22 PG/ml;
  • of childbearing age – from 11 to 191 PG/ml;
  • after menopause, from 5 to 90 PG/ml.

It also happens that disturbed the level of elaboration, so also need to know about the reasons which may affect the level of performance.

The causes of the violations

When it comes to the level of the hormone in the first place this refers to the rate of estradiol in the blood.

Reasons for deviations from the norm can be:

  • bleeding of unknown etiology;
  • miscarriage;
  • problems with conception, infertility;
  • polyps, various neoplasms genitals and mammary glands.

Lack of the hormone in fertile age and during puberty may indicate hypogonadism. Significant deficiency in premenopausal and postmenopausal women, indicating the need for hormonal therapy. If during pregnancy a decreased level of estriol in the blood – that is, hypoplasia of the placenta and such situations lead to miscarriage.

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As a rule, a surplus and an increased level happens when a woman is sick with endometriosis, fibroids, inflammatory diseases that are chronic, hyperplasia, and there are problems with the ovaries during menopause. Excessive excess can indicate the presence of tumors hormoneproducing character.