Eucalyptus essential oil from a cold in the nose: application

How to make eucalyptus oil from a cold?

If nasal congestion many people immediately run to the pharmacy for ear drops. However, such funds only temporarily relieve cold symptoms.

Eucalyptus oil from a cold can be used not only for the treatment of adult patients. Helps including children who often suffer from colds.


In the leaves of eucalyptus contains about 40 compounds, which have beneficial effects on humans. The present composition of the following substances:

  • essential oils (4.5 percent);
  • myrtenol;
  • pinene;
  • tanning connection.

What action has eucalyptus oil

The means prescribed to patients suffering from a cold. Thanks to its unique composition, the product has multiple qualities:

  • destroys pathogenic microorganisms in the sinuses;
  • reduces the temperature;
  • inhibits viruses;
  • has an expectorant action in case of sore throat;
  • prevents drying of mucous membranes of the nose.

The evkaliptola is the active substance of the drug. It protects the person from re-infection. Be sure to consider the individual characteristics of the organism.


Attention! The use of eucalyptus oil when cold can cause Allergy symptoms.

There are several ways of using the drug. Below we will examine them in detail .


To get rid of a cold using steam inhalation. To do this, simply fill the inhaler with hot water and add a few drops of the drug. Couples need to breathe, covered with a towel. Medical procedure takes about 7 minutes.

Important! After treatment you can immediately go out. Swipe in the room at least 20 minutes. During inhalation the heat of the mucous membranes of the nose. Exposure to cold air can lead to deterioration of the patient.

Nasal lavage

When cold helps lavage saline. To enhance the therapeutic effect in the solution need to add a small amount of the drug.

Aroma treatments are offered

As equipment for the procedure used in an oil burner.

Mix together 20 drops each of eucalyptus oil and 100 ml of vodka. Evaporation of the therapeutic substance will get into the air.

Due to aromatization, you can eliminate nasal congestion and strengthen the protective functions of the organism.

You can also use another recipe. During the procedure the upper part of the bulb need to pour a small amount of water and drip into the liquid a small amount of eucalyptus oil.

In the lower part of the device put a small candle. The fire will heat the solution and the air in the room quickly filled with a pleasant aroma.

Important! During the preparation of the mixture for aromatherapy, consider the area of the room. To saturate healing pairs 5 sq metres will require only 1 drop of the drug.

The first sessions should not be more than 20 minutes. The body has to get used to irritating mucous components. In the future, you can increase the duration of the procedure up to an hour. Do not leave your baby in the room unattended.

The disinfectant must not be used for the treatment of runny nose in a child up to one year. Some kids reveal allergies to components of the drug. In this case, you need to stop taking money.

Instructions for use of tincture of eucalyptus

The tincture from the common cold is not used in its pure form. It should be mixed with oil or water.

High concentration of active substance can damage the mucous membranes of the nose.

The recommended dose for the treatment of adult patients with the help of steam inhalation is 15 drops.

Duration of procedures depends on the form of the disease. The hardest people with symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

Peculiarities of treatment of children

The tool never use the kids to. Washing of this solution can cause burns to the mucous membranes.

Eucalyptus essential oil is almost insoluble in water. It falls to wash the surface clean.

To reduce the concentration evkaliptola, you need to use vegetable oil (sea buckthorn, sunflower). To prepare the mixture, pour into the bowl with a teaspoon of oil and add a few drops of the drug.

Eucalyptus from cough for children older than one year need to be applied with great caution. The tool can be used when secretions from the nose. Treatment of children is carried out under the supervision of a physician.

For the treatment of rhinitis in children at home is also recommended Kalanchoe.

And here more about how to use the plant for adults.

Find out about additional treatments at home.


Eucalyptus oil can harm the health of the patient in the following cases:

  • a person allergic to certain substances contained in the oil;
  • the patient is suffering from bronchial asthma;
  • tool do not use on open wounds;
  • an obstacle to the use of oil are infectious diseases.


Eucalyptus oil has a strong bactericidal action.

It destroys harmful bacteria and viruses that aktiviziruyutsya colds.

The tool relieves nasal congestion, relieves symptoms of rhinitis.

However, this tool cannot be used in the treatment of babies up to a year. Pure eucalyptus oil could cause burns to mucous membranes.

To reduce the concentration of the drug used vegetable oil. In the treatment of eucalyptus oil children older than one year need to be careful. Before using the medication please consult with your doctor.

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