Fallopian ring uterine prolapse: the use of features

Eventually after various diseases of the vagina and uterus lose their former, firmer shape. Especially with such a problem faced by women in the age 40-50 years. Uterine prolapse is a disease in which the uterus drops down as if going outside of the reproductive zone. First, is discomfort, secondly, increase the chances of infection and damage to the body. In practice, for the treatment of uterine prolapse use pelvic ring (pessary). Similarly it can be applied to position correction of the vagina.

Ring in prolapse of the uterus: what is it and why is it?

Fallopian ring or pessary is a silicone medical device which is sufficiently flexible and elastic. They are designed to create additional support commit sexual organ in its wrong position, displacement. Rings made of flexible silicone.

Performs the functions of barrier, preventing the prolapse of the uterus, majevica, rectum or sagging of the mucous membranes of the vaginal walls. Ring of the uterus is so elastic that when it is installing it in seconds receives the desired position and shape. At the same time, not restricting movement of women, without causing discomfort, over time, the ring is not felt.

The pessaries come in different forms:

  • thin;
  • pessary Hodge – curved;
  • in the form of a mushroom;
  • conventional or perforated pan shape;
  • urethral type;
  • tandem;
  • cubic;
  • pan-urethral type;
  • adaptation.

Also gynecological diameter of the ring can be different. Minimum 50mm maximum 100mm.

Distinguish another type:

  • Obstetric. Used for pregnant women if there is a threat of premature birth or as a preventive measure isthmic-cervical insufficiency.
  • Gynecological. Used for treatment when the prolapse/prolapse of the uterus or other reproductive organs.
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To determine the correct size, type and form can a qualified doctor based on the stage and location of the problem!

Still you should pay attention that there is a ring of uterine and vaginal there, and they differ from each other. Vaginal – perform the functions of shielding the type, are a method of contraception, and tubal are used exclusively for medical purposes.

To purchase a ring can be in pharmacy or a specialized store of medical equipment, after consultation with a gynecologist, who will advise what ring of the uterus must be purchased.

During prolapse or uterine prolapse – this condition must be treated, namely, to establish a Royal ring (pessary). If nothing is done, the woman will be more susceptible to infection and infection, may occur cervicitis or vaginitis.

Because of this abnormal position of the uterus, the mucous wall of majevica and the vagina can change the position of the urethra, which subsequently provokes urinary incontinence, causing emotional and physical discomfort.

Moreover, with prolapse of the uterus, she is cramping, disrupted the normal blood supply, and have serious consequences.

Today the pessary employs many women, choosing the optimal shape and size option. And rightly so. If you want to live the same life, the installation of the pessary rings are simply necessary.

The reviews are positive, the result effective with the right choice of shape, size and type ring.

The pessaries: indications and contraindications

There are some reasons why the woman herself wants to install contraceptive ring or on the recommendation of a gynecologist:

  • the woman on the segment refuses surgery;
  • prophylactic treatment of the reproductive organs before surgery;
  • prolapse/uterine prolapse;
  • diagnosis of urinary incontinence;
  • to track the results of surgical therapy;
  • to continue the pregnancy.
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Typically, conventional contraindication is intolerance of or Allergy to components, of which made the ring as well:

  • congenital abnormalities of the genital organs;
  • cervical erosion;
  • colpitis;
  • various formations in the pelvic cavity;
  • the inflammatory process in the cervix;
  • bleeding;
  • infectious diseases of acute nature.

Sometimes, you may also experience adverse reactions in the form of inflammation of majevica because of the pressure on his diaphragm. Can occur inflammation of the mucous membranes of the vaginal walls, which touch the walls of the ring.

Pessary: installation steps

First, of course, the procedure is performed by a gynecologist in an outpatient setting. In the future, the woman can set the ring into the uterus.

Before the procedure be sure to pass comprehensive laboratory and medical examinations. If there are diseases inflammatory and infectious character, they need to be cured.

Gynecological is sold non-sterile, therefore, before the introduction of it must be rinsed in boiling water or sterilized. You can also use aldehydebase solutions, steam or hot air. So that the introduction was quick and easy, as a rule, use vaseline.

The introduction is in a horizontal position. The ring is compressed with the hands, to install it should be as deep, convex side against the cervix. If properly chosen model and size after the manipulation a woman should not feel discomfort and pain. At first, will feel his presence, as it is a bit unusual, over time, the woman just will get used and will cease to feel anything.

Remember, if the item is not intended for permanent use, it every time before maintenance should be treated with antiseptic.

After it has been installed for two months every 14 days to visit the gynecologist. Such measures are necessary to ensure that you and the doctor made sure that the pessary is in proper position and will not lead to complications.

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On average, contraceptive ring used for about six months, it all depends on the stage of the disease. If the pessary cubic or mushroom-shaped, it is permissible to use up to 30 days in a row. But after 2 weeks you need to pass inspection, then after 30 days you will see a gynecologist again and so 3 months in a row.

Contraceptive ring is used when the prolapse/prolapse of the uterus. It can also contribute to the delay of the operation or even its necessity. It is quite possible, if wearing a pelvic ring combined with exercises to strengthen muscles.