Filling material in the maxillary sinus — the consequences

What will happen if the maxillary sinus will be taken filling material?

Today, more and more pressing issue is penetration of a foreign body in the maxillary sinus. Fixed more cases in the maxillary sinus detected by the seal. In this case, the person experiences a permanent runny nose, pain in the head and lack of smell.

Most often, the foreign object remains after the treatment at the dentist and need to get urgently, as ignoring this issue can be a dangerous outcome.

About the neighborhood of the teeth and sinuses

The consequences of filling material in the maxillary sinus is unpredictable: they may lead to surgical intervention or the development of dangerous and even chronic complications.

The proximity of the maxillary sinus and upper rows of teeth are dangerous to human health because of individual structures of the tooth roots. They can have different length and size. Therefore, in the case of the treatment of wisdom teeth, the dentist needs to monitor their actions carefully.

Recall that the maxillary sinus is located above the upper jaw of a person. It takes about ten centimeters in the nose, and the bottom of the sinus in contact with the wisdom teeth.

The bosom is covered with a mucous membrane which is exposed to various inflammatory infections and more serious diseases such as sinusitis.

This area performs several important functions. The maxillary sinus is responsible for air circulation and resonate own voice.

So getting any infection or even the fillings in the maxillary sinus is a serious and dangerous aspect. Consider a few reasons of ingress of foreign bodies in this cavity:

  1. In the first place a foreign object can get into the dentist’s office.
  2. Neglect health and ignore processes in the oral cavity.
  3. In a special, but extremely rare cases, there is a lack of hygiene.

Inflammatory disease of the maxillary sinus usually appears on one side only, but in some situations it is noted from bilateral inflammation.

This disease affecting the upper teeth called maxillary sinusitis.

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Signs of hit of a foreign body

To confirm the presence of a foreign object in the region of the maxillary sinus is enough to know a few signs. About them usually represent inflammatory processes in this area:

  1. When tilting the head down the person experiences pain in the region of the sinuses. The patient has the feeling as if facial bone is squeezed out under pressure.
  2. After sleep a person may experience the feeling of heavy head. This feeling may also cause lack of sleep.
  3. Loss of appetite related to the problem of chewing products. Patients often develop pain when swallowing food.
  4. In special cases, the person formed purulent or watery discharge. Have an unpleasant odor.
  5. Increased body temperature up to 39 degrees Celsius.
  6. Strong swelling of the cheeks.
  7. Fatigue, General weakness.
  8. Nausea and vomiting.

These symptoms are symptoms of such diseases as sinusitis. In any case the patient must listen to the signals of the body and consult a qualified physician for diagnosis and treatment.

Unfortunately, getting a foreign object in the maxillary sinus always unexpected. Size getting fillings or even a tooth depends on the individual peculiarities of human structure.

To determine the location of the subject is necessary to pass a photograph taken with x-rays. In addition, be surveyed with the help of computer tomography and other elements that help to determine the location.

If you do not start releasing the sinuses from the extra subject at the first symptoms, the person may appear incredible headaches, loss of sleep. In more severe cases, note memory loss.

As a foreign object can get into the maxillary region

According to statistics, over forty percent of the ingress of foreign object in the maxillary sinus associated with professional dental treatment. As the top row of teeth is in close proximity to the maxillary sinus, while the fillings can be a perforation of the upper jaw.

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In this case, the filling material easily falls into the described area. Because natural thin walled upper region of the mouth, a foreign object easily held in the wall of the maxillary sinus.

The appearance of holes between the teeth and the maxillary sinus dangerous to human health. Therefore, in this case, required emergency surgery.

Other reasons for the appearance of the holes include the large size of the roots of teeth. Remember that in the maxillary area can get not only the seal, but also small objects which could carry out an external examination of the tooth.

But it is not always the ingress of foreign objects associated with a visit to the dentist. There are cases of exacerbation due to endodontic treatment.

In all cases it is necessary to conduct an operation to remove a foreign object. In the case of an experienced specialist, this problem can already be noticed in the dentist chair.

Foreign body in the maxillary sinus — surgery

Pay attention to the following factors when visiting the dentist. If you have excessive bleeding from the mouth, and you can’t lighten up – this is a clear sign of contact with a foreign object in the maxillary region. In addition, note the following symptoms:

  1. In the case of exhalation through the nose causes blood.
  2. A person feels the flow of air in the mouth.
  3. The change of voice.

All these factors indicate that the problem that needs to be urgently addressed. In this case, the patient is assigned a CT scan and x-rays.

It is important to determine the exact number of foreign objects! In case of contact with a large number of extra items should seek immediate medical help.

Treatment involves medication and antibiotic therapy and surgical intervention.

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To extract a foreign object in one of two ways:

  1. The operation through the nasal area.
  2. In the case of a large amount getting extra items opened gums.

The operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes thirty minutes.

After a successful surgery is assigned antibiotic therapy. This is to prevent the occurrence of sinusitis and other inflammatory processes.

In addition, the patient is assigned to a preventive measure and rate a vitamin. And the patient must monitor their diet and prevent the re-perforations.

Remember that any surgical intervention has a negative impact on the immune status of the patient. So be sure to take as many vitamins as well as vegetables and fruits.


Remember that a foreign body in the body can cause some serious inflammation. At the first sign of a foreign object in the maxillary region urgently need to see a specialist. Impact of a foreign body in the maxillary cavity can be very sad.

This inflammation provokes inflammatory disease of the mucosa, which may have several forms or formation of cysts.