Fir oil from the cold: the children and reviews, inhalation

Can I drip into the nose in case of rhinitis and sinusitis fir oil?

Fir oil is a natural antibiotic that destroys pathogenic microorganisms. It helps eliminate inflammation in the sinuses. By reducing swelling facilitates nasal breathing.


Fir oil contains the following ingredients:

  1. Tannins prevent the development of inflammatory processes.
  2. Ascorbic acid strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
  3. Carotenes enhance immunity and protect cells.
  4. Turpentine has a strong bactericidal effect and helps with various colds. However, you should consider dosage, since this substance is irritating to the mucous membranes of the nose.
  5. Phytoncides inhibit the activity of pathogenic bacteria.
  6. Borneol improves blood circulation.

As raw material for the production of oil used needles, bark and cones of Siberian fir.

Can I use fir oil in its purest form?

Many patients do not know how to use fir oil to me. Experts believe that the concentrated oil solution may cause edema.

In humans is irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose, and poor health. Fir oil with a cold in children can only be used in diluted form.

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Side effects

The drug can cause severe allergies in patients, regardless of age. Essential oils are forbidden to drip into the nose, patients with damage to the mucous membranes. The composition of the oil contains substances that have a strong irritant effect. Doctors prohibit the use of fir oil in the sinus for the treatment of children under 2 years.

Methods of treating sinusitis with the help of pine oil

There are several options for the use of funds for getting rid of unpleasant symptoms.

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Instillation of the drug in the nose

To help patients suffering from sinusitis, you can use a few recipes drops:

  1. Pour into the bowl with 100 ml of water and add the solution to 4-5 drops of the drug.
  2. Mix together tbsp. vegetable oil with 2 drops of this liquid.

Important! Before the procedure to clear nasal passages of accumulated secretions. The optimum temperature of the resulting solution should be not more than 38 degrees.

Be sure to press the wings of the nose to the cartilage to liquid faster got mucous. Now you need to wait about 10 minutes. Then remove from the sinuses mucus and apply on nose a small quantity of pine oil.

How to use the tool for inhalation

During the evaporation the product instantly penetrates to areas affected by pathogenic microorganisms.

The fir oil has a strong antiseptic effect. The tool is designed to kill harmful bacteria that are actively developing in the sinus.

To perform the procedure add a liter of water 15 drops of extract of fir. Medical infusion should cool down to 50 degrees.

The average duration of inhalation of 10 minutes. After the procedure the patient remains only to clear the nasal passages of mucus.

A pair of essential oil can cause spasms of the bronchi in infants under 2 years. The procedure should be performed no more than 2 times a day, as there may be allergic reactions.

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Use rubbing

During the massage the patient increases circulation.

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Improvement of microcirculation of blood in the nose helps drain excess fluid.

This way you can eliminate the edema of the nasopharynx.

Grinding accelerates the regeneration of the affected cells. After the procedure the person increases immunity. To prepare a solution to the friction you need to mix vegetable and fir oil in the ratio of 3:1.

Don’t forget to warm the mixture to 40 degrees. The oil solution should be gently rubbed into the nose and wings of the nose.

Important! After a session you can’t go out. Massage is best done before bedtime.


Before treatment sinusitis fir oil is enough to read the reviews of people who have used this tool.

Elena, Ekaterinburg: my son has a profuse nasal discharge and discomfort in the nose. The doctors said it was symptoms of chronic sinusitis. The child was referred for physiotherapy and advised to take antibiotics. However, after a few months the child started to cough. Experts have advised to try fir oil.

Started to do regular inhalation. After a few sessions noticed that the amount of slime decreased. The child ceased to complain of a headache.

Marina, Moscow: for several years, suffer from chronic sinusitis. Terribly afraid to do the punctures, since I have heard about this procedure a lot of negative reviews.

Decided to try folk remedies, as they do not cause harm to the body. As a drug for the treatment of sinusitis chose fir oil.

It has a pleasant pine scent and is a good antiseptic. After a few sessions inhalations noticed that the body condition has improved markedly. Passed runny nose and increased efficiency. Now use the tool periodically for the prevention of colds.

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Alexander, Saint-Petersburg: From a cold suffer for more than 10 years. Doctor said need to undergo physical therapy. However, to completely get rid of the runny nose failed. Colleagues at work advised me to take baths with pine extract.

Was received a positive result from the use of the drug. Already forgot when the last time they took sick leave.


Many patients are unable to get rid of symptoms of sinusitis with the help of this oil. The tool destroys pathogenic microorganisms that multiply in the sinuses of the patient.

Fir oil has a strong irritant effect on mucosal surfaces.

For reducing the concentration you can use boiled water or vegetable oil. The drug can drip into the nose, use for massage or to conduct inhalation. Tool prohibited use in the treatment of sinusitis in babies up to 2 years.