First aid for nosebleeds: first aid

How to give first aid for nosebleeds?

Bleeding from the nose quite often phenomenon and occurs in every person. In order to quickly stop the flow of blood from the nose, you should know how to provide first aid and to prevent possible causes of the disease.

Causes of bleeding

There are many different factors influencing the development of this unpleasant phenomenon, and first aid for nosebleed also depends on the possible causes of its appearance.

The main causes of disease:

  • getting mechanical injuries of the nose occurs after a physical impact or during hygiene procedures;
  • excessive dryness of the mucous membranes of the nose develops in the dry air in the room. To prevent this problem, you can use special moisturizers;
  • violation of coagulation of blood occurs when taking thinning medications (acetylsalicylic acid) and pathological changes in the body;
  • the lack of vitamins A and C, as these substances are responsible for svorachivanie blood and the fragility of blood vessels. To increase their quantity in the body is preferable to use products containing nutrients (spinach, cabbage, avocado, soy, eggs, oil, olives, dairy products, citrus fruits, black and red currant);
  • the presence of dystonia is also the indirect cause of bleeding, if, during the course of the disease have a bad headaches and tinnitus. In the course of the disease there are pressure drops, which adversely affects the condition of blood vessels and can lead to the development of this phenomenon;
  • hormonal changes in girls, adolescents, as before the menstrual cycle, the blood rushes and against this may develop epistaxis;
  • getting severe overheating of the body when exposed to sunlight or during the acute course of colds and flu with elevated temperature. In this case, it is important to quickly and correctly treat the pathology causing the disease;
  • the occurrence of sudden changes in pressure often develops in professional mountaineers and divers. These activities require the observance of necessary security measures.

Important! The constant bloody nose of uncertain etiology is the reason for going to the audiologist, who will establish the cause of the disease and prescribe the appropriate therapeutic measures!

The exact diagnosis involves examination using various tests.

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Methods of first aid for bleeding

The provision of care for nosebleed is a mandatory method for the elimination of the disease in a short time, as blood loss can lead to serious complications.

To quickly stop the pathology should perform the following steps.

  1. First the victim needs to take a sitting position.
  2. Then he should pinch the nostrils with your hands for 10 minutes and ensure the normal mouth breathing.
  3. During this time the bleeding has to stop, because the process of blood clotting.

Exposure to cold and turundae

The main effect for nosebleed — attachment to the nose of ice or other chilled items. This procedure promotes rapid blood clotting and cessation of the disease.

Ice can also be applied to the back of his head while bleeding from the nose, as the main artery with the blood flowing into the nose are located on it. Duration about 10-15 minutes.

Prolonged bleeding should make two gauze tampon and insert them in the nostrils in order to stop the blood flow. If the phenomenon takes place after 10-20 minutes, you should call the ambulance and to go to the hospital!

Attention! The affected person should not swallow any blood, because its ingestion can cause nausea and vomiting

Peroxide and acupressure

The use of hydrogen peroxide also allows you to quickly stop the bleeding.

It is possible to soak a tampon in the stuff and insert them into both nostrils.

After some time the blood stops, then you need to pull them gently, as the dried pieces of cotton wool can cause a recurrence of the phenomenon.

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Being on the back of two symmetric points located at a distance of 3 cm from the base of the skull. Pressure in these areas could contribute to the cessation of bleeding. This manipulation is best done in the case when a person is confident in the appropriateness of their actions!

Important! If you experience bleeding you should not lift his head up sharply or take the supine position, blood enters the larynx and the nasopharynx and can cause adverse symptoms!

Preventive measures to prevent the development of bleeding

The best method of getting rid of the constant bleeding is a possible warning if the following preventive recommendations:

  • maximum hydration of the dwelling for special appliances. The simplest method is to use wet towels, liquid atomization, and the presence of indoor plants;
  • constant scabs in nose involves soft moisturizing the sinuses with oil from sea buckthorn, rose hips or drops based on marine water;
  • taking special medicines that strengthen the blood vessels with frequent bleeding (Ascorutinum or Ascorbic acid);
  • enhancing blood clotting with the use of special therapeutic herbal teas based on plantain, yarrow, buckthorn and nettles. Effective solution of calcium chloride in the amount of 2 teaspoons three times a day after meals;
  • providing the body with necessary microelements and vitamins, because the lack of substances may contribute to the development permanent of bleeding.

The following simple preventive measures can prevent the development of bleeding and improves the metabolic processes and significantly strengthens blood vessels! The drugs helps the body to obtain a complex of essential active compounds!

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First aid for bleeding is the main way to end an unpleasant illness and helps to quickly identify the possible cause of its occurrence. In this case, it is important not to get lost and quickly take advantage of the right method and prevent the development of unwanted effects of this phenomenon!