Fistula in the ear of the child — treatment photo and how dangerous it is

How to treat ear fistula?

The formation of tumors and fistulas near the organ of hearing should immediately trigger a reaction in humans, as it is quite a dangerous disease and it is impossible to ignore. Fistula or fistula formed for various reasons, including due to congenital abnormalities. However, in all cases, the patient is prescribed a conservative treatment of the fistula of the ear.

If treatment is not effective, the patient is assigned to surgical intervention. In this article we will discuss in detail the causes of this inflammation, the main symptoms and principles of treatment.

About the disease

Fistula in the ear has a different shape, color, texture, however, in all cases, it is covered with tissue cylindrical or squamous epithelium in several layers.

In most cases, the causes of fistula is heredity.

According to statistics, more than thirty percent of newborns fistulas appear and most are not dangerous.

However, in special cases, a fistula in the ear of the child can become dangerous inflammation, which causes the appearance of chronic inflammation in the body.

Fistula has the form of a thin and narrow channel and is located near the ear. Fistula is a hole, the size of which rarely exceeds one millimeter. However, the size of the fistula may be more than one centimeter. This channel passes to the tragus.

In any case, despite the localization, size and volume, ear fistula in a child can lead to serious diseases. In medical practice there are cases, when the fistula was noticed in the later stages, as they can be localized in the reach of human sight and do not give any symptoms.

Notice the formation of a fistula of the baby may be a result of a routine inspection at the ENT or in the process of carrying out various cosmetic procedures. As soon as you noticed a fistula, the doctor must determine the nature of inflammation: acquired or pathological.

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Depending on this specialist prescribes treatment, which is of two types:

  • medication;
  • surgical.

To determine the presence of fistula by the following symptoms:

  1. The emergence of various holes in the region of the organ of hearing.
  2. The appearance of purulent discharge.
  3. The formation of growths and knobs.
  4. Strong pain when touching the tragus.
  5. The occurrence of edema.
  6. Pain in the ears.

In addition, the patient feels General weakness and drowsiness, as well as a significant increase in body temperature and pain of the tissues near the ear when touched.

If you notice these symptoms in your baby, immediately consult a qualified doctor. Because in addition to the fistula, the child can appear the inflammation of the auditory canal or otitis media.

To prevent any diseases from time to time check the condition of the trestle. If when you touch the ledge, the child screams and cries, ear inflammation begins.

Since fistulas are commonly located in close proximity to the trestles or even on it is visible from everywhere. However, documented cases of the appearance of a fistula in the neck, face, and mouth. Treatment in this case is substantially more difficult.

In very advanced cases, fistulas form passageways below the skin. Thus, they spread to nearby tissues and complicate the healing process.

The causes of fistula

In order to understand why this is happening, analyze the main causes of a fistula in the ear of the child.

As we have already identified, the fistula may be congenital or acquired with time. In the first case, the fistula appears as a result of improper development of the fetus while still in the mother’s tummy.

In the second case the fistula can appear as a child, and at adults. Their causes the following:

  1. Viruses and bacteria in the organ of hearing.
  2. Complications of otitis media goes untreated.
  3. Postoperative complications.
  4. Various suppurative processes in the ear canal.

Unfortunately, in the latter case, the more serious process, that occupies most of the fistula.

Please note the photo of the fistula in the ear:

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If you notice the formation of a fistula in a child, contact a medical facility as quickly as possible. This way you will save time and will avoid the serious complications of inflammation.

In the centre you first need to establish the severity of the inflammation and its development.

To do this, a doctor visually examines a patient. After that, the patient must pass tests to detect viruses and bacteria.

Then, after determining fistula, the doctor with the help of fistulography revealed the size and depth of passage below the skin.

If the fistula has a pathological origin, the doctor identifies its causes, and explores the body as the child, and parents. It is necessary to identify the danger of the formation of the fistula. Further disinfection and treatment of the ear.

The latter procedure must be systematic in order to avoid the formation of pus. If the child has reached the age of operation is not prescribed. After the fifth birthday occurs surgical removal procedure.

Surgical removal

It is important to understand that the removal must take place together with the capsule of the fistula in order to avoid relapse. This method of removal is the most effective.

In addition to traditional surgical removal, the parents of the baby can offer galvanocaustic laser therapy or surgery.

These procedures are aimed at the liquidation of troubled land and complete removal of the fistula.

In the case of localization of the fistula in a remote place to start antibiotic therapy is carried out.

In the case of parotid fistula requires a special attitude to the problem, as this area is considered particularly sensitive.

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In this case, the specialists prescribed only conservative treatment without surgery.

Remember how before you notice the formation of the fistula, the easier it will be to resolve it.

Unfortunately, surgical removal of the fistula does not guarantee full recovery. If parents do not closely follow the recovery procedure and if the kid misses taking the necessary medicines for the rehabilitation of fistula can be formed again.


It is important to understand that the sooner you notice education at the ears, the easier it will be to cure them or to remove by surgery.

Due to the fact that some areas of the face and ears require special treatment to ignore the manifestation of the fistula is impossible. Since the fistula can cause dangerous complications. The child may lose the ability to hear and speak, and the fistula may cause problems with the facial nerve.

Therefore, when the first symptoms consult a doctor for examination and immediately start treatment.