Flaking in ears: causes and treatment, pictures and what to do

Why peel the ears and how to cure it?

Peeling of the skin of the ear is a very unpleasant phenomenon, and not only because of the unsightly appearance of such a process, but also the possible accompanying symptoms: itching, redness, discomfortable, and occasionally pain.

Mostly people are not particularly in a hurry with this problem to the doctor, but only until the situation gets out of control. Further detail will talk about the causes and treatment of flaking in my ears.

Causes of skin peeling ears

A simple answer to the question, why peel the ears is very difficult, because the factors in the emergence of this state in sufficient quantity. Some of them do not pose any threat to the health of the ears, however, there are serious diseases that require timely treatment.

You should pay attention that there was such discomfort may be due to excessive Hobbies health organ of hearing, especially cotton swabs, which cause considerable damage to the auditory channel. This leads to itching and flaking.

In addition, frequent cleaning of the ears leads to the fact that the ear is completely deprived of its natural protection – the sulfur. As a result, the skin is dry, itchy and scaly. That is, everything should be in moderation.

Help. If the skin of the ears is not only flaky, but also observed other disturbing signs, you should visit an ENT doctor to determine and correct the problem.

If you do not take into account the above circumstances, we can distinguish the following main factors causing this phenomenon (photo attached):

  • allergic reaction local nature – the body’s reaction to any stimulus usually begins with redness, itching, burning. If time is not completely eliminate contact with the allergen, it starts peeling of the top layer of the skin of the ear. Stimulus can be either cosmetic products and pharmaceuticals. An allergic reaction can cause the wearing of jewelry for the ears, headphones, ear pieces point, if they are made of poor quality material or just do not suit a particular person;
  • inflammatory processes of the organ of hearing – this category can include such diseases as otitis media and furunculosis. In both cases, the inflammation caused by infection and is accompanied not only exfoliate the skin but strong sharp pain and hearing loss. Can develop on the background of hypothermia, mechanical damage to the skin, etc.;
  • dermatological diseases — generally, these symptoms are typical of such skin diseases as dermatitis and eczema that occur as a result of ignoring the need for treatment of Allergy, mechanical irritation (dust, chemicals), inflammatory process, weakening the body’s defenses, violations of metabolism. For pathologies characterized by such symptoms: peeling, redness, itching, thickening of skin and formation of scabs in the ears;
  • fungal infections (atomikos) – lesions of the skin of the body

    hearing fungal pathogen. Develops on the background of a weakened immune system and the occurrence of favorable conditions for active activity of pathogenic organisms. Along with the peeling, the patient can feel in the ears, dryness, noise, severe itching. This may also cause a characteristic odor – a product of the activity of fungal organisms.

Each of the above pathological condition, which peels off the skin in the ears responds well to treatment. But this does not mean that such symptoms can be ignored. Any even more or less harmless illness, long-term neglect or lack of adequate treatment can become a threat to human health.

Help. Peeling can be a manifestation of systemic diseases, which are accompanied by production of toxins (diabetes mellitus, pathology of the liver and excretory systems).

Scaly ear – treatment

In order to know what to do if you peel off the ear, you first need to visit a specialist who will establish the reason of development of this condition. After this treatment, which is aimed at eliminating the discomfort and eliminating the root causes.

Important! Yourself to the doctor in no event it is impossible to use any ear drops, also any recipes of traditional medicine. They can be not only ineffective, but aggravate the situation.

The method of treatment depends on the factor causing the development of this pathological condition.

Allergy treatment starts with search and the complete elimination of the allergen. Further, the local anti-allergic therapy is to apply antihistamine ointments and creams («Core»), which relieve itching, eliminate peeling and soften the skin.

At a strong reaction the patient must comply with hypoallergenic diet, intake of preformed antihistamine drugs («Suprastin», «Tavegil», «Zodak», «loratadine») and local treatment with ointments («Advantan», «Lokoid»).

Treatment of any inflammation of the ear must be performed under the supervision of a physician, as this type of ailments dangerous complications. For minor used various ear drops («Otinum», «Otofa»), compresses, turundy with boric alcohol.

For severe course of the disease are appointed antibacterial drugs («Amoxiclav», «Suprax»), anti-inflammatory, antihistamine and antiseptic. Sometimes prescribe physical therapy.

For the treatment of boils is usually applied Vishnevsky ointment or Ichthyol ointment, contributing to the extrusion of purulent content.

Also performed rinsing with peroxide, and applied compresses (if no fever).

Important! Independently squeeze and open the boil it is impossible because it may become infected tissue.

If after such action the boil didn’t show up, the technician removes it by surgery, followed by prolonged antibiotic therapy.

For dermatitis appointed antihistamines systemic and local effects, anti-inflammatory drops («Drops», «Sofradeks»). It is also necessary to apply emollient creams or ointments (depends on the state of the formed crusts).

Treatment of eczema depends on the condition of the skin and crusts, that is, dry crust are treated with oil solutions, and moist ether or alcohol, and aerosols based on oksikort.

In addition, appointed anti-inflammatory creams, which have vasoconstrictive and anti-fungal effect.

The therapeutic course continues for about a month, and you cannot interrupt it, because this is essential to prevent recurrence and chronic nature of the disease.

To eliminate the fungal infection you first need to establish the type of fungus (mold or yeast). After clarifying this point, the doctor makes the appropriate designation is typically local products («Terbinafin», «the last time»). If there is a serious infection can be applied means of systemic exposure (fluconazole).


Find out why peel the ears inside a person, and how to resolve this problem, still I would like to remind you that every case is different and requires specific consideration.

Do not own themselves to establish the diagnosis and, moreover, prescribe treatment. In the best case it is fraught with lack of any effect from your actions in the worst deterioration and the accession of complications.

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