Flowing clear fluid from the nose: what to do and how to treat

How to stop the flow from the nose?

If you find that flows clear fluid from the nose, this is a clear signal to see a doctor. He conducted an examination and diagnosis followed by treatment.

The emergence of the flow from the nose can have many causes and further treatment will depend on them. You need to carefully listen to your body and in the case of the first symptoms, immediately go to the reception.

The cause of the current

To understand why my nose runs water when tilting the head, can only be based on specific symptoms. They can be strongly or weakly expressed.


The most common cause of snot. If the cause is acute respiratory infections, the treatment should start on the same day, when it was first symptoms, because otherwise, for the next 2 days, the disease will worsen.

At this stage, the snot will acquire a yellowish tint. Itself the mucus will become thicker. And it is worth noting that even in the absence of further days of nasal discharge, but instead have an unusual fatigue, in most cases, this is cold.


This disease is much more dangerous than the previous one. The symptom is the same for nose. However, there may also be sneezing and a high temperature. It is best to consult a qualified help.

Read the article how to recognize and treat rhinitis.


This disease often occurs because of an incorrect or even absent treatment of rhinitis. In case of sinusitis required bed rest. Among the symptoms in addition to nasal discharge, the presence of headaches and fever.

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If you have sinusitis is not cured, then there is this disease. To all the previous symptoms, in addition added to the migraine and the sharp smell of pus in the nose. Treatment should be in hospital.

Read in this article about the selection of drops from sinusitis.

Allergic reaction

If during ordinary cleaning, it was noted for the nose, it’s probably just allergic to dust. The same diagnosis can be made if the situation is repeated during the games with the animals.

On the methods of recognition of allergic rhinitis, can be read here.

Attention! If your nose is running, and time does not take measures, the situation, in the near future will be health very serious consequences.

Once again not to worry only in these cases:

  1. The appearance of mucus after sport and physical exertion.
  2. If you have allergies, if you know about this problem. Enough to make the necessary preparations.

In all other situations, it is necessary to seek help from a doctor that the specialist was able to diagnose and then to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

What can stop the flow from the nose?

Before you can stop the flow from the nose, it is necessary to accurately know the root cause that can only make a specialist. If the main cause is cold, then you can cure for yourself.

The most efficient and fastest means of vasoconstrictor drops are stopping over from the nose. Enough to drip them in a nose for 5-20 minutes, there will be a noticeable relief. However, these drops dangerous addictive.

  • Otrivin.
  • Touch.
  • Naphazoline.
  • Sanorin.
  • Not call.
  • Naphazoline.
  • Glycine (is it possible during pregnancy, read here).
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Whatever it was, but before you choose which drops to drip when flowing from the nose, it is best to consult a doctor, as more severe disease at the initial stage can «masquerade» as ordinary colds.

Folk remedies

Healing herbal teas and a drop of natural herbs are often used in the treatment of nasal flow, but you need to be careful, because if this issue is caused by allergic reactions, the situation may sharply worsen.

Sometimes, apply salt solutions. They are made from sea salt, or acquire ready-made in a pharmacy. Such washing must be done several times for 1-2 days.

Daisy. Liquid snot from the adult can be cured by the decoction of this plant. Moreover, this tool can be used even for infants as washing. In addition, people will get rid of sneezing and itching.

Calendula. A decoction of this plant works more as an antiseptic. If the currents are Staphylococcus bacteria, the broth is wonderful to deal with. As with chamomile, it is not recommended to do washing more than 3 times a day.

Sage. This plant has antibacterial action. Therefore, sage can help in the form of decoction for washing in the flow from the nose.

Treatment for sinusitis

If your nose is bleeding liquid yellowish hue, most likely the reason is sinusitis. It is impossible to begin to try to treat this disease without accurate confidence in this diagnosis. But delay in this case.

Only a specialist can accurately diagnose and suggest how and what to treat a running nose. In this case, will be assigned medical therapy, and folk remedies may be an additional component to the basic therapy.

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Treatment for sinusitis

With sinusitis the same story as with sinusitis. Only after treatment from a specialist, you can try to use folk remedies as a complementary therapy. Among safe means the following:

  1. Hard-boiled egg. If runny as water, then applying boiled eggs to the sinuses and nose, can help.
  2. The aloe juice. Great additional tool in the fight against sinusitis.
  3. Honey and propolis. Tinctures have a number of positive properties.


Now we know what to do if you constantly runny nose. You need to be very careful about their health and the changes in the body. Even a common cold without proper treatment can lead to serious consequences.