Fluid in ear: causes and treatment, what is it and how dangerous it is

What causes fluid in the ears and how to get rid of it?

The human ear is a unique paired organ, thanks to which we can fully communicate with the environment. Therefore, any deviation in its functioning should prompt a person to immediately visit a doctor to solve the problem.

The phenomenon of excretion of fluids from the ear should alert the patient, as this almost always indicates a pathological process in the ear cavity. Next, let’s talk more details about what is the liquid in the ear, its causes, and therapies.

Fluid in the ears – what is it

Otoria – scientific definition of the formation fluid in the ears. This phenomenon in itself is not a disease but only a symptom of some pathologies that are associated with the organ of hearing.

Moisture in the ear can occur for a variety of reasons. Mainly it occurs due to the accumulation of the bacterial agents that cause inflammation, which in turn leads to the formation and leakage from the ears of pus or ichor.

Typically, the fluid accumulates in the middle section of the ear cavity. It should be borne in mind that the color, texture and profusion of the discharge of fluid are in direct dependence on the factor that provoked its emergence.

If in this state nothing is done, it could lead to a significant deterioration in the health of the patient.

Important! Only a trained professional knows how to get rid of such problems, because it is able to diagnose the exact cause of this phenomena and to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

Excessive initiative on the part of the patient are fraught with various complications to his health.

In addition, it should be noted that the development of certain pathologies is not complete only some discharge of fluid from the ears. This feature can be added to the following symptoms:

  • ear pain pulsating character;
  • the increase in body temperature;
  • tingling in the temporal region;
  • dizziness;
  • fatigue.
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The above symptoms are not always pronounced, and often absent. But this does not mean that you can not go to the doctor!

Causes of fluid in the ear

To find out why «flow ears», you need to determine the root causes of this condition, because the liquid in the ears can not appear by itself.

So, the main reasons for the development of this phenomenon include:

  1. Otitis externa with the formation of boil – liquid in this case is yellowish with a bad smell. Pain will be felt in the ear.
  2. Otitis media acute – turbid purulent fluid greenish or brownish tint. Such allocation may occur during the development of the inflammatory process in the inner ear, and the patient feels pain, there is dizziness and weakness.
  3. Fungal otitis – appearing liquid in this situation has a white color.
  4. Earwax – if ears stands out a thick yellowish liquid, it may indicate the melted sulfur plug which could flow with increasing temperature. Quite often this phenomenon occurs at professional swimmers, as in the ear constantly gets water. To worry about it not worth it, this is a normal physiological process, the ears are not ill and do not require treatment.

  5. Polyps in ears about the appearance of these tumors can speak fluid with a bloody tinge.
  6. The tumor in the external auditory canal – the liquid is formed very rarely, there is tenderness of the ear.
  7. Allergic reactions – the liquid is clear and stands out from the ears profusely. Along with this, the appearance of discharge of the same character from the nose and watery eyes. In such situations it is necessary to identify and eliminate the allergen, and visit the doctor.
  8. Seborrheic dermatitis – in this situation, the discharge has flocculent character. Treatment of this disease have been working together on ENT and dermatology.

  9. A variety of injuries – for example, a blow to the head or back, traumatic brain injury, in which the ears can flow liquid, like water, often mixed with blood.
  10. Injury the spinal cord is a serious situation which required urgent medical assistance. In addition to the heavy fluid loss from the ears is white, there are fever and pain in the ears that radiates to the temporal area.

In addition to the above a similar phenomenon can occur because of poor resistance of the protective functions of the organism pathogenic microflora.

As you can see, the reasons by which is formed the fluid in the ears there are plenty, and determine which of them is in a particular case was responsible for such a state is extremely difficult.

That is why such an important event should do the doctor, because only he can tell the patient what to do in such a situation and how to be treated.

Treatment otorii

Treatment of fluid in the ears of a child and an adult regardless of the reasons for its occurrence should be started immediately. For this, you need to urgently visit a doctor.

Before you start treatment, the specialist usually assigns the patient a list of surveys and delivery of certain tests.

Such actions are necessary for detailed studies of the fluid from the ear and determine the type of bacteria that caused its accumulation. All this will help to establish the exact factor of occurrence of this condition and to prescribe effective treatment.

Important! It is worth noticing that in this case self-administration of antibiotics may trigger the development of intracranial complications.

In this case, it is impossible even to describe at least a rough treatment because it depends on the cause of fluid in ears. And if in one case, the same compresses can ease the patient’s condition and even cure it, the other is going to be evil.

One way out – no Amateur, but only a visit to the doctor. Also I would like to appeal to the ardent supporters of the treatment with different ways of alternative medicine. This is not the case, do not put your health in jeopardy, because the fluid in the ear is a very serious symptoms and the approach to therapy should be appropriate.

Health is the main gift to man from nature, and all we need is carefully and attentively to his concerns. However, unfortunately, we often rather carelessly concern to the distress signals of your body.

Often we just wave at them or put off for later, what to do, of course, is impossible, because the consequences can be irreversible. That is why a doctor’s visit – is the key to good health and well-being.