Folk remedy for ear aches in adults!

What folk remedies can cure ear pain?

Shooting, itching, prolonged, sharp or dull pain in the ear and cause severe deterioration of health, sleep disturbance, loss of appetite, feeling of congestion and many other symptoms that affect quality of life.

Therefore, the ear pain should be eradicated at the first symptoms. To achieve these objectives, the necessary drug therapy. However, before treatment is necessary to conduct examination of the body and uncover the root causes of inflammation. This period can take about one week, so during this time, you can use folk remedies from pain in the ear.

Pain ears and head

Pain in the ears are the first sign of the disease. It is important to determine the nature and localization of inflammation. Therefore, before the beginning of treatment and the use of funds from pain in the ears, you need to understand the cause of the pain.

Most often the pain is manifested in inflammatory processes caused by viruses of the common cold or flu.

At this time the patient has nasal congestion, loss of hearing acuity, increased body temperature up to 39 degrees.

Another cause of pain can become swollen cerumen. To find its localization and to clarify the density, color and other factors, you can use external inspection.

If the pain appears periodically, after the adoption of water treatments in the bathroom, the pool or in the summer when it was opened the swimming season is probably stale tube swollen and puts pressure on the ear canal.

Other causes of pain include:

  1. Trauma to the ear.
  2. The ingress of various infections and viruses.
  3. The otitis.
  4. The penetration of a foreign object in the ear canal.
  5. Problems with the teeth.
  6. Caries.
  7. Inflammation of the lymph nodes.

In some cases, pain in the ears evidence of tumor. To confirm the diagnosis it is necessary to pass a comprehensive examination, which includes audiometry, otoscopy, and other types of research.

Means of alternative medicine

After conducting surveys and assign accurate diagnosis, doctors will prescribe a comprehensive treatment, which often includes treatment of ear pain.

However, the treatment of pain in the ears folk remedies will not notice the drug therapy, why not replace the entire course of alternative medicine.

In some cases, pain in the ears, it is recommended that the introduction of liquors, solutions, and other tools. Among the most common recipes are those that were used even by our grandmothers. These methods proved their effectiveness over the years.

The number one method

The best remedy for earaches, in the opinion of our grandmothers therapy camphor oil.

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This method is suitable for relieving unpleasant symptoms of catarrhal inflammation.

For the introduction of oil into the ear canal, you must first clean the outer part of dirt and sulfur.

To do this, type in the affected area trepresents five drops of hydrogen peroxide.

Close the ear with gauze flagellum fifteen minutes and then rinse your ear with warm water. After this procedure, moisten turundas in a large amount of oil. Previously, the tool must be heated with a water bath, or RUB the bottle of oil in his hands.

Keep the flagellum gauze in the ear for half an hour, and then wipe the ear clean with a napkin.

Repeat this procedure for five days every evening. After this procedure is forbidden to go outside. In addition, ensure that the room was not cool, and also exclude the variant of draughts.

Boric acid

If your ear hurts for a long time, and to see a specialist in the near future is not possible, use the following method.

Boric acid has long been considered an indispensable tool in the event of an unexpected pain in the ears, head or teeth.

Composition boric acid kills germs and viruses that have penetrated into the ear. In addition, the tool improves blood circulation, which causes a rapid recovery of the affected cells.

However, to apply this medicament with caution, as in the case of penetration into the bloodstream, it is long out of the body and causes water imbalance.

You should know that in the treatment of children boric acid easily penetrates skin and mucous membranes.

Tool can cause renal dysfunction, hypotension and other unwanted effects. Therefore, before the introduction of drugs into the ears be careful.

For pain relief, the product should be diluted with water in the ratio of one to one. Before burying in the ears, you need to hold the hygiene of the organ of hearing. For this you can flush the ears with warm water or use a special ear drops.

Then enter into the ear of five drops diluted remedies of boric acid and turn the head in the opposite direction. To improve the effect, close the auditory passage of the pellet for ten minutes.


Another folk remedy and an indispensable tool in the home medicine Cabinet was the product of beekeeping.

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If the ears hurt, folk remedies are not always effective. But with the effectiveness of propolis in the treatment of pain and other inflammations, no one will not argue.

For getting rid of the symptoms of inflammation propolis it is necessary to insist. Therefore, before each cold season, make a tincture in advance. This way you will save time and can eliminate the inflammation in the beginning.

For making tinctures, purchase the bee product and leave it in the fridge for one day. Samarasuriya propolis must grate on a coarse grater and pour the mixture with hot water.

For fifteen minutes on a water surface will emerge unnecessary mixture, which should be carefully removed. After that, strain the raspberries and pour the broth in the glass of vodka. Saucer, wrap in a Terry towel and leave in a dark place for ten days.

After isachenkova time, the tool is ready for use. To put it in the ears, you need to put the patient to one side and gently pull the earlobe down. So you straighten the ear canal, and the tool will quickly penetrate to the inflammation site.

To consolidate the beneficial effect introduce a tincture of propolis for seven days, and after the disappearance of all symptoms in the ear canal should be administered turundy soaked in the means to prevention within 48 hours.

Onions from pain in the ear

Onions is the simplest method of getting rid of pain in the ears.

Its antiseptic and antibacterial properties help to relieve symptoms of inflammation at the first signs.

If the pain becomes unbearable and pulling on an ear it is necessary to apply a bandage. To do this, take the usual onions.

It should be carefully washed and finely chop. After that, onions should be parboiled and chop it to a pulp.

The resulting mixture should be put on a gauze bandage and tightly wrapped. Apply the poultice to the affected ear and tight tie around his head.

The patient should wear a bandage for at least two hours. After the procedure the outer part should be cleaned with a towel soaked in warm water and then wipe dry.

Repeat this procedure through the day for two weeks. In the absence of the need to consult ENT doctor, as in the ear may start a more serious inflammation.


In case of unusual sounds and pain in the ear canal may benefit from a variety of liquors.

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The most effective result has tinctures of garlic, beet, or vegetable oil.

To make an alcohol tincture you can own.

To do this, pour a glass of vodka any item listed above. Then the tool you need to give time to infuse. It usually takes from five days to two weeks. From time to time means you need to stir with a teaspoon.

After isachenkova time, enter the drug in each ear, five drops. After that, the ear must be close the point or to put on a warm hat for a few hours.

This method is especially effective if the treatment includes thermotherapy or therapy with blue light.

Hips against pain

If the ears hurt on the inside than the folk remedies to treat this problem? This question sounds pretty often, but in this case, it is necessary to establish the root cause of inflammation.

In the case of otitis media without perforation of the eardrum, the doctor may prescribe a tincture of rose hips.

For its production you will need a tablespoon of rose hips.

Pour a mixture Cup of vodka and leave in a dark and dry place for three days.

After this time, add in the broth, juice fresh carrots. These active ingredients complement each other and provide a more productive action.

Enter into the ears for four drops every five hours for three days. After treatment, the patient experienced not only reduced pain but also improved hearing.

Throughout the course of treatment it is necessary to strictly monitor the dispensing of drugs and in allergic reactions or other side effects consult doctor.


Regardless of the causes of pain, the ear needs to be treated comprehensively. So at the first sign ask for assistance to qualified medical professionals for the diagnosis of inflammation and treatment.

Remember that self-treatment methods of alternative medicine can significantly harm your health.