Foreign body in the ear: removal and perceived symptoms

How to remove a foreign body from the ear?

The ear canal is a system of curves, tapering to the eardrum. Due to this structure of the ear the ear is protected from penetration from the outside. However, the outer portion of the auditory meatus are formed by using soft fabrics that allow the small object to penetrate deep into, but not pass it back. Foreign body situated inside the ear canal, constantly irritate the skin, provoking the beginning of the inflammatory process. The consequences can be very serious and unexpected.

From danger of contact with ear foreign bodies no one is immune. Most often this problem faced by children poke small objects in the ear during the game. But getting into the narrow passages of the hearing aid to small parts or insects during sleep, can trap and adults. In some cases self-removal of foreign body from the ear is fraught with serious complications. So at the first signs of problem, we recommend you immediately contact an otolaryngologist.

Causes and classification

In medical practice, all foreign bodies are divided into two main categories:

  1. Endogenous objects — products produced by the body. The most striking example is the blockage formed in the violation of elementary rules of hygiene.
  2. Exogenous items – foreign body penetrated into the ear from the outside. It could be insects, small peas or fruit pits, details from the designer, and more.

The reason for getting into the ear foreign bodies can be a natural factor, so banal negligence.

Klassificeret foreign bodies and according to their character:

  • live — mostly insects trapped in the ear canal while swimming in open water, on vacation in the woods or in a dream;
  • inanimate objects of small size, food.

And the third type of classification is the nature of consolidation in the ear canal:

  • freely arranged objects;
  • fixed the body tightly stuck in the ear passage.

The appropriate treatment and method of extraction of a foreign body is selected depending on the combination of all three factors.

Symptoms of contact with a foreign body in the ear

Signs of getting into the ear foreign body will depend on exactly what is stuck in the ear canal:

  1. Asymptomatic disease may occur for several weeks if the head hit a hard object of small size. The first signs of infection appear after the pressure of a foreign body causes the formation of bedsores at the point of contact with the skin. The inflammatory process is always accompanied by pain in the ear, swelling and secretions. First selection may be sukrovichnye. When joining a bacterial infection, they become purulent.
  2. Bleeding from the ear is a symptom of injury to the skin from the sharp edges of the subject. With deep penetration along the ear canal and damage the eardrum may experience the symptoms of otitis media.
  3. Gradual hearing loss and the deterioration of the characteristic of the penetration of foreign matter of plant origin. Small grains peas, beans or corn over time increase in size, completely blocking the auditory tube.
  4. Hearing loss, congestion, and appearance of extraneous noise appear from the first minute of penetration into the ear of a soft foreign body. This sort of thing is almost always completely block the ear canal.
  5. A lot of noise in the ear, severe pain disturbed patients with the penetration of the insect in the ear canal. During the movement of the intruder touches the eardrum, which provokes the appearance of noise. In addition, patients complain of dizziness and vomiting. In children insect in the ear can trigger seizures.

Caution! Attempts to extract a foreign body from the ear can only aggravate the situation. The key to successful treatment is timely qualified help.

How to understand that a foreign body in the ear in a child

It is especially difficult to describe their feelings to the children. The penetration can be intentional or accidental and, as a consequence, undetected. Older children about their pranks hardly will tell parents for fear of being punished.

And the kids and not able to explain what happens to them. So adults should be able to recognize a growing problem.

To understand that a foreign object stuck in the ear of the child will help the following characteristics:

  • complaints of pain in the eye;
  • the separation of sulfur in a large quantity;
  • inflammation of the ear (it’s red and hot to the touch);
  • purulent discharge from the ear;
  • the hearing impairment.

Attention! Do not try to retrieve from the ear of a little child a foreign object, even in cases when you see it. One wrong move and you risk to push the foreign body deep, greatly complicating further treatment.

Methods of removing foreign bodies

First aid may vary depending on the type of the stuck object. Sometimes a standard inspection is not enough to assess the level of penetration of the object into the ear canal.

In such a situation the patient can be assigned to fluoroscopy. And only after obtaining full data on the location of the foreign body and inflammation, your doctor may start therapeutic measures.

Let us consider how to pull out the foreign body, given its characteristics and the depth of penetration in the auditory tube:

  1. Using tweezers, you can retrieve flat or small solid object. Usually the procedure is painless and does not cause discomfort to the patient. This method is suitable for extraction from the ear or small pieces of paper, cotton or matches.
  2. Using a special syringe for irrigation (syringe Janet) remove hard objects rounded shape. Foreign bodies of this type firmly grasp the tweezers just don’t work. Flushing — the procedure is not pleasant, so her children carried out after prior anesthesia. For this purpose, local anesthesia is used.
  3. Alcohol solution is used for extraction of swollen foreign bodies. the Tool is used for preliminary dehydration.
  4. With the help of special hooks remove a foreign body that completely clog the ear canal.
  5. Warmed oil and glycerin instilled into the ear to kill cause in the ear insect, blocking her access to oxygen. Dead insect wash. Tweezers for these purposes is not used, as there is a risk of damaging the body of the insect and leave the part in the ear canal.

Important! Before removing the foreign body is necessary to relieve the symptoms of inflammation, if any.


To avoid penetration into the ear foreign objects, it is enough to observe some simple security measures:

  1. Conduct regular hygiene of the ears and promptly begin treatment of all inflammatory diseases.
  2. Do not self-medicate in the formation of cerumen.
  3. Use to clean ears with a cotton flagella.
  4. While swimming in ponds and pools, use ear plugs, tight-closing ear canals.
  5. Buy the child toys in accordance with his age.
  6. Avoid games with small and sharp objects.

When injected into the ear foreign body timely diagnosis – the key to quick and successful treatment. You should alert even the slightest signs of discomfort. This will help to solve the problem without consequences.

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