Frequent colds adult: causes, what to treat and what to do at home

Than and how to treat common cold in an adult?

Inflammation of the mucous membrane causes a number of consequences. Usually at this time, patients complain of heavy or thick mucous discharge that do not improve within one week. A cold is recognized as a serious inflammation, as in the absence of proper treatment, the formation of chronic rhinitis or more dangerous consequences. For example, this type of inflammation is often a root cause of sinusitis, otitis, laryngitis and sinusitis.

At occurrence of prolonged rhinitis, it is important to determine how to treat the common cold in an adult. Drug therapy in this case differs from the standard and is aimed at addressing the root causes of the disease. At the same time, it is important to reduce the risk of complications and restore the patient’s immune system. So medicines are selected taking into account all characteristics of the organism and the nature of the disease.

Causes of frequent rhinitis

Reasons why often a runny nose in an adult, a lot. To begin with, the patient should pay attention to the quality of life and eliminate the primary factors of the disease. These include frequent exposure to air conditioning, drafts, hypothermia, violation of the rules of hygiene and poor diet.

In addition, frequent rhinitis can arise from addiction to addiction. Smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol causes a disturbance of the immune system, which negatively impact the entire body of the patient.

Allergic reaction

Seasonal or year-round allergic lesions are another frequent cause of rhinitis.

In case you are sensitive to certain allergens, the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity is irritated and inflamed. This factor causes the disruption of the entire nasal cavity, which leads to increased production of mucous secret.

Provoking agents acts as pet dander, pollen, cosmetics, dust, certain foods.

How to get rid of allergic rhinitis update by following the link.

Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to allergens in the body causes the complication of the process and a strong deterioration of health of the patient. Therefore, it is important to get timely treatment, but also to get rid of the irritant.

Viral infection

In the event of disruption of the immune system in the patient get viruses and infections that cause dysfunction of the mucosa. During the development of the disease the patient noted nasal congestion, violation of nasal breathing, swelling of mucosa, swelling of the face, redness of the tip of the nose.

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Often viral infections cause fever, headaches and a feeling of pressure inside the nasal cavity.


Frequent rhinitis can occur in those patients who are active in contact sports. This category also include children in active games. The fact that any trauma to the nasal cavity, disrupted mucosa.

For this reason, classifies various defects of the nasal cavity, and congenital or acquired curvature of the nasal septum. To get rid of rhinitis in this case is possible only after surgical intervention.

Reaction to drugs

When the intrinsic rhinitis note the medications you are using. Often prolonged rhinitis occurs when incorrect treatment or due to habituation of the organism to the active ingredients of medicines.

This process is known medically rhinitis. Learn how to get rid of it in this material.

Bacterial development

Frequent inflammation of the mucous membrane can occur as a result goes untreated respiratory infections. If ARI or SARS had a long-term nature, in the respiratory tract of the patient can form of bacterial reproduction.

How to cure bacterial rhinitis find out here.

Another reason for the formation of bacterial inflammation include wrong treatment. In both cases the patient needs antibiotic medication.

Other reasons

Other causes include living conditions of the patient. If in the living room there is a wet cleaning, there is dust or not enough air is moist, the risk of formation of inflammation of the mucosa increases several times.

In this case, it is important to lead an apartment in order to set the humidifier. Choose the device with the help of this article.

Treatment of the common cold

Given the huge number of causes of inflammation of the mucous membrane is necessary to determine all the factors of formation of rhinitis. Medical treatment is tailored to these processes, and depending on the age of the patient. Some medicines are not suitable for children and pregnant women.

In order not to provoke the formation of side effects, and does not violate the rules of the medication, do not purchase medicines without consulting a doctor.

In the standard course of treatment includes the following medications:

  • In infectious inflammation of the lining assigned drops for constriction of the blood vessels – «ksimelin», «Touch», «Glycine», «Otrivin», «Naphazoline», «Nazivin», and others. Apply decongestants can be no more than five days.
  • When microbial development of rhinitis patient is prescribed a combination of drops – «Polideksa», «Izofra», «Bioparoks». The treatment in this case is increased to seven days.
  • In atrophic rhinitis the patient should be daily to rinse the nasal passages with the help of preparations on the basis of sea or ocean water. The best funds are considered «other means», «Marimer», «Humer», «no-Sol», «Dolphin», «Aqua Maris».
  • To carry out reorganization of the nasal passages is necessary in the case of bacterial and viral inflammation of the mucosa. In this case, the drugs can be replaced by salt solutions or decoctions of medicinal herbs.
  • In addition to the reorganization of the nasal passages, your doctor may advise you to use a homeopathic remedy that reduces swelling and inflammation. It is best to use the drug «Teva».
  • In case of allergic lesions in the nasal passages the patient is prescribed a nasal antihistamine drugs – «Cromolyn», «Data». In addition, it is useful to apply a preformed drugs – «Zodak», «loratadine», «claritin», «Zyrtec», «Effective», «Suprastin».
  • The development of seasonal or perennial allergic rhinitis patient is prescribed corticosteroids – the «Nasonex», «Flixonase».
  • If the inflammation becomes uncontrolled consequences, the patient is administered immunotherapy, which develop resistance immune system to the effects of the stimulus.
  • To reduce mucous secretion and recovery of the immune system, the patient can use the «Sinupret Forte». It is a natural medicine that significantly improves the patient’s condition.
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At the initial stage of rhinitis the patient helpful take laser treatment, and exposure to ultrasonic waves. On the more difficult phases, the patient can assign the procedure. In addition, the patient may pass vasotomy or coagulation.

To improve the flow of mucus from the paranasal sinuses, as well as prevent the development of sinusitis can be used. It is an herbal drug that must be taken three times a day, without chewing the pill.

Traditional methods

In conjunction with the standard treatment of frequent rhinitis, the patient can assign some recipes of alternative medicine. Analyze what to do in the home with frequent rhinitis in the adult in more detail.

  • First, the patient can wash the nasal passages with decoctions of medicinal herbs. To prepare the mixture, use chamomile flower, St. John’s wort, the roots of the raspberry, Bay leaves, mother and stepmother and other medicinal plants. Rinse decoction should be every day three times a day.
  • To improve the health of the patient, it is useful to dig in his nose beet juice. This grate little beetroot and squeeze the juice of the vegetable in the dish. Before administration, the solution should be diluted with clean water. Instilled into the nose can be three drops morning and evening.
  • To maintain the health of the patient spend inhalations with essential oils. Such procedures are strictly contraindicated in bacterial rhinitis. In other cases, the inhalation should be performed every day during the week.
  • It is important to remember to moisten the mucous membrane of the nose. For this use the drug «Penal» or lubricate the mucous membranes of the olive and orange oils.
  • Use the solution with the mummy. To prepare the medication mix equal amounts of the drug with clean water and place three drops four times a day.
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All of these methods can cause allergic reactions, so expert advice is required.


Prolonged treatment of rhinitis requires special attention. At this time, it is important to try to drink more clean water, to walk in the fresh air, but only on the condition that no temperature, and use of supplements and vitamin complexes.