Frequent sneezing during pregnancy: is it harmful or dangerous

Can sneezing during pregnancy?

Frequent sneezing during early pregnancy can be caused by various reasons. But it is necessary to explain that sneezing is a natural process, which removes dirt, dust, mucus, minerals and other particles, which caused a reflexive process. So much to worry if you constantly sneeze, it is not necessary. But it is useful to establish the causes of this process, as in some cases a sneeze is a signal of inflammation in the body.

Immunity of a pregnant woman is weakened, so any processes in the environment can cause a negative reaction of the expectant mother. Often sneeze is manifested due to the early formation of rhinitis. Sneezing can also occur due to other factors, but a sustained manifestation of this reflex may cause some complications.

Is it harmful to sneeze during pregnancy

Frequent sneezing is an alarming sign. Do not ignore this reflex, as it may cause miscarriage in the 1st trimester or early childbirth in the third trimester. In addition, sneezing adversely affects the tone of the uterus.

If the cause of sneezing is an allergic reaction, it is necessary to eliminate the allergen.

Therefore, when hypersensitivity to the product, feeds, dust, odors or other factors, it is necessary to take certain measures.

Otherwise sneezing triggered by an allergic reaction can lead to asthma, angina, bronchitis and even anaphylactic shock.

Such complications are dangerous for the mother and can adversely affect the embryo.

Sneezing during pregnancy is evident due to a number of factors, which may occur in any person, regardless of the special situation of the expectant mother. The manifestation of this reflex, it is necessary to establish the root cause and to ensure the absence of inflammation.

It is necessary to apply for inspection to the treating physician. For the manifestation of the factors of any disease to a pregnant woman prescribe further treatment.

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Keep in mind that sneezing during pregnancy need special way, since this reflex has some side effects.

In consultation with a specialist, a pregnant woman finds out that the cause of sneezing is the increase in hormones that cause the failure of some protective functions of the organism. As a result of such changes in the body of the expectant mother, a pregnant woman often complains of swelling of the mucous membrane, and provokes the appearance of runny nose and nasal congestion. Such effects are dangerous to a pregnant woman.

Nasal congestion can trigger oxygen starvation of the fetus, leading to impaired development of the baby.

In addition, the rhinitis is not as easy to treat as the medication during pregnancy is prohibited without consultation with your doctor.

In case of untimely treatment of rhinitis, the inflammation can pass to a chronic stage.

This complication is quite a negative impact on the health of not only the expectant mother but also on fetal development.

Causes sneezing

The treatment begins with the establishment of reasons, which include the following features:

  • penetration into the nasal passages of dust particles, dirt, micro particles;
  • irritation of the nasal mucosa to different allergens;
  • inflammation respiratory disease (pansinusitis, sinusitis, flu, colds);
  • entering the body the virus infection;
  • a side effect from the use of antibiotics and other drugs.

All these factors are dangerous for expectant mother, it is therefore necessary to determine the cause of the sneezing as soon as possible. For this you will need the advice of your doctor.

Answering the question, is it dangerous to sneeze with your pregnancy, you should consult with your gynecologist.

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Most experts do not see any particular risk in addition to changing taste buds and violations of smell.

In addition, frequent sneezing during pregnancy may be indicative of various allergic reactions that causes a reflex contraction of the muscles.

Frequent sneezing is provoked by the contraction of the abdominal muscles that can cause pain when sneezing during pregnancy.

Discomfort when sneezing can cause a sprain. Such factors may cause the increase of the uterus, which is certainly dangerous for the expectant mother. Most often, this symptom appears only in the later stages, as on the dorsal muscles and the spine have a rather big load. The combination of these factors causes quite the discomfort when sneezing.

In addition to these factors, sneezing, some pregnant women weakens the bladder. This is due to the weight of the uterus pushing on the bladder. Due to natural changes in case of pregnancy when sneezing occurs frequently incontinence of fluid.

If there is one factor you have after giving birth, you need to seek medical help. Often delays in treatment for a weakened bladder is ineffective. In this case, the bubble function will return to normal and the woman will be incontinent. So if you often sneeze and feel the presence of the described problems, seek medical help.

How to sneeze

So as not to harm their own health, as well as toddler, you need to know how to sneeze during pregnancy.

Often when people are sneezing mouth closed and nose with his hands. It should be noted that at this point, all bacteria and harmful elements remain inside the mouth and nasal cavity.

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In this case, the natural process of sneezing is not fulfilling its main function is purification and liberation of the upper respiratory tract.

The patient may notice that this sneeze reflex is repeated many times, until the airway clears.

Doctors recommend not to let the germs remain inside the body, do not close your mouth. In this case, you must use paper napkins.

At constant pains with this reflex, you need to seek medical help. In other cases, special treatment is not required.


Sneezing is not a dangerous symptom, but often indicates the beginning of an inflammatory process or an allergic reaction. During pregnancy should be paid to this factor special attention to determine the cause of the sneeze.

After establishing all factors of the emergence of sneezing, a pregnant patient is assigned a treatment. In the case of the allergic nature of the sneeze actually spent in the living room daily wet cleaning and do not forget to humidify the air.