From some snot dripping Protargolum: when green, transparent snot

Under what nozzle to use Protargol?

One of the oldest (known to our mothers and perhaps some grandmothers) anti-inflammatory and antiseptic drugs with astringent is Protargol. But not everyone knows what snot Protargol will be most effective?

The drug is used not only in medicine, it is used more to fight against urological diseases and eye problems. Its use does not lead to dysbacteriosis. The tool is produced in the form of an aqueous solution and can be recommended for adults and children.

The action of the active substance

The mucous membrane or the surface of the skin that has been damaged in the course of inflammatory processes or disease is covered by the protective film. This process involves the precipitated silver proteins. Due to this slow inflammation, and in the meantime silver ions inhibit the growth of bacteria.

To learn under what snot dripping Protargolum, expert advice is required. Its action is directed mainly to suppression of the inflammatory process, however, there is a vasoconstrictor and reduces the sensitivity of the mucous membrane effect.

Protargol is one of the first antiseptic agents against inflammation. As the drug from the common cold, its effectiveness is proven only in cases when the rhinitis was caused by a bacterial infection.

Indications for use

It is very important to apply Protargol only on prescription, fully in compliance with all its recommendations. The drug can be assigned when you receive the following diseases:

  • cystitis;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • urethritis;
  • pharyngitis;
  • adenoids;
  • rhinitis (see also «Treatment of the common cold onion»);
  • otitis;
  • prevention of blepharitis in infants.
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Very frequently prescribed Protargol with green snot in children. The drug is effective, but due to the fact that he is increasingly struggling with the causes of the nozzle, and not by snot, the effect can be achieved not as fast as many would like.

When the nozzle required drug?

The first thing to note is that the Protargol transparent when the nozzle is not showing the same level of effectiveness as other drugs that are designed to address the snot, and not the cause, which necessarily have to deal with this problem.

Read also the article on the topic:»What color snot sinus», to determine the disease.

Protargol is used when the manifestation of mucus with a greenish tint or a clear manifestation of pus. When using it, not removed the swelling, and nasal passages will not be subjected to intensive purification, so if after Protargol flow snot, you can consider it normal.

The effect will be noticeable after 2-3 days of taking the drug, when be suppressed the propagation of harmful bacteria, which in turn arose rhinitis. The effectiveness of the product stems directly from the concentration of the active substance Proteinate of silver, which in a small amount inhibits the growth of bacteria, and the big one destroys them.

Despite the fact that the speed of the effect of this means lower than the narrow-antiseptics, bacteria cannot develop resistance to silver, therefore, the drug for more than two decades of well-deserved popularity.

Application and dosage

It is recommended to apply Protargol only in accordance with the instructions indicated in the package insert or as directed by a doctor:

  1. In eye diseases the recommended 2-3 drops in each eye up to 4 times a day.
  2. In the treatment of urological diseases caused by infection, apply 2% solution for washing.
  3. Protargol with a thick nozzle buried in the nose twice a day for 3-5 drops.
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Before you start to bury the tool in the nose, experts recommend to wash nasal passages. Further, tilting the head back, the drops are introduced into the nose. The procedure is carried out morning and evening. The duration of treatment prescribed by a doctor, often not exceeding 2 weeks.

If it is noticed that after Protargol more mucus than it can say that the tool works, deriving from the nasopharynx with pathogenic mucus. Less often it is a manifestation of an allergic reaction. An excellent tool from the nozzle is At all. How to take, read here.

The drug is often administered to young children, due to the fact that an allergic reaction occurs to them in very rare cases. The tool is time tested and a large number of specialists and patients.