From what appears thrush?

Almost every woman faced with such problem as thrush. It happens in people of different ages, and to treat her sometimes over the years. Vulvovaginal candidiasis in plain English «the milkmaid» — an inflammatory disease of the internal female organs, which is caused by the fungus Candida. Of 126 known species of fungi in this population the majority are malicious. This part of fungi and leads to candidiasis. Candida fungi are part of the microflora of the vagina in women, in small amounts they can be in the mouth and intestinal tract. The main question is – from what appears thrush and how to treat it?

The natural flora of the vagina the number of Candida fungi are not harmful. But there are factors that provoke the reproduction and growth of the fungus, further and the mucosal inflammatory process. This is often accompanied by the appearance of abundant cheesy discharge, itching and burning leading to discomfort in the area of women’s internal organs. To treat thrush you need time, so it does not become chronic.


The appearance of thrush in women is due to many reasons, but not all of them are reliable. Some are myths. Sometimes, women have difficulty finding it, so always a doctor should be consulted.

Myth # 1 Thrush can be sick only after sexual contact with a man

This is perhaps the most common myth among women. It is considered that a yeast infection is transmitted during sexual contact, but this is misleading. Thrush can be detected suddenly, and it is not a consequence of sexual contact with a partner.

Myth # 2 Candida only affects women

No less a myth today. But this is not true. Candidiasis can hurt not only women, but also men and children. And you have to treat it differently.

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Myth # 3 the Use of steroids in the creams and tablets

There is no scientific evidence that steroids used in creams and pills can affect the vaginal microflora and provoke the growth of fungi.

Myth 4 Contact with people in the pool or sauna

Another misconception, because the fungus Candida is in everyone, and it is not transmitted from one to another.

Myth # 5 Bad hygiene

Another myth, which is not a pity to put aside. Irregular hygiene of the perineum does not affect the appearance of thrush. Although at this time there is active growth of other pathogenic microorganisms. And this does not mean that hygiene does not matter. Otherwise you’ll have to treat other diseases.

So what actually is the cause of yeast infection?

Causes of thrush in women quite a lot, but the most frequent are the following factors:

  • intake of oral contraceptives;
  • antibiotics;
  • the consumption of sweets in large quantities;
  • immunodeficiency;
  • genetic defects of the immune system;
  • pregnancy;
  • obesity;
  • food rich in carbohydrates;
  • diseases extragenital pathology;
  • hypofunction of the ovaries;
  • hypofunction of the thyroid gland.

Forms of thrush:

  • candidatesto (many women have and almost does not occur);
  • the acute form of thrush (a painful form of yeast infection that is manifested by redness, itching, pain, discomfort);
  • chronic recurrent form (repeated recurrence, if the disease goes untreated, or the presence of immune diseases, the treatment of which takes extended period).

Treatment and prevention of thrush

Before you start to treat thrush, your doctor must determine the type of fungus. Without this it is impossible to prescribe an appropriate treatment. According to the analysis, the doctor will choose the drug that will combat the particular Candida.

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The main drug to destroy the fungus is the causal agent. Additionally prescribe symptomatic drugs in the form of suppositories, solutions for irrigation and other things. Also, the treatment plan sometimes includes immunomodulatory drugs.

To recurrence of yeast infection does not recur, you need to follow certain prevention methods. What you need to do in order to prevent the occurrence of thrush?

  • Use gaskets only if clearly needed. Why, because many women use them? Gynecologists against the wearing of panty liners, as they impede access of oxygen to the tissues. This entails the development of pathogenic microflora favorable to the development of germs and fungi.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins and help to strengthen immunity. For example, fruits, vegetables, berries, nuts, etc.
  • For the prevention of yeast infection it is better to refuse from wearing constricting undergarments. Why? Thong, Tanga, and others like them panties hinder the access of oxygen inside a woman’s vagina, causing the development of fungi. Moreover, such a narrow strip panty tight to the anus, which allows the fungi that are in the rectum, to get inside the female genital organs. In this case, it is preferable to the normal cotton underwear.

Determination of the presence of fungus in the home

Not always a woman, feeling the symptoms of yeast infection goes to the gynecologist. In this case, you can use the test tool to establish the presence of Candida in the genital tract of women. It can be bought at any pharmacy. It is used in the following way:

  1. First you need to remove the foil cover from the cap. This should be done carefully, since the inside of the cap contains the liquid.
  2. The tampon applicator must enter into the vagina and rotate it there for 30 seconds.
  3. After extraction of the tampon from the vagina you need to place it in the cap and rotate for 15 seconds. Then a swab should be gently squeeze, pressing to the walls of the cap, and throw.
  4. Until it stops turn the cap counterclockwise. The deepening of the caps in this match.
  5. To return the cap to its original position and another 2 times to repeat the action.
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After 10 minutes the result is ready. If I painted one stripe, then the test is negative, two is positive. In this case you should immediately go to the doctor.

Not always itching and burning sensation indicate the presence of thrush. Sometimes these symptoms can accompany more serious disease in women. Why not to self-medicate? Because in such situations it is unsafe and can lead to more serious diseases. If the treatment lasts too long, while not having any effect, it is possible that the body attacks the atypical fungus of thrush, which is insensitive to take drugs. So if you experience burning and discomfort in the intimate area you need to seek help from a doctor. He will make inspection, will be swabbed and put an accurate diagnosis.