Fungus in the throat: symptoms and treatment in adults and children + photos

How to treat fungus in the throat

Yeast fungus infection which the doctors called thrush or candidiasis is a contagious disease that can be transmitted between people by direct contact (kissing, etc.) or using dinnerware or other items of General use. The fungi Candida in the throat appear from vegetables, fruits and other products, where they are usually in the dream state, but if they are subjected to heat treatment to an insufficient extent, can start to multiply in the throat or elsewhere in the body, mucous membranes which are in contact with the environment.

The reasons for the development of fungal diseases of the throat and their symptoms

Often the development of pharyngomycosis is triggered with diabetes or, as mentioned above, systemic diseases of the blood or digestive tract. In children fungal infection of the throat may be accompanied by a dysbacteriosis of the intestine, because the lactic acid deficiency or bifidobacteria in children leads to disruption of synthesis of vitamins belonging to the group, which in the normal state of the body prevent colonization of fungi in the intestines, throat and other cavities of the body in direct contact with the external environment.

Most often disease of the throat the fungus Candida causes people whose immunity is for some reason weakened, therefore, for the prevention of candidiasis is of great importance hardening, the use of vitamins and fresh air.

The widespread use of antibiotics in recent times contributes to considerable spread of the disease, because the body after this treatment becomes very weak and almost prevents the growth of Candida.

We should not forget that candidiasis often appears on the background of untreated infectious diseases or improper treatment, which can also significantly weaken the immune activity.

The main symptoms that multiply in the throat yeast, doctors believe the appearance of a white plaque on mucous membranes. Also you experience symptoms such as:

  • temperature rise;
  • General malaise or weakness;
  • painful swallowing;
  • inflammation of the tonsils in the sky;
  • swelling of the tonsils, nose, or throat;
  • small dots, sores or growths on the tongue, palate and back of the throat that may be red or any other color;
  • the increase in submandibular lymph nodes and soreness.

The process of diagnosing candidiasis

Difficulties in the diagnosis of this disease usually doctors does not arise: it is in the General examination and laboratory studies: in particular, the analysis of blood and urine and the taking of scrapings from the throat. To appoint treatment, to be effective, you need to determine the type of fungus afflicting the person. All varieties of this fungus are known to eight, but the most complex treatment are only four:

  1. albicans is commonly found in women, but there are exceptions, for example, male smokers. This fungus is in a sleep state can be found in 60% of the adult population;
  2. parapsilosis — affects children and is present in 50% of them;
  3. glabrata — a characteristic for the elderly;
  4. tropicalis occurs only occasionally, but to treat it difficult.

Detection of any of these fungi in humans is not yet a sign that he is sick: he can just be a carrier, not requiring treatment, as the fungus did not cause any disease and does not manifest its presence. However, with the weakening of the immune system and the presence of other associated conditions for the development of the fungus, each of them can become active and cause disease, with quite significant troubles.

It is important to carry out a diagnosis of candidiasis, doctors ruled out the possibility of illness of a patient with diphtheria or fusospirochetosis and also noticed pathological changes in the throat that can be caused by blood diseases.

Treatment of candidiasis

Each of the above types of Candida requires exposure to certain drugs, therefore, only after inspection and comparing symptoms with the results obtained from the laboratory, your doctor will be able to tell you how and what to treat fungus in the throat of the adult or the child. As a rule, the treatment is carried out by the method of complex therapy with application of local therapeutic agents in conjunction with antimycotic substances. Common methods include rinsing with chlorhexidine, Lugol solution, miramistina or propolis. Fungus in the throat and respiratory tract effectively treated with aerosol antiseptic orientation, which they sell in any pharmacy.

The treatment of the disease, the center of which is located in the throat, requires the attending physician of the abolition of the assigned patient informed of antibiotics to normalize the bacterial balance, preventing the reproduction of fungus. If the antibiotics needed to treat the underlying disease, they must be periodically replaced so as not to cause re-activation of the fungus Candida. Some experts believe that to speed up the treatment of this disease it is possible to use preparations containing vitamin b complex, increases the immune status.

Also popular for treating fungus in the throat antifungal oral medications, since they do not need to apply directly to the affected area, which is usually very unpleasant.

If there is fungus in the baby’s neck, can be treated exactly like drugs. Pharmacies to purchase these drugs need a prescription: active ingredients in them are amphotericin b and fluconazole, which strongly irritate mucous membranes.

If it is noticed that the child or adult there was fungus in the throat, the symptoms and treatment photos posted below can help to define yourself, but still better and safer in this case would be to turn to doctors for professional help.

Without a lab it is very easy to make a mistake and begin to heal not the fungus that actually hit the body.

Advice from traditional healers

Traditional healers may recommend a few ways to get rid of such unpleasant disease as candidiasis. If an adult or a child worried about the fungus of the throat, treatment of folk remedies can greatly facilitate the patient’s state of health and even health workers themselves often suggest to use traditional methods to optimize medical treatment process.

For example, healers claim that with fungi Candida can be quite effectively dealt with garlic. You need to eat half a clove of this plant after every meal and after two or three weeks it will lead to positive results, but it is important to do it every day without interruption.

Also can be dissolved in a glass of water juice of half a lemon and add to the solution half spoon (teaspoon) of juice Golden mustache, and then mix thoroughly. The prepared solution twice a day rinse the throat or bury him in the nose. By this means the fungus is destroyed and leaves the body cereal.

It should be remembered that in case of defeat of the nasopharynx yeast self-treatment without consulting with a doctor and without testing in the lab can translate the disease into a chronic form, and thus to aggravate the situation.

Candida cough and its treatment

It also happens that the fungus Candida causes the same symptoms that usually occur with bronchitis: that is, barking cough, nocturnal cough, can cause even vomiting or an inability to cough up.

It should be remembered that if the patient cough from allergies in the throat, then by all means, save by bronchitis, it is absolutely contraindicated. No antibiotics, no heating to cure a cough does not help, as folk remedies, e.g., honey treatments.

Overuse of antibiotics will weaken the immune system and provoke the multiplication of the fungus Candida, although it will bring for some time apparent relief. The same can be said about therapy that encourage the growth and development of Candida.

Such a cough can be cured only by strengthening the immune system b vitamins and A and C. it is also Useful to use bifidobacteria and lacto-bacteria that restore the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. Other than antibiotics need to be excluded from your diet white bread, honey, sugar, and especially yeast and yeast food.

It should be remembered that these patients are coughing up spores Candida, so family members can get them from this disease.

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